Beiqi launched a new model, it is reported to support L4 level auxiliary driving, and the design is bold.

By | April 11, 2021

The development of new energy vehicles not only updates people’s consumption, but also opened the gate of major cars to update the design of the vehicle. Unlike a lot of fuel cars, most new energy cars are designed to be simple, introverted design routes. At the same time, new energy vehicles are also full of science and technology configuration. Various suspended design also makes many owners indicate that the intrees of fuel cars have no way. Today, this car we have to say is the new concept car launched by Beijing, which has the above characteristics.

As a concept car, the primary element is dream. This car launched by Beijing has this special. And a lot of modern models, this car’s appearance is bold, the front face is like a huge oceanic organism. At the same time, the vehicle adopts a glass dome design, which has been extended to the tail section, and the whole body is in one, like a round soap.

The interior part, like many new energy cars, the design is also very bright while the technology is full. Simple design plus clear lines, let this car look like a modest kona, not dyed. It is worth mentioning that this new car supports the automatic driving function of the L4 level, minimizing the driver’s driving fatigue, a simple road, basically, can basically implement the operation of the steering wheel.

Dynamics, specific parameters are currently not available. However, with the current technical level, the acceleration capacity of new energy electric vehicles is already excellent, and the three seconds of breaking hundreds have been normal. I believe that the power performance of this new car will not lose to the opponent of the same level. As an electric car, the most concerned is the endurance mileage. According to the manufacturer, the battery car has reached 800 kilometers, compared with the model of 500-600 kilometers, still very advantageous. . Plus the fast charge system blessing, I believe this car is still very capable of conquering consumers.

Nowadays, many car companies are increasingly mature, and many models are not bigger than the previously published concept cars. If this is considered, if this car can achieve mass production in this design, the impact of the market is still very huge, after all, a model of a luxurious power of the appearance of the dream, must have a small wave.

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