Xiaomi also comes to the car? What do these Internet technology will bring for a car?

By | April 6, 2021

On March 30, Xiaomi Group issued an announcement at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and announced the official project of Xiaomi smart car business. This news has been announced. It has caused extensive attention in an instant. After all, from the production of mobile phones to the span between the manufacturing car, it is not more than the divide. Even so, in recent years, it is not only millet, but also the new expensive of Huawei, Apple and other Internet newers show their ambitions in the automotive industry, which also makes the future car market full of variables.

But as mentioned above, although the new forces are different from the traditional car companies, although there are Internet technology backgrounds, they are undoubtedly a newbie on the car level, so they don’t choose hard to use hard. The field, but looking for some brands with hard nuclei power as a partner, such as the Arcfox Negative Fox, which has been cooperated with Xiaomi, and China is one of them. However, from the perspective of industry technology development, what new collisions will be brought about such a new expensive in the automotive industry? We may wish to find answers from the ARCFOX pole.

Chip technology advantage

The so-called operation is specialized, where is the advantage of the new Internet? Of course, the chip is. At present, the two major problems encountered in the domestic auto chip believe that everyone has earned, one is the shortage of chip brought by the epidemic, resulting in extremely imported chips, cars, can only reduce production, to mitigate the chip fault. However, in November last year, there was news that Huawei is planning a chip factory that does not use US technology in Shanghai. The goal is to manufacture 28 nano chips for “IoT” equipment before the end of 2021, and before 2022 5G Telecom equipment produces 20 nm chips. This not only means that the shortage of chip is relieved, but also means that the situation that is extremely dependent on the import chip will be completely broken, and the ARCFOX with Huawei has also taken the lead in enjoying the advantages of domestic chips.

The second is the development of automotive chip technology. As the automobile intelligence is gradually improved, the performance requirements of chips are also rapidly improved. However, for the car company, it is undoubtedly huge in the cost of research and development of the chip, so it should be done to handle professional people to the professional, and these Internet newers are undoubtedly the most suitable candidates.

In the “Internet Auto Wuzhen Night” Forum held last year last November, Arcfox General Fox President was revealed in the country: “ARCFOX poor fox and Huawei jointly built ARCFOX extreme fox latest product HBT will be listed next year. New car Equipped with 3 96-wire laser radar, 6 millimeter wave radar, 12 cameras, 13 ultrasonic sensors, will also be equipped with a chip provided by 352 trillion times per second. “More than compared with Tus The current HW3.0 automatic driving chip can reach 72 trillion times per second, but even if it is developed to HW4.0, its strength can only reach 216 trillion times per second, and the chip provided by Huawei is 1.36 million. 100 million times per second, this can be seen in the technical advantages of the Internet.

More profound big data foundation

Under the more advanced powerful chip, Arcfox Nevo naturally has a powerful technology, but for automatic driving, it still needs a powerful data foundation, so that it can guarantee that it has a powerful incompatibility ability, timely make the most Good trip and driving decisions. And the data collection ability, of course, is also the best in the Internet, so ARCFOX will be in deep cooperation with Huawei, Baidu, and Tick, Huawei can provide solutions in chip, software, cloud services; Baidu and Drips can provide future testing scenes for Arcfox Nepto.

Currently, drones still require an extremely harsh environment to be realized, such as closed roads, or new development zones that have smozee, because they have not mature technology to support their applications in normal roads. However, in the future, the Arcfox Neptov HBT model with Huawei car grade laser radar will be on the non-structural road, that is, the loop road auxiliary road, and automatic driving on the hybrid road. At present, Arcfox Neville has begun to start measurement in Shanghai, as long as you enter any AB, the vehicle can determine the driving route, control the steering and avoid the violations. It is expected that this automatic driving capacity will be launched in 2023. In the existing product, the Alpha T of the Arcfox Nevilian has also been equipped with high-precision intelligent technology such as Huawei 5G technology, α-pilot wisdom driving, behind these cutting-edge technology, is from major Internet Refarieties and data supported by new values.

Easy to achieve ecological interoperability

Speaking of car intelligence, unmanned is one, and the second is to achieve ecological interoperability, simply, it is to open people, cars, lives, to seamlessly connect, for example, through the car system can be carried out Comprehensive control, you can complete all intelligent operations at home on the car. Nowadays, whether it is Huawei or millet, they have been self-contained in a set of ecologies, covering most of the living scenes through smartphones and smart home, they are more sensitive to multi-field (life, work, car, family). This can be built a more powerful and comprehensive ecology. The Arcfox Nevailable with Xiaomi and Huawei has also means that it is more easily intelligent intelligent intercom with car life, thereby opening a broader intelligent application situation. Nowadays, the Alpha T of Arcfox Neglings has taken the lead in equipped the world’s first 20.3-inch 4k retina large screen, and combined with 10.1 inch touch screen, 8-inch windshield HUD and 12.3-inch full liquid crystal dashboard, form four-screen interconnection, A number of functions including gesture identification, sound identification, speech recognition, face recognition, etc. can be implemented. Just from the current ARCFOX’s product equipment, it can see its powerful strength. I believe that under the new technology of multi-party Internet, the intelligent development potential of Arcfox’s extreme fox is considerable.

Enterprise, leadership team

From the technical level, Xiaomi and Huawei bring impacts for these Internet newers, which are undoubtedly huge. However, as the beginning of the article, the technology is just one aspect, and for the automotive industry, the user is the core of maintaining its focus on the market. ARCFOX is clearly widely understood, regardless of the company or leadership team, there is a great inclusiveness, you can listen to internal, market, consumer different sounds, and carry out good communication. To this end, Arcfox is also innovatively launched “unbounded ecological” business model, all from users, create “1 + 1 + 1” channel mode, 1 Space (Experience Space) +1 Center (Delivery Service Center) +1 CUBE (Mo).

At the same time, Arcfox polar fox also launched a platform plan for “Arcfox Genius”, joined in Hualia Travel, Huawei, Magna, Daimler, etc., providing users with full-purpose car The integrated platform service of life cycle covers “travel, electricity, network, buy cars, maintenance, life” six core usage scenes. Really from the user’s perspective, bring more comprehensive and meticulous service experiences for consumers, and such services, even if there are many traditional cars, this will become the arcfox extreme fox, steady forward. The core is located.

to sum up:

In the past, although the auto market is broad, it always feels like a closed loop. Although it has already achieved global assembly, in some corresponding technical levels, it always seems to be a trend of the times, and this The situation is particularly pronounced in the car smart. But with the newcomers of the Internet, this situation will be expected to be broken and bring new hopes for automotive applications. ARCFOX very fox with Xiaomi, Huawei and other Internet, from the perspective of market development, Xiaobian feels that it is undoubtedly the potential, and then combined with its people-oriented business philosophy, I believe that Arcfox extreme fox can not only grab To the leader of intelligent development, it can also steady forward and become an ideal choice for more and more consumers.

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