The Great Wall just called “two fields” is in Hydrogen.

By | March 31, 2021

Since the Great Wall of the Great Wall in July 2020, the Great Wall enlarged in the Great Wall. Whether it is a three major technical platform, it is also launched a smashing of the company’s monopoly can call this field and Toyota’s lemon mixed DHT system, which makes people feel the powerful gas field of Great Wall.

However, in the Great Wall big knife, it is surprising that the Great Wall has released a hydrogen energy strategy on March 29. It officially opened the establishment of international-level “system-storage-transport-plus-application” integrated supply The curtain of chain ecology, and more important Great Wall also shouted the slogan of “2025 global hydrogen energy market share.”

“Merchance to take advantage of it”, the sword refers to the top three

From the release of the publishing content, the Great Wall Automobile Hydrogens covers the integrated supply chain ecology of the international “system-storage-transport-plus-application”, and launches a set of international leading car grades “Hydroodynamic system” full scenario response Solution – Hydrogen technology. Relying on the hydrogen energy strategy, Great Wall Motors will adopt the model of “Merchance and Time”, through the scene exploration, driving technology and industrial development, and accelerate the product floor.

Great Wall car hydrogen technology is a set of international leading car grade “Hydroodynamic System” full-time scenario solution, summarizes “1 + 3 + 5”, namely 1 full set of car level research and development system, 3 technical platforms and 5 big The performance advantage is the technical core pillar of the Great Wall Automobile Hydrogen, and is also one of the core technology routes of the Great Wall Car Lemon Platform, covering a hydrogen fuel cell system, car hydrogen storage system and core key components.

Among them, 1 full set of car level research and development system is the fundamental of hydrogen technology, which comprises more than 100 enterprise standards, more than 500 hardware requirements, more than 5,000 software requirements, thousands of detection, and tens of thousands of trials. The fuel cell engine system, components and materials can be quickly defined, decomposed, simulate and design fuel cell engine systems, components, and materials in accordance with hydrogen energy needs, and to ensure high performance, high quality and low cost of products by trying test.

The 3 major technical platforms refers to the core hydrogen electrical platform (HE) of the hydrogen technology, the electric heap platform (HS), a hydrogen storage platform (HP). Among them, the hydrogen electrical platform (HE) has the characteristics of reliability, durability, safety, environmental adaptability, high power, high power density. The electric stack platform (HS) has been developed to complete the first generation single heap rated power 150kW, peak power 160KW fuel cell metal plate, power density reaches 4.2kW ​​/ l or more. Hydrogen storage platform (HP) includes 70 MPa IV type hydrogen storage bottle, 70MPa bottle valve and pressure reducing valve, and integration and control of hydrogen storage systems.

Therefore, under the blessing of the hydrogen garden platform, the Great Wall Motor is realized in the core technology and key links of the hydrogen energy industry value chain, which realizes the fuel cell system, electric heap, membrane electrode, air compressor, hydrogen circulation system, hydrogen storage system. The substantial breakthrough of key components and other core technologies, support hydrogen fuel cell vehicles really achieve five major advantages in high efficiency, high performance, long-range, climate driving and all-sector applications.

Chen Xueong, president of the Great Wall, said: “In the next five years, Great Wall Motors will focus around the fuel cell system to completely go to ‘5 high’, namely: high power (> 200kw), high efficiency (> 60%), high temperature (> 100 ° C), high durability (> 20000 hour) and high interconnection (new energy + intelligent network). “

Of course, these technologies are not “planning”, because Great Wall cars have announced this year to launch the first C-class hydrogen fuel cell SUV, and take the lead in completing 100 49-ton hydrogen can be used in the world; 2022, the first high-end passenger The car service team will appear on the stage of the Winter Olympics; in 2023, the number of core power parts promotion is leading the lead. In 2025, the sword refers to the top three in the global hydrogen energy market share. “

Then, what is the bottom of the Great Wall?

