How is the millet electric vehicle? When is it mass production? Lei Jun prepares 100 million US dollars to find answers to “rice noodles”

By | April 1, 2021

In the consumer digital product, Xiaomi, which is known to the ultimate price, finally the car.

On March 30th, Xiaomi released an official announcement, officially approved intelligent electric vehicle project:

Established a wholly-owned subsidiary;

The project is 10 billion yuan in the initial stage, and the total investment is expected to invest 10 billion US dollars in the next 10 years.

The Lei Jun personally served as the CEO of the car company to create a “millet car”.

Lei Jun put the company called “the most significant decision since the founding of Xiaomi”, “all the reputation of the individual”, “the last business of life”.

In short, the millet, which has repeatedly referred to the “do not make the car”, and now put the car in the most important strategic location.

Lei Jun said that Xiaomi has a car, there are 3 advantages:

rich. By the end of 2020, there were 108 billion cash reserves on Xiaomi account;

Someone. More than 10,000 R & D staff in Xiaomi will increase by 5,000 in 2021;

Have an ecology. There are mobile phone services in the world, with a leading intelligent ecology.

Have such innate advantages, is the millet car worth looking forward to?

1. Why is Xiaomi to make a car? Lei Jun: I am not willing.

At the press conference last night, Lei Jun was disclosed, Xiaomi’s car, the direct cause is the driving of the board.

Xiaomi is a car, from the beginning of the survey to the process very fast: January 15th – March 30 – the district 75 days.

Within 75 days, Xiaomi has visited 85 fields, with more than 200 veteran people, after 4 management internal seminars and two official board, the Xiaomi Board of Directors finally decided: Xiaomi officially entered the intelligent electric car market.

Take a 75-day time to determine a 10-year $ 10 billion investment, Xiaomi’s decision-making speed, the strength is also very amazing.

According to the market value of the new car head company today, this input may bring a hundred million US dollar imagination.

The Lei Jun said that he had a character in a CCTV’s interview, which is extremely advancing under extreme conservative.

Xiaomi refers to the car business, it can be said that the risk is extremely high, the expectation is high, but it is also highly graspful.

For the car, the Lei Jun is unwilling to start.

He believes that Xiaomi’s mobile phone business has just returned to the world, the mobile phone is still not finished, and now it will be distracted.

During this time, there are two kinds of sounds to the Lei Jun to form a pinch:

Many friends advise the trucks, because Xiaomi is very understanding of hardware and the Internet, and the peers such as Apple, Huawei has entered this field, and if Xiaomi is not acting, it is bound to be.

On the other hand, there are also many people advised Radijun to be cautious. The automotive industry is very complicated, starting from 10 billion yuan, and the cycle is easy to step on the pit. Moreover, the opponents have already entered 5, 6 years, and Xiaomi is too late.

And Xiaomi finally persuaded himself to make a car, and there were three major cornerstones:

Xiaomi has money.

At the end of 2020, there were cash and cash equivalents on Xiaomi accounts 108 billion yuan. The Lei Jun said that even if lost, the millet also claimed.

Millet has someone.

At present, Xiaomi has more than 10,000 R & D engineers, and will recruit 5,000 people in 2021.

Most of these engineers are like Lei Jun himself, focus on software and internet industries. Software and Internet Subversion of the car is the most important new topic in the automotive industry.

Xiaomi also has an ecological.

There are tens of thousands of developers on Xiaomi mobile phones, Xiaomi smart home should be the largest smart home ecology in China, Xiaomi is going to do personal equipment, intelligent office, smart home and intelligent travel full-time scene.

There are other advantages in Xiaomi.

For example, in China’s offline channels, you can enter the vertical e-commerce platform of China’s top 5, global sales network, etc.

It is also believed that rice flour in the age of 20, today has grown into the three-year-old big guy, just the age of Anji business car.

Consumption upgrades, and one of the most important opportunities that today’s new power head companies try to seize.

In short, through the car, Xiaomi wants to create a full range of intelligent living service platforms, connecting home, car and office.

2, the Lei Jun once again, for the baby’s strategy

In 2010, the Lei Jun founded Xiaomi and worked into the wave of the Internet.

In 2011, the Lei Jun launched the capital, and it was also a leader in today’s scientific and technological ventilation agencies.

