What is the new forces of the car? Exposure Fiture wants to create a “unattended car”

By | April 1, 2021

In 2021, it is already a smart car in the first year of the smart. In the case, it seems to be the common fate of this technology company. After Xiaomi official announced the “cross-border” to start the smart car project, China’s intelligent fitness company – Fiture also seems to have a strong interest in the new energy cars, on April 1, Fiture Joint founder Zhang Yuan released a Weibo, implicit Announced a “unmanned aerial car”, and at the same time @ 了 啸,, Lei Jun, Li Bin, He Xiaopeng, Li Xi, Shen Hui and other industrial giants, causing a small speculation.

Fiture is an emerging intelligent fitness company in China. In late October last year, Fiture’s first intelligent fitness product “Fiture Mirror” was officially released, with interactive content, family intelligent fitness experience, this product has triggered the industry.

Fiture, hidden driving team hidden in the intelligent fitness industry

From Fiture Jointly founder Zhang Yuan’s Weibo, Fiture’s unmanned aerial vehicle concept is a smart fitness mirror and automatic driving, in the vehicle body, the vehicle has different displays, sensor devices. In the author, the combination of intelligent fitness and drones may be a very “excellent” idea, but based on Fiture’s intelligent intelligent intelligence intelligence intelligence with AI human body identification technology, through the “car” to expand Fitness scene, show your own technical strength, is a good choice.

According to the disclosure, Fiture’s founding team members have a considerable part from the Internet logistics platform truck, they have a deep accumulation in unmanned driving, and the related technologies have been successfully converted to this product of the Fiture Mirror. Therefore, this technological gene is also a basic premise for the “unmanned aerial vehicle” for Fiture’s cross-border.

As the strength player of this emerging track, Fiture has now accumulated nearly $ 100 million investment. Although this fund is not rich for “car”, the investors behind them are “star gathering”. Including Tencent, Sequoia Capital, C Capital, Kaihui Fund, Blackite Capital, CITIC Industry Fund, Betasman Asian Investment Fund, Jinsha River Ventory, Metropolitan Capital, Z1 Capital and other star institutions.

It is worth noting that although Fiture has completed three financing since last year, the investor did not have a small meter or cocked figure, but the latter is constantly increasing. So far, millet is in the field of fitness health, including App platforms, wearable equipment and home fitness equipment. As a technological giant known as intelligent hardware, there is still a puzzle of intelligent fitness hardware in Xiaomi’s layout.

Considering that millet necessarily needs to make up the intelligent fitness puzzle to achieve a complete layout, and the “rice car” also needs to have differentiated competitive advantages, and there is some kind of possibility between Fiture and Xiaomi. Some possibilities. As for the Fiture joint founder Zhang Yuan, why did you declare a car in Weibo? It may also take the initiative to take the way, and the two sides may have been in advance in advance, may also be based on the Fiture founding team in the automotive related field. Whether it is interested in Shen Hui, He Xiaopen is just a word to Xiaomi, or if you want to deliver a cooperative signal, it is clearly a behavior that has a certain purpose.

From the spy photos currently disclosed, this “unattended car” is quite future technology. Insiors who have long-term observation of new energy vehicles predict that the Fiture Mirror will be embedded in an unmanned car, and the user will not be affected by the space limit to expand its fitness function, thereby expanding the original home scene of the intelligent fitness mirror to outdoor. Implementing internal and external interactions, allowing users to enjoy the fun of fitness anytime, anywhere.

Based on the above information, it is not difficult to see the “unmanned aerial vehicle” should be a pre-audible positive plan for Fiture.

Technology and content blessing, redefine intelligent fitness with interaction

In a no longer, as a newly recognized by the capital institution, Fiture has also received the strength of Jinsha River in the near future. At the China New Consumer New National Congress held in Hangzhou on March 27, Zhu Xiaohu, who was held in Jinsha River, expressed its view of this track of intelligent fitness in the sharing of new consumer market trends. Recently, Zhu Xiaole also specially shared the report of the Fiture Mirror in a friend circle and commented that “smart fitness is a golden track”, which is open to this technology new station.

Through the back of the project, it is more considered to be considered, and Jinsha River venture has considered this track of intelligent fitness. Relevant data shows that the intelligent fitness market has achieved high growth rate of 35.5% in the past five years, and it is expected to reach 40.4 billion yuan by the end of 2021. It will be expected to reach 100 billion scale in the next five years. According to the logic of the entire big new consumer market, those players who have the ability to redefine the category will be likely to be a hundred billions of new giants dominant to each track.

Considering that the fitness platform, including Keep is not only worrying, but also lacks hardware and software integration and interaction ability, and Fiture is undoubtedly the most “redefined class” capabilities on the intelligent fitness track. The success of these Peloton, Mirror’s Peloton, Mirror, also proves that the business model of hardware matching subscription content is a feasible route for intelligent fitness tracks. It is also because I saw this, and Fiture chose the hard-hard-hard product route from the beginning, revolving around the Fiture Mirror in the artificial intelligent interaction technology and high quality fitness content. Regarding the competitive advantage of its products, Fiture Joint Founder Zhang Yuan said that the Fiture Mirror is through the AI ​​camera and the autonomous motion algorithm engine identification system, allowing consumers to complete human-machine interaction without any wear products or sensor assistance. Have action identification, courses live, community interaction. The premise of implementing the interactive experience is “Unmanned and drone sports capture technology from open scenes into fixed scenes”, in Zhang Yuan, the migration of this technology is a technique for fitness industry. “Desperate Strike”.

With regard to the issue of personal data privacy, according to the Fiture Technical Team, “AI technology is captured by the matchman, namely the bone point, not pictures, and every magic mirror is used as independent equipment. Data, not through the cloud, the user can rest assured his privacy. “

At the same time, the speech interaction of the Fiture Mirror has also been arranged in the plan and is expected to complete OTA iteration in 2021. And I want to truly interactive experience, but also involve the content production section, Fiture is currently nearly 4,000 square meters of studios, 4 studio, and can support up to four live courses every day. It is expected that the size of the 3000-5000 classes can be reached on the October this year, and the user “takes the private education home”.

With the two legs, we have the reason to look forward to the future of Fiture in the intelligent fitness. As for whether Fiture really will work with Xiaomi, I am interested in friends, I will let the bullet will fly.

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