As we all know, the Great Wall has always given the impression of “After knowing the post” in the puzzle of the new energy, but finally, the long city will eventually appear in the middle of the year. For example, in the field of pure electric sects, Eastern Europe has burst into red, and the Great Wall in the mixed technology has broken the joint venture brand in the Great Wall, especially if you can directly call Toyota and Honda.

Hydrogen can be more advanced technology, and there is only a few car companies in China, and the hydrogen fuel cell products have no large-scale investment market. Even if you look into a foreign country, hydrogen can still be just the direction of global car companies. Query the sales of hydrogen-fuel cells in 2020, and modern cars, a single show market accounting for 69%. In Toyota and Honda despite the followed, the gap is already in the same day.

The reason why modern cars can become the current hydrogen energy, the most important reason is in the group’s treasure development. As early as 2013, the first mass production hydrogen fuel cell car has already appeared, than Toyota has been a year. Of course, it can also be seen from this point that entering the hydrogen energy technology research, the Great Wall just five years can shout out the slogan of “the top three”, behind the back, there should be enough bottom gas.

In order not to, the Great Wall’s bottom gas is also a continuous investment and efficient output. Since 2016, Great Wall cars have accumulated 2 billion yuan for research and development in hydrogen energy, which will continue to invest over 3 billion yuan in R & D costs in the next three years to reach a range of production capacity. In addition, Great Wall cars also gathered from European, US, Japanese, Han, Indian, plus and other countries with foreign technical experts with technical experience in hydrogen energy field, and forming the key technology international research and development team in China’s largest 430 people. Among them, there are 53 foreign experts, and the proportion of Master has reached more than 50%. In Shanghai, Baoding, Canada, Japan, Germany, five major research and development centers have established five major R & D centers to carry out precision R & D around hydrogen energy and fuel cell technology solutions and future development directions with the “Four Kingdoms”. At present, Great Wall Motors have realized “electric stack and core components, fuel cell engine and components (controllers, etc.), IV hydrogen storage bottles, high-pressure hydrogen storage valves, hydrogen safety, liquid hydrogen process” intellectual property rights Completely autonomously, the number of technologies broke through the industry pain points of “card neck”.

More importantly, based on the core parts and technology research and development of the hydrogen energy industry, Great Wall Auto adheres to the product as the king, explores the core material joint cooperation model, and use the demonstration operations to carry out the product application iteration upgrade, through active expansion scenes Application, integrate the highest quality resources of the internal and external industrial chain, and become a company in China’s unique hydrogen energy industry chain core technology layout. For example, in the upstream of the industrial chain, the Great Wall Automobile’s new generation of perovskite solar photovoltaic technology has a 20.01% photoelectric conversion efficiency that breaks the world record, marking the conversion efficiency of large-scale calcium-titanium-fluvolic modules to formally entering the “2.0 era”. And in the industry chain, Great Wall Motors have joined the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, the Yangtze River Delta, Henan, Hebei, four demonstration pilots, demonstration vehicles, more than 1,000 vehicles, involving passenger cars, heavy cards, logistics, bus, ship, rail transit, etc. A variety of application scenarios.

Therefore, the expert group of Tongji University, the national key science and technology plan “New Energy Automobile” overall group expert Yu Zhuoling said that “the international integrated supply chain ecology and hydrogen-based integrated supply chain ecology and hydrogen technology construction in the Great Wall Automobile Hydrocessant” will be used in the transportation field. Become a train head of the energy structure transition in my country’s transportation, helping my country to get rid of the dependence on oil. “

At present, “Decarburization” has become a global problem. In the year of China’s “14th Five-Year Plan”, hydrogen energy is included in the strategic emerging industry, and has been standing in the industrial style. The Great Wall Motors rely on a forward-looking international integrated supply chain and achieves hydrogen technology for all scenes, standing in the starting point of the new round of energy revolution, once again staged the corner overtaking, the next year’s good play code.

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