After the multinational car companies are frequent, can the independent brand seize opportunities?

By | April 1, 2021

In the process of China’s automobile development, there is an undeniable fact, whether it is plagiarism, imitation or reference, and transnational car companies have brought all-round automobile resources to autonomous car companies in the process of entering the Chinese market.

For example, the quality management system and research and development system on the hardware, the quality management system and the research and development system, and the whole process of car sales, these are first-class advanced experience, let the Chinese car bent less, how quickly, so quickly and so good.

Transnational car companies continue to introduce global models through joint ventures, allowing Chinese markets to enjoy global automotive products, although China’s independent brand cars are localized companies, but also have global vision and resources.

The multinational brand is the absolute first choice for users. Some self-autonomous vehicles have been recognized by some users with multinational brand models. The same components and modeling design have also been recognized by some users. Nowadays, the domestic goods are self-improvement, a self-owned model similar to well-known models It’s hard to get a market and user recognition.

I have only need to do a good job with the strategy, follow the leading multinational car companies, the market performance will not be worse, and now the technology and design of transnational car companies have long been leading, even in certain aspects, Self-auto companies have already taken the front.

From the whole vehicle to the power system, from the beginning of the development, then to the current research and development, autonomous car companies have already come out of a new road, especially in the intelligent electric vehicle.

The traditional autonomous car brands such as the packet, Wey and Guangqi Chuanqi have initially realized the goal of China’s independent brand, the design is very identified, the technology is not inferior, and the service is also pushed out of the new, and the customer is constantly satisfying customers more strict and Personalized demand.

In the intelligent automotive field, whether it is the ultimate user service system, Xiaopeng Autonomous automatic driving system, or ideal one real new energy power system, is dare to be a first-action measure, and establish a industry Rebate pole.

One of our previous articles about Changan Automobile “Versailles” mentioned that Changan Automobile called on independent brands to achieve a win-win, and jointly fight the joint venture brand. We can’t help but think of it, is the independent brand opponent or a joint venture brand? Even, where is the disadvantage of the independent brand, what is the improvement?

Even if the multinational car company still occupies the main share of the China Auto Market, it is well developed, and the public, general, Nissan, Toyota and Honda are not many car companies, Ford, Peugeot, modern, etc. In the development of development, who is worth learning?

Geely, Changan, Chery and BYD, etc., in addition to the model of their own brand characteristics, have been made in the whole vehicle and power platformization, and the user-approved car products are issued.

Geely and the Great Wall have already sold a lot of multinational car companies. In the case of self-employment, the self-employment is gradually climbed, and the autonomous car company has reached the new historical stage of “Winners to win.”

In China’s market decline, quality and service problems, the myth of multinational car brands has already been broken, the Chinese market and users are no longer superstitious multinational brands, and more pay more attention to a car product itself, this is the best development opportunity of independent brands.

It is true that there are also multinational car companies such as Volkswagen and Toyota in front of the autonomous vehicle, and the development of the independent brand is more only in the initial stage, but the new development direction of smart cars, for all car companies, Running the same together.

Once the brand’s advantage is the advantage of multinational brands, it is a higher price / performance ratio: the same price, autonomous brand model level to be high, automatic seat, automatic air conditioning, etc. Intelligent features are richer.

Whether there is a free car network traffic, central control system, or car safety system and automatic driving assistance system, independent brands have realized the tentacle of smart cars, and these smart devices are inseparable from the function.

The same is true in the field of electric vehicles, first, Chinese brands have already had enough products, only 600 kilometers, or even 700 kilometers, and the pure electric car of multinational car companies only on the battery life of the power battery. This year, it is only to deliver, and the life will be around 500 kilometers.

In the case of motorization, intelligence, and web linkage, the automotive industry is quietly changing in the sky.

The brand appeal to the transnational car enterprises is still there, but it is no longer a glance; once as a self-employed car company that followers, it has become the tide of the era, standing in the market development.

It is the so-called high-in-life, and some are in the development of difficult transnational car enterprises, and the autonomous vehicles have to be recorded in the heart. In the development process, don’t forget that they have a lot of progress in the brand, quality and service. This will continue to keep progress, not behind the needs of users, and do not fall behind the development of the times.

The current multinational competitors have gradually disappeared, and the beautiful scenery has gradually emerged in front of their own brands, and they have to go back to the road.

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