“Shun Y” means that the situation is.

At the evening of March 30, the Lei Jun once again made a memories and summary of the first half of the mobile phone in Jinshan, as an angel investment.

It can be said that “the situation is” is that the Lei Jun experienced the most essential summary of the 2012 working career in Jinshan.

Founding Xiaomi, the Lei Jun is going to work, and it is the potential energy of the mobile Internet.

Today, in the field of technology and internet, the biggest collision is that software encounters a car.

In 2013, Lei Jun once went back to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, chatting with business, chatting technology, and chatting products.

It is said that Lei Jun then bought 4 Tesla, a self-contained, and two other vehicles were given to Fu Sheng and Yu Yongfu. The idea of ​​the Lei Jun has begun to sprout after this time.

After that, the global electric vehicle market realized leap-forward development under the leadership of Tesla, and its market value was more rising, especially in the recent year, has experienced a round of skyrocket.

There is also a batch of new power of the car, and it is born in this process, and a few hundred billion yuan of electric vehicles listed in this process.

With Apple, Huawei, Ali, Baidu, Tencent, Sony and other scientific and technological giants have entered the smart electric vehicle track, and this field is now unprecedented.

From the current information known, Xiaomi has three key points:

1. Establish a wholly-owned subsidiary operation of the car business and do not take external financing.

Xiaomi will fully dominate the development and operation of the car company. The Lei Jun also said that for this, Xiaomi has pushed a lot of investors’ funding will.

Xiaomi has prepared more than 100 billion yuan for this, and the car project has been invested of 10 billion yuan. In the next 10 years, it has grown 10 billion US dollars, which is not afraid of loss;

2. The benefits of wholly-owned operations are also millet cars can fully invoke millet resources in Xiaomi systems.

Lei Jun hopes to do “mobile phone, home, car” all-round full chain pull. The purpose is to use the small rice system product to realize the improvement of the automobile usage experience

3, Lei Jun personally brought the team.

The Lei Jun said that Xiaomi has a patient and tough belief, and it is necessary to achieve the victory of the car business with a long cycle.

Before the product, Xiaomi already has some reserves in the industrial chain, except for investment, it is, and Xiaopeng cars.

In April 2020, Xiaomi Group invested in Botai in the head company in China.

Botai is a red flag, Shang Tongmingshong supplier, up to the top luxury brand in China, down to the price of national cars, Botai has landing experience;

Changed to 2 automatic driving companies: Momenta and ITWIA technology.

Momenta is longer than the software algorithm, which is the automatic driving plan provider of the domestic head. At present, its solution has been verified on the two brand models of the largest local vehicle enterprises in China.

In 2016, the capital also invested in a solid-state laser radar company.

In the Xiaomi ecology chain, it is also incubated the plate teeth technology. The product brand of the plate is 70, and the entire product line is mainly used after the networked hardware and software.

The team of Xiaomi itself is longer than the software and the Internet, and Xiaomi also has a layout on the core components. There is also a part of the layout is the factory manufacturing.

Today, in the industry, 蔚 来 – 江 淮, 海 海 has explored the new style of traditional car companies and the cooperative founders of emerging car companies.

At the moment, Geely-Foxconn’s joint venture is also landing, positioning “the most powerful intelligent automotive foundry factory”.

Xiaomi should not have a factory resource.

Since it is full of money, Xiaomi’s money is enough?

Lei Jun also did not forget the Versailles: “We are not bad, not afraid of loss.”

According to the planning of Xiaomi, the first investment of 10 billion yuan will be investive in the next 10 years, which is $ 1 billion (about 6.5 billion RMB), which is indeed an annual affordable.

After 11 years of development, Xiaomi has reserved over 108 billion yuan in cash in smartphone business and IOT business, and these businesses continue to make money.

Although the profit is not as high as Apple, the ability to reserve nearly 10 billion yuan in cash in 1 year has no problem with the small rice support.

Taking the new power of the domestic cargo as an example, Yizhan, Xiaopeng, and ideal from the company to set up the first mass production vehicle, the total amount of financing is approximately 83.5 billion yuan as of the end of 2020, 458 100 million yuan, 36.2 billion yuan.

From this point of view, as long as Xiaomi is saving, the car is not a money.

Since the money is ready, what is the talent?

