AION Y pre-sale open, 100,000-level technology head and other compartment actually?

By | April 1, 2021

“Magnolia does not love red makeup love armed, young people don’t love big car love car”, as younger generations of consumers’ rise, the “aesthetic” of the automobile market is quietly changing. Now young people, everything eligible, light, light, light, and light. At the time of the car, you naturally aim a look at the high-quality small car ranks, while the domestic pure electric small car market is also detonated.

In the past few years, Mingmingshong MINI EV, which is simple, small, cheap, cheap, is very popular, has been popular with young people. But many young people have more high-end demands, but there is no “high-end pure electric cart” on the market. So, AION in the main high-end market saw SUV – Aion Y, which is based on, has a colorful value.

On March 29, in “Aion Y Yes! Urban Tide Playing Intelligent Purpose SUV Pre-sale Conference”, Aion Y brought a total of 5 models, science and technology version, covered 410km , 500km, 600KM three endurance miles, pre-sale prices after the subsidy, starting from the 100,000-grade technology head and other cabins of young people. So, 100,000 levels of pure electric trucks are not cost-effective. Let’s start from this compact pure SUV design.

Young + dynamic, this is the best form of car

Lift the design of the car, what will you think of? Is SMART’s exquisite trend? Is MINI retro fashion? Is it simple to coordinate with macro MINI EV? For young people, all elements want to be together, and hope to get an element that reflects its own characteristics, such as sports elements and technology elements.

AION Y design, just combines these aesthetic elements that are young people. In terms of design, Aion Y shows the coordination gesture, which reflects the design of this brand. In the details, first, a ridge line runs through the entire closed face, simple ridge line outlines full and unique form, with both sides of the family “7” glyph LED light, build “angel The design form of wings is highly exquisite, and there is also enough young vitality while highlighting.

In addition, AION Y uses a suspended vehicle top, with hidden door handles, so that the wind resistance coefficient of the whole vehicle is as low as 0.278cd. As a SUV, it can have such a low wind resistance, it is not difficult to see the design of AION. The body is around the body, through the hollow tail, the geometry of the eyebrows, 19-inch wheels and other elements, it is also largely improved the young and dynamic atmosphere of this car.

It is worth mentioning that although this AION Y looks like a car’s appearance, but benefited from the pure electric exclusive platform, plus four rounds of layout, Although the front of Aion Y is only 4410mm, but its axial distance It reached the amazing level of 2750mm. In the same price SUV model, it is difficult to have a specific model.

A longer wheelbase, naturally brings a wider ride space. Which surprise will be brought by a SUV that is designed for young people?

More spacious and more comfortable and more dream, no “technology head and other classes”

Kaow the door of Aion Y, which continues with simple, comfortable design style, and its interior has a full freshness with a smooth line, the picking orange, white, black, and has a sufficient freshness. In addition to freshness, this car is high-grade atmosphere and a full-scale expression of future technology.

In the center console section, the designer creates a regular interior design form through rounded rectangular air conditioning air outlets, suspended central control screens and suspended liquid crystal dashboards. For a young man as the main target customer, such a design is absolutely attracting more young people. However, there is not enough to have a design, more importantly, this car inside the body is in the end.

Let’s talk about the design, on the one hand, on the one hand, the wheelbase of this car reaches 2750mm, and on the other hand, through the panoramic sunroof, the elements of the bright interior color, the spacious internal space is achieved. Under the spacious premise, its internal seat can also be designed more comfortable. Its front and rear seats use human-machine engineering design, which can support all parts of the body, in daily travel, enough to bring excellent ride experience.

It is worth mentioning that the seat combination of this car can bring more variable forms. In addition to the rear seat fold, we can also put the front seats and remove the head, to create a comfortable “car big bed”. At this time, comfortably put on the rear seat, put the legs on the front row, open the movie video, plus the Tony Bongiovi world-class master tone audio system, at which time the car can be configured to high-end movement Theater, since then, the entertainment event is relying on it!

In addition to increasing the body of the moving theater, Aion Y is also equipped with a free Bluetooth key function, and the user can replace the car key and can automatically unlock the door. Also, there is also an emotional gesture independent recognition function. When the driver feels fatigue, the system will automatically identify and recommend soothing fragrance or music. On the intelligent performance, Aion Y is also a kind of young people like.

Relying on GAC’s new energy, Aion Y’s three-electricity performance is more worth seeing the current young people. Although it will pay attention to external color and interior atmosphere and technology performance. But in the end, the three-electricity of pure tram type is the focus. Aion Y’s three-power system can meet the needs of young people, we have to start from its performance.

In terms of dynamic performance, Aion Y is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor. Its maximum output is 135kW, and the peak torque is 350 N · m. Just 7.9 seconds, you can complete 0-100km / h acceleration, comparable to many models equipped with a 2.0T engine. For young people, such power performance is enough to meet the needs of daily lives, even you can also drive it to the nearby hills, go to the bend, go to find some driving pleasure.

Because AION Y not only supports the maximum 600km endurance mileage to meet your exploration desire, but the car is equipped with ordinary, normal, sports, single pedal four driving mode, which can be fully met under different fields.

In terms of battery safety, the new car uses the latest magazine battery system security technology of GAC Aion, which is the legendary “magazine battery”. Based on a new physical design, the battery management system, this car first realizes the three-dimensional lithium battery full pack needle but not resist, redefine the safety standard of the ternary lithium battery.

More power, longer, more secure, AION Y takes a higher quality, and establish a new benchmark for pure electric carts. And the needs of young people are also the quality.

Written in the last

As a “young car”, Aion Y is really ready. We don’t say how much the pre-sale price of 100,000 levels is to the end of the young people. Just, from the view of the product, technology, quality, this car has already had enough strength to become a new pure. Electric truck benchmark product. At present, AION Y has opened pre-sale, as for the sale price of this car after listing? We represent this expectation.

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