Biandi is intended to strengthen consumer cognition?

By | April 8, 2021

The car company shows sexual store seems to start batch into the shopping center of the big city.

In less than a few months, Xiaopeng, Geometry, BYD, Roewe, etc., have appeared nearby shopping centers in the community of the author. These experience centers generally only show 1-2 cars, basically all car companies recent The main new energy car.

In September 2020, BYD said in the conference call that the national display store will expand to 100-200 at the end of the year. At the end of April, it has expanded to more than 120 people at the end of April, and 67 cities in 25 provinces.

The online experience center mainly assumes the role of display and drainage, and finally there is still to guide flow to the direct store or 4S shop.

What is the meaning of BYD?

Use easy way to promote, get target customer information, and then pass through to the sales terminal, which is the core goal of BYD to build a line experience center.

This form is a very good way of propaganda for BYD.

Traditional advertising methods are a pair of forms. The core target customer group is relatively difficult, and the offline experience store is also a couple, but the potential consumer of fixed address is relatively stable, This part of the population is transformed into a customer, compared to the high-seam needles of the advertising method, more targeted.

Also, BYD has a lot of products related to the car. If the future is propagated to other products, the experience center is also a very good dedicated channel.

And many car companies, such as Wei Si, build the experience center into user space, community operation, increase user stickiness, BYD’s experience center If you want to transform, you can transform upgrade, and maintain existing customers.

In addition, the online experience center has long-term relatively stable exposure, and after a period of operation, it can know the degree of consumer conversion of the area, and then the address is adjusted, and the cost will be lower.

From BYD’s entire sales system, traditional 4S stores and direct stores are responsible for sales and delivery roles, which will cultivate a large number of sales staff and after-sales personnel. If the consumer recognition can gradually become a system, The entire sales network will be more mature.

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