Under the framework of Lei Jun as a CEO of the car business, Xiaomi himself has already reserved many engineers and research and development talents.

At present, Xiaomi R & D and team has more than 10,000 people. It will also increase approximately 5,000 people in 2021, covering hardware and software talents, especially millet itself has a strong hardware gene.

Although these talents will not be used by the car, the foundation has been prison, and then I will see how people do it.

According to the latest report of Tencent “First-line”, Xiaomi’s car team has now moved to the industrial park, and there are multiple Xiaomi internal teams to join.

The specific implementation of the car business is responsible by Xiaomi’s old, Wang Chuan, and the person in charge of many small sectors within Xiaomi has incorporated into the car team, including multiple managers in the artificial intelligence, these people have also reported to Wangchuan. After joining the product team will continue to report to Wangchuan.

At present, millet is excaving from multiple automotive industries.

At present, Baidu cars, intellectual cars, R-car and other enterprises are in a big recruit talent, and it is also aware, ideal, and Xiaopeng are also reinforcing. Xiaomi cars will definitely start to grab the people.

There is money, some people, and the millet has so many loyal fans and users, Xiaomi’s car looks don’t have to worry about can’t make it, or no one pays.

The key issue is what kind of car should be made when Xiaomi starts, and how to ensure its high quality.

According to the previous 36 report, the brand positioning of Xiaomi Motors is similar to Xiaopeng Motor, the main market of the main technology attribute.

If this is true, the challenges in Xiaomi are still not small. After all, Xiaomi’s previous strategy is the main price ratio, and the high-end products are started in these two years, but there is no particularly good results.

If this logic is placed in the product, the small rice car walks the high-end route is also difficult.

Next, I will see how the Lei Jun led Xiaomi and one step by step to fill the car declaration.

3, Apple, Huawei, Sony, Xiaomi gathered intelligent electric vehicle track

With the small rice official, the giant apple, Huawei, Sony and Xiaomi in the global consumer electronics field are gathered in the smart electric vehicle track in different ways, and some are directly to themselves. Core supplier in intelligent electric vehicle field.

They are not willing to miss this tens of trillion sunny Chaoyang market.

From the mode, Xiaomi and Apple are most like.

As two smartphone manufacturers in the top five world, they have decided to make a whole vehicle personally.

And Huawei and Sony are currently providing incremental components for smart electric vehicles.

Huawei’s strategy is a full range of smart electric car suppliers, while Sony is a sensor field concentrated in smart cars, especially on visual systems.

Of course, you can’t overclock in the morning, perhaps a certain time node, Huawei and Sony will launch your own vehicle manufacturing project.

Although Apple’s car is not official, it is already a public secret.

In recent years, major media websites and social platforms have flowed a variety of apple cars, interior design concept pictures and videos.

From the end of last year to this year, Apple’s news is pushed to the tips of the media, analysts and investors.

Eat melon people waiting for two points:

One is September this year, the apple will release automobile products;

The other is to wait until 2024, whether Apple will put the car plan and disk.

In the past few years, Apple applied for hundreds of patents in the automatic driving and automobile field, including many new design, including hardware and software.

In addition, recent apples also release a lot of news in SEDCC, automotive chip development, automotive battery self-research, laser radar selection, etc.

At present, we can give some predictions about Apple can’t be confirmed:

A high-end pure electric vehicle model with high-level automatic driving ability, equipped with advanced smart cockpit, has a subversive user experience.

Compared with Xiaomi, Apple is apparent to a more strong financial strength, and the talent foundation is also more solid, and the outside world is expected to be higher than that of Xiaomi.

Still in the smartphone battlefield, two companies, now in the smart electric car market, it is really lively.

From the existing information, Huawei will not make a car within 3 years, but he is in mind to do a good intelligent electric vehicle incremental part supplier. But after 3 years, Huawei will not make a car, no one knows.

At the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2019, Huawei established his strategic positioning in the intelligent automotive field:

“Huawei does not make the car, help the car factory to make the car. Huawei is committed to becoming an incremental part vendor for smart network car.”

After a month, Huawei established a Smart Auto Solutions Division (BU), providing smart car ICT components and solutions.

The five major product parts of the car Bu include: smart driving product department, intelligent cockpit product, intelligent network product department, intelligent electric product department, and smart car cloud product department.

