Geometric A Pro officially opened pre-sale, pre-sale price of 140,000 yuan, life is 600 km

By | April 2, 2021

For more than a year, the domestic electric vehicle market has experienced several major changes. Tesra Model 3 has made many people call this to “cut the leek”; BYD is also made people see the determination of the domestic car to MODEL 3; Xiaopeng P7 and the ideal one of the ideal one to make many manufacturers I saw the change in the attitude of electric vehicles. Therefore, there are also many old brand automakers to launch a new electric car brand. The geometry A Pro we want today is also the leader.

It is reported that a few days ago, the geometric A Pro has begun pre-sale, and the standard version of the standard version of the standard version of the battery is 140,000 yuan, the long-lived version of the life will be 600 kilometers, and the subsidies are priced by 170,000 yuan. This price can be It is still very competitive.

First, in terms of appearance, the car uses the closed grille design that will be used by most electric vehicles, and the whole vehicle looks more exquisite. At the same time, the direction of the headlights is also more bonded, and the hard work is well practiced. At the same time, the silver body plus the design of the hidden door handle, it is easy to think of a word, that is, “silver bullet”.

In terms of interior, first we look at the color part of this car interior, look very young, there is no feeling of the old and autumn. At the same time, in the middle of the central control stage, a longitudinally left and right blue lines confirmed their own electric car identity. In this blue line, it is two different color designs, respectively, which looks great to a sense of layer and design. The huge display of the center console shows delicate effect, and the reaction speed is quite agile. The damping and feedback of the knob shift is quite good, and even if blind exercises are basically wrong. The first impression of the irregular design is no longer ink, there is a strange feeling of the secular eye. Many functions are collected on the two-fashioned discs, which can maximize the need to control the needs of the vehicle while driving while driving.

In terms of the three-power system of the vehicle, the car has launched two different battery life, and the endless mileage is 430 km and 600 kilometers, respectively. The standard version of the room is equipped with a group of 53 kWh of battery pack; while the long-lived version of the long-lived edition of the battery is equipped with a set of 70 kWh, it is basically able to meet daily urban commuters and short drive travel. .

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