Tencent and Audi reached a strategic cooperation to plan a digital ecology

By | March 31, 2021

On March 29, Tencent and Audi jointly announced its strategic cooperation. It is reported that after cooperation, Tencent will help Audi to build a smart interconnection digital ecology, deep focus on digital cockpit, digital marketing, and user operations.

Specifically, Tencent will use this cooperation opportunity to inject an Audi digital cockpit in the ecological resources and digital technology of social, content, services, will provide WeChat car to provide WeChat vehicle in some Audi models with the latest generation Audi interconnection services. Edition, QQ music, Tencent small scene, Tencent map and other services, let the car become real “mobile living space”. At the same time, this strong link is also conducive to the “digital offensive” of the Code Audi in the Chinese market.

Audi China President An Shihao said that it will help Audi to further expand the Audi product ecology made by Chinese users, which in turn provides customization services for their specific needs. At the same time, this will further reflect the promise of Audi “China, China”.

Tencent’s senior executive vice president, the President of Cloud and Smart Industry, said that in recent years, Audi has continued to add code in China to digital, electricization, intelligent strategy, leading the industry innovation. Tencent hopes to use the important partner of Audi to play the advantages of Tencent in the car network, big data, cloud computing, intelligent manufacturing, and provide a solid digital base, helping Audi to build a complete, humanized digital service ecology for Chinese consumers. , Constantly break through innovation.

It is reported that Tencent has cooperated with 33 mainstream car companies, and there have been more than 120 models.

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