With the five major products, there are architectural design and integrated verification units.

In addition, the car bu is equipped with regular markets, marketing and other departments to provide business support.

Now, the car bu has been adjusted to the consumer business management committee to govern the consumer business management committee.

On October 30, 2020, Huawei released a new brand “Hi” in smart car solutions.

This is a full stack smart car solution that helps the factory quickly develop smart cars.

These solutions include: smart cockpit, intelligent driving, smart network, intelligent electric, smart car cloud, and laser radar.

Moreover, Huawei has reached cooperation with Changan, follow-up to create high-end intelligent electric vehicles.

In the blink of an eye, this department was established for two years.

According to the previous report, Huawei smart car business has developed five core product portions.

According to the average of 400 to 500 people in each department, the total number of people currently in the car is between 2000 and 2,500. In 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, Huawei Laser Radar’s first mass production model North Airfox HBT will appear.

In addition, Huawei also has motor products, fast charge products, compute platform products, smart cockpit products, car sensor products, etc. to be unveiled.

It is also a pair of Huawei and Xiaomi, which have been fighting for so many years in the field of smartphone, and maybe it will become a partner in the intelligent electric vehicle field.

For example, in the most critical automatic driving computing platform and solution level, Xiaomi definitely requires a strong partner like Huawei.

If you can achieve success, Xiaomi has become Huawei “Party A”.

Sony is the existence of consumer electronics, in the image sensor, the field of visual system is still the same as the dominant, and the camera on smartphones is from Sony, Xiaomi is a large customer of Sony Camera.

In 2020 CES, Sony released a conceptual electric vehicle Vision-S.

The biggest point of this car is the 33-class sensor equipped.

These sensors include laser radar, millimeter wave radar, and camera, etc.

When this car is unveiled, Sony does not publish key data such as battery life and acceleration performance, nor does it say that it will be mass production and when

Later, members of the Sony Vision-S project were responsible for planning and strategic members of the strategy clarified:

“For a long time, we have been discussing how to better utilize Sony technology and advantages in the field of mobile travel.

We finally decided to combine Sony in the art and expertise in image and sensation, communications, AI / clouds, and explore the test by verifying the test. “

This means that Sony Vision-S is not important, it is important to verify the availability and reliability of many technologies on this car, follow-up to more car companies.

Perhaps, after millet, Sony can also extend its cooperative relationship with Xiaomi to the automotive area.

When Apple, Huawei, Sony, Xiaomi have entered the smart car track, and the competition between them is more blurred.

The former opponents can become partners, and the past partners can continue to expand their scope.

This kind of you have me, I have your situation, basically also reflect the business opportunity to be included in the intelligent electric vehicle industry.

In this field, these business giants will write a different story.

4, from “Rebus” to “Rezke”

Although the Lei Jun has announced Xiaomi’s car ideas and framework, there is still a lot of doubts, and Xiaomi is still mysterious:

What is the first car of Xiaomi?

Who is the millet car?

When is millet car mass production?


These problems will not have an answer in the short term. After all, the car is a 3-year starting business, and the Lei Jun also said that this cause will be prepared for 5 to 10 years.

Imagine, a few years later, how the domestic intelligent electric car market will have a lively scene:

蔚 来, ideal, Xiaopeng, Weima, Zheyan, R car, salon, Chang’an Hua, extreme, set, Ean, BYD, Hengda, Xiaomi …

From high-end to parity, it is available.

In the era of smart phones, because Xiaomi and Apple are in the same track, the Lei Jun is joined to “Rebus”.

Nowadays, Xiaomi began to make a car. The Lei Jun is also inspired by Tesla CEO Mask. “Rebus” is a “Rebsk”?

Being good at creating a fans culture, can unable to combine the demand of fans, and create a small rice car that is truly “rice flour”, which is a problem in front of Lei Jun.

If you can answer this question well, the millet car can stabilize in so many new domestic electric car brands, and the Lei Jun can also achieve the success of his lasting.

Of course, there are so many high-quality resources, the probability of failure, the probability of failing in this matter is not too big, the problem is that Xiaomi cars can get how much market share and what is the scale.

At least from now, Xiaomi cars is a collection of thousands of expectations.

Then, Xiaomi cars, Lei Jun dare, will you buy?

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