300,000 budget buy electric vehicles, do not look at 600 kilometers!

By | April 1, 2021

The electric car has developed smoothly in the past few years, on the one hand, the tilt of the government policy makes many manufacturers earn a lot of money, and more and more big brands have also added this team. On the other hand, the market is increasingly recognized by electric vehicles. The electric vehicles sold last year have almost occupy the entire passenger car, which can be said that the development of electric vehicles has reached the peak period. Then if you have a budget of 300,000 yuan, what kind of price / performance is the highest? Today, let’s take a look.

BYD Han EV price is 22.98-279,500 yuan

If it is the most focused model on the market last year, it is believed that this BYD Han. When it has not yet been listed, it has been fried in the network, and many people are curious about their actual motivation and real endless miles, and after the price is announced, it is even more enthusiastic. . In the middle of July, 2020, BYD Han was sold more than 40,000, and the EV version also had a good grade of 28,773 units, which became a star model in the market in the middle and high-end car market. Whether it is an appearance or an interior, Han can’t find an opponent in the same level. Under the blade battery, Han EV’s battery life can reach 605 kilometers under the premise of ensuring sufficient safety, such performance is amazing.

Xiaopeng P7 price is 22.99-40.99 million yuan

Xiaopeng and the ideals, it is a common call for the new forces, and there is such a title to have a good strength. In addition to the design bold avant-garde, the interior design is simple and clear, this Xiaopeng P7’s largest selling point is that its battery life exceeds 700 kilometers, reaching a level of 706 kilometers, which is its absolute advantage. At the same time, the ultra-long battery model has the maximum power of 430 hp, the maximum torque 655 Nm, and the zero hundred acceleration is only 4.3 seconds, such a result is absolutely good. At the same time, the intelligent system of the car is also quite perfect. 4 Nuclear CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 820A processor enables the car’s driver to run more smooth, 14 cameras before and after plus 5 millimeters of radar make the auxiliary driving level of the car reaches L3, almost No one is doing better than it.

Guangqi Yan LX is priced at 22.96-34.96 million yuan

As an old car manufacturer, Guangzhou Automobile also has a good foundation in the new energy field, and Eman is its new high-end brand. This ENA LX is called a leader in all aspects: the use of the models of the models created by the GEP2.0 all-aluminum platform reached 600 kilometers, and the four-wheel drive 80D version has accelerated the double motor with the double motor. It is 3.9 seconds. It is faster than BYD Han in the above. Also, the interior of the interior design makes this truck more driving, the wind resistance is reduced to 0.288cd, it looks more dynamic. The AD i GO 3.0 intelligent system equipped on the car can help the vehicle realize the full-speed domain of 0-120km / h, such experiences have not been seen in other cars.

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