Is the blade battery, can BYD? Can the leader of a small pure tram?

By | April 6, 2021

In a market environment in small electric vehicles, it can be said that competition is very intense, and BYD, as the upgraded version of BYD EV, is responsible for the competition of BYD in this field, how is the metastal PRO? Let’s take a look.

Let’s take a look at “Yuan PRO” to do the “meticulous tuning” in the Yuan EV? The first is its front face, the front face is the latest “Dragon Face 3.0” family front face, we can see that many models of models, Han and Qin Plus, etc., it compared More minimalist, the whole model is a round full, and there is no special obvious line to shape a three-dimensional sense, and it is very simple and generous. The through-type silver trim panel connects both sides of the sharp headlights, or a little very powerful dragon eye feel. The bottom of the bottom is surrounded by overall visual or effectively increases the height of the head, which is not so cumbersome or guaranteed the thickness of the body of the body.

The side of the side is still very safe in the queue of small SUV, and it is still a thickness of 4375/1785 / 1680mm, and the feeling of shaping is also practical and reliable. The overall line is more than the front face or a little bit, mainly by shaping body sensation and sports, the sideline movement is still very strong, the shape of the wheel hub is also more distinctive, and it is like a honeycomb. Grid, take a closer look, it is like a three-petal flower. The side of the side is still surrounded by a relatively thick black, so the overall body height is more harmoniously on a horizontal plane.

The tail is also the umbrella design, and the black plucking spare tire and the large-scale black of the whole vehicle are surrounded. It will not appear too abrupt. In addition, the taillights of the super crab pliers are very distinctive, the tail is not as good as the general SUV, or very young and stylish.

In terms of power, the battery of the metallic PRO is equipped with a lithium iron phosphate blade having a capacity of 50.1WH. The stability of this battery is still high, and the power is from 30% to 80% with DC fast charge only. 30 minutes. Its NEDC life has reached 401km. This life will still meet your daily life demand, but if it is long-distance, it may still be a little bit, good to have a fast charge mode, relatively Can reduce a little long-distance travel anxiety.

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