Volkswagen launches “Accelerate Strategy” to accelerate transformation into software drive-type mobile travel vendors

By | March 29, 2021

The public car said in a statement released recently that the company has launched an Accelerate strategy to accelerate transformation into software-driven mobile travel vendors. This car manufacturer announced that it will integrate software into the vehicle and use the digital user experience as its core competitiveness.

In order to support this strategy, the public has built ID. Digital agile project department, once a wireless update is performed every 12 weeks. The public goal is to launch a team with more than 500,000 full-networked vehicles in two years. The public brand CEO Ralf Brandstätter said: “We are accelerating the pace. In the next few years, we will change the public in an unprecedented manner.

Today, with the Accelerate Strategy, we will further promote the future digital process of the public brand! “Integrated software vehicles will enable the public to build data-based new business models and provide customers with attractive service packs. This will also make the public to get extra income. The public ACCELERATE strategy will help improve efficiency, Volkswagen The goal is from 2023, the business profit margin is at least 6%. In addition, the Volkswagen Plan reduces fixed cost by 5% before 2023, increases factory productivity by 5% per year and saves 7% of material costs.

Accelerate electric vehicles

The public will expand its zero emissions product lineup, and the sales of pure electric vehicles in 2030 accounted for more than 70% of its European market, higher than the previous 35% goals. Volkswagen expects that its electric vehicle sales in China and the United States will rise to 50% of the total sales volume. In order to achieve this goal, the mass will launch at least a pure electric vehicle model a year. The company will launch three electric vehicles this year: The first is the four-way ID 4 GTX, followed by ID.5 coupe SUV, and finally launched at the end of the year, only in China’s large size SUV ID 6. The public also said that the company is developing the next-generation high-performance pure electric drive kit “Extensible System Platform” for a flat-board car, which will be deployed in the Volkswagen’s flagship electric vehicle item Trinity in 2026.

Trinity concept will expand the development of automatic driving technology

Volkswagen, previously launched an electric sedan in 2026, and West Asia announced its investment in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The public said that Trinity has three-story meaning: a newly developed electric vehicle platform; a simplified supply structure, as well as a comprehensive network of Wolfsburg. The company stated that this new car will establish new standards in terms of battery life, charging speed, and digitization, even claiming that its charging speed will be as fast as gasoline. This new car is expected to provide a driving assistance system for L2 levels and prepare for L4 level in technology. The Volkswagen plans to establish a neural network through Trinity in its full-connected team, and all vehicles will continue to exchange data through the network. Brandstätter said: “Volkswagen will usher in a deep change. We will not only be committed to promoting environmentally friendly electric travel, but also bring a charming digital experience, new business model, and automatic driving. We have been for this over the past few years. Protecting a solid foundation. Today, we will further promote digital transformation through the Accelerate strategy. “

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In recent years, the public has been pursuing digital transformation and launching a solid foundation through a series of measures. The company announced in 2019 that the company will invest 19 billion euros in the electricity and digitization; it will invest 4 billion euros for digital transformation. The company also pointed out in 2017. It is estimated that by 2025 mobile travel field will bring $ Billion of the income. The increasingly stringent carbon dioxide emission goals and the government introduced policies are encouraged to launch electric vehicles. According to a report released by Eusin Huamai, 2020 global electric vehicle sales is 2.5 million, and it is expected that by 2025, this number will increase to 12.2 million, the annual growth rate is close to 52%.

The public has set up a new department called Car.Software, with more than 5,000 “digital experts”, which is to build its operating system and invest in establishing their own cloud computing center. The goal of the department is to increase the internal software R & D ratios in 2025 to 60% from the current 10%. Recently, Volkswagen agreed that Car.Software cooperated with Microsoft to build a new automatic driving technology platform. This cloud-based collaborative platform will help the public accelerate develop and develop in this area through sharing technology and data.

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