Focus on logistics human pain points, see Hidi Zhiqi driving automatic driving solution

By | April 12, 2021

Automatic driving is just the development of the future car, but the truth is the development of the development of the passenger car, the automatic driving era of commercial vehicles has arrived. From April 9th ​​to 11th, at the 9th China Electronic Information Expo held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Hii ​​Zhiqi, Huawei, Jiangling Automobile jointly participated in the Software of Heidi Drive Self-research Intelligent Driving System Software, Huawei MDC car grade intelligent driving calculation platform, automatic driving logistics car in the new generation of Hui Yue EV for carrier. At the same time, in the Cite2021 Intelligent Automobile Technology Ecological Summit and the 5th ADAS and Automatic Driving Forum, Hu Yingjun, Vice President of Heidi Zhiqi, is carried out by “Safety and Efficiency – Hidi Zhiyuan Park / Factory Automatic Driving Product Program” as the core. The subject speech.

Focus: New opportunities for logistics development caused by aging human resources

In the commercial vehicle area, human resources have always involved the pain points of development in the industry. In the subject speech, Huang Yingjun emphasizes that the current number of people who currently apply for the driver, 70 will account for 62%, 80, only 2.35%, 90 after 90, and the heavy truck driving practitioners have an aging, young people are engaged in Vocational wishes is very low, the heavy truck driver may not be green in the future.

According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 22,000 industrial parks in the country, more than 22,000 manufacturing parks. The demand for logistics vehicles in the park has more than 600,000. It requires a lot of logistics drivers to complete the inner treasure and workshops in the closed park. The workshop and the workshop are short distance, high Frequency cargo transportation.

High demand and low willingness, let the transportation of large logistics such as manufacturing have surgery.

Therefore, the emergence of automatic driving technology can effectively solve the problem of difficulty in recruitment of logistics drivers in the park / plant area, and high cost. The logistics and transportation areas are also ushered in the opportunity of turning point in the difficulties of development. This is the basis of the birth of Hii Zhizhi’s born – with intelligent timely and technological innovation and application, to create an indispensable smart driver car and related technology products.

At present, Hii ​​Zhiqi has implemented smart card high-speed scene 100km / h automatic driving, and completed a variety of platform commercial, special vehicle intelligent modification projects.

Product: Ecological layout of specific scenes

On the booth, the person in charge of Hindi Zhidi Drive revealed that this new generation of automatic driving logistics cars have been put into mass production, which can also be called L4 level pre-load automatic driving light card.

Since 2017, Hindi Zhiqi has been committed to creating a fast-selling intelligent driver car and road synergistic technology product, and a Kangzhuang Avenue has been wandered in the field of logistics automatic driving.

At present, the Si Di Zhiqi’s logistics automatic driving solution has achieved landing applications in the park / plant area. Park logistics vehicles equipped with the solution have fusement perception, fusion positioning, remote scheduling, vehicle control, monitoring remote, functional security, fault diagnosis, etc., can realize automatic driving of logistics vehicles, front disorders and detour, active safety Emergency parking, precision triumph docking, intelligent precision speed, automatic charging and other intelligent operations.

Automatic driving mode and remote driving mode are also landed at the same time and are used at the same time. The mine, the automatic driving of the downhole scene has almost no laws and regulations, which is a scenario that can be implemented automatically. In the early years, Hii ​​Zhi’s driving has cooperated with Bei Ben’s heavy steam to achieve high-profile achievements in the mine unmanned solution. Through the organic fusion of the mine car automatic driving system, remote driving system, road synergies and intelligent scheduling systems, mining production operations without human safety, synergy, and efficient production.

In addition to the product of the above closed scenarios, Hindi Zhi’s intelligent network active bus priority solution, almost the only domestic vehicle collaborative solution, currently, according to public report, this solution, Deployment has been completed on more than 2,000 yuan bus bus in Changsha.

Prospect: Efficient and safe unmanned park

The intelligent driving of logistics and mining areas is the main direction of Hitchi. The focus of this participation is exactly the unmanned wisdom park.

The unmanned garden of the whole process is not only reflected in no one, but the greater significance lies in the logistics transfer link of the park / plant area to achieve the production and operation efficiency.

Huang Yingjun introduced that as an example with a manufacturing logistics park in company renovation, 10 electric trucks were used in the park material operation. Before the transformation, the park needs to be equipped with 2 drivers for each car. The driver salary is calculated according to 10,000 yuan / month. After using the Hindi Zhiyuan Logistics Automatic Driving Solution, it saves $ 2.16 million in human expenditure. Moreover, the safety performance of automatic driving truck after transformation is further improved, energy / pollution consumption, and vehicle maintenance costs are significantly reduced.

Specifically, the Si Di Zhiqi’s logistics automatic driving solution consists of four parts: automatic driving system, multiple redundant safety systems, intelligent scheduling systems, and rapid deployment systems:

Automatic Driving System: Have a complete automatic driving technology stack, based on the car grade domain controller and the Autosar standard, realize automatic driving, functional safety, incident review, self-iterative ability

Multiple redundant security systems: independent active safety system, prevent blind spots and automated driving, risk, multiple car emergency stop equipment and remote monitoring parking, provide primary line security; intelligent scheduling system: seamless docking user business management system, support the cloud Original or intelligent allocation, charging, mooring, maintenance and other tasks;

Rapid deployment system: Efficient park network map collection and automatic production, electronic fence editing tools support vehicles rapid deployment jobs.

It is these deep automatic driving technology support, let Heidi people occupy the market in this market.

Summary: I am concentrating, so professional

According to the investigation app, on April 8th, Heidi Zhi (Changsha Intelligent Driving Research Institute Co., Ltd.) completed 300 million yuan B + round financing, the investor is a new capital, Lenovo, Baidu wind, Jinmao Capital, Dry Road Investment, Xingxiang Group, Woyong, and Jiazi Light for investment consultants. Investigating financing information showed 6 rounds of financing.

Hi Di Zhiyi believes that in terms of smart driving, the current main difficulties have technical maturity, ecological perfect degree, regulatory capacity, price acceptance. In the field of passenger cars, the landing of smart driving technology is still in germination, but seeing the goal of Hidi Zhiji has first occupied the scene of the smart drove vehicle.

In the epidemic year, the industry has improved automated unmanned demand, especially the specific closed scenarios more developed potential and space. In this process, Hisi Zhidi drives the specific closed scenes that can quickly and land within the provision of regulations and realize mass production and commercialization. This road that continuously polls the product line business line has helped He Di Zhi Zhijing to break through the smart driving dilemma in the traditional concept.

When asked if there is a intelligent driving of a passenger car, Heidi Zhidi-Drive Related person in charge said: Hitchi Zhijing will focus on the automatic driving area of ​​commercial vehicles, and we want to keep our focus and professional.

Unmanned mine cars and remote remote control mine cards have delivered mine operations; smart bus has been put into operation in open roads; smart network equipment has realized multi-project floor, mass production sales; intelligent multi-function refrigerator “intelligence” It has been invested in market operations – it is because it is to find the pain point for the market segment. He has worked in the commercial vehicle field, and He Di Zhi, who was founded less than 4 years, got such a result.

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