SAIC Volkswagen ID.4X listing, pure electric platform power

By | March 29, 2021

Conference on-site id.4 x and Pikachi

SAIC Volkswagen real pure electric product – ID.4 X began delivery.

On March 25, the SAIC Volkswagen held ID.4 X’s first batch of car owners in the Shanghai Bund International Energy Culture Center. The first MEB pure electric platform product of the SAIC Volkswagen has maintained a robust style in performance, but in the price, and the fuel truck with the same brand has been different.

An analyst said that the ID4 series marks the arrival of electric vehicles and fuel trucks. This is attributed to the large-scale centralized procurement and research and development amortization of the Meb pure electric platform.

But this is the initial appearance of the power of the pure electric platform. With the further iteration of MEB, the performance of Volkswagen brand electric vehicles increases, the cost is reduced, and the electric vehicle will begin to enter the replacement of the fuel car.


Pure tram is not more expensive than the oil truck

The ID.4 X of the SAIC can make the mass fuel car potential customers.

Contrast ID.4 X and SAIC Volkswagen Tiguan X. Tiguan X car length 4764mm, axial distance of 2791mm, 152mm longer than ID.4 x body, and the wheelbase is only 26mm long. MEB pure power platform flat battery module arrangement, making the vehicle have a longer wheelbase and shorter front and rear hanging, equalization, and the same level of traditional fuel vehicles, the interior space interior is larger.

Source: SAIC

Then compare the price: Tiguan X dealer quotation and the price of ID.4 X is comparable to almost noise. However, ID.4 X is also available to pay taxes.

Source: SAIC Volkswagen, Car Home

The reason why id.4 x can be close to the fuel truck is because the Volkswagen MEB platform plans to assemble the vehicle, it is unpredictable. Although the mass development MEB platform has invested in huge costs, according to the statistics of brokerage, Volkswagen Group plans to sell 19 million electric vehicles in 2030. Based on the scale of 19 million, whether it is procurement cost, it is also a significant decrease in the amortization of R & D, production.

In addition, the mass group faces the pressure on carbon emissions policy in China and Europe, and it is necessary to force new energy vehicles as soon as possible, and even sacrificed the current profits, obtain market share, emission reduction quota, and hope to achieve profitability.

In addition to good space, discount price, ID.4 x also has a rich form of driver.

ID.4 X has three power versions and two drive forms, and the maximum power is between 125kW-225KW. The rear drive type uses the general-independent permanent magnet synchronous motor, the peak torque is 310 nm, 0-50km / h acceleration time is 3.1-3.2s; the four-wheel drive model introduces an AC asynchronous motor outside the motor, the peak torque is 460 nm, 0 The -50km / h acceleration time is 2.6S.

In addition to electricization, the intelligent and unstarting of Volkswagen. The car is equipped with IQ. Drive L2 +-level automatic driving assist, IQ. Light light matrix headlight, enhanced display lifting display, 360 ° panoramic visits, welcome to wake up light / departure, sleep, digitization cabin Society configuration. Although it looks like a new car forces so bright, the function and configuration of the public is definitely a little higher.

In several versions of ID.4 x, it is foreseen that the main sales model will be 2139,000 and 235,000. And I hope that the current sales brand is now in the same level of pure electric SUV model, there is really no one, ID.4x is already the most preferred.


MEB’s next step

By 2030, the sales share of Volkswagen will increase to more than 70%; in North America and China, this number is more than 50%; in 2040, the public will only sell electric vehicles in the European market.

Volkswagen ID family model type

Specific to ID.4, the public will pay more than 150,000 people in 2012, and deliver more than 2 million vehicles in the future.

The production capacity preparation for this is that SAIC’s investment of 17 billion, built a factory in the world’s first special model for MEB platform models, planning production capacity, plus FAW Volkswagen, Volkswagen Anhui 2 factories, cumulative production capacity has already Nearly 1 million.

Volkswagen also plans to introduce 8 IDs in the future. The model enters China. The two ID.6 models will usher in the first show before the Shanghai Auto Show, which will be China, which will be ID. Family of third and fourth models. The fifth ID. The family model will enter the Chinese market at the end of this year. By the 2023, there are about 3 models in the plan, which does not include models planned for the public Anhui.

By 2025, the Volkswagen will put the electric vehicles of 25 MEB pure electric platforms in China and sold 1 million electric vehicles in China.

Follow-up ID series models may release a greater power of the MEB platform.

On March 15th, the Volkswagen Group announced that it will use intelligent standard cells, from 2023, it will cover 80% of the electric models of Volkswagen Group in 2030. The power battery cost of entry-level electric vehicles will be reduced by 50%. On a high-performance model, they will try to increase the energy density of the battery by 40%. If other conditions are constant, it means that 40% of the lifting mileage is improved. How to reduce battery costs on the mass Power Day

Volkswagen is determined and ambitious in electricization, the carrier is a pure electric platform. And pure electric platform products, as production capacity is expanding, the cost will continue to decline, and the price will continue to decline, and even more than the fuel car.


Marketing service change

The post conference of ID.4 X also showed the changing SAIC, not only the brand is young, marketing and service is also more bold.

It is said that the public is a thousand articles, causing everyone to have aesthetic fatigue, and this id.4 x is still a big change, and you can see that there is different from other popular models.

The appearance is more round and fashionable, and the front and rear headlights are actively welcoming, personalized, personalized color bag … These more in line with the design elements of the young people’s aesthetic taste, all in id.4 x is reflected.

Don’t mention the remote OTA, L2 +-level automatic driving, steering wheel, ar-hud, Touch button, remote mobile phone, and smart watch Zhiyiancy control, other functions on traditional Volkswagen, in ID .4x is all over one another, which also seizes young people who like to try new things.

And “Pichu” and “Shenxian Sister” Liu Yifei’s arrival, obviously prepared for young people before and after the 1990s – the children chased these people, now have become the main consumption group, grabbing them, grabbing the biggest Covenant .

ID.4 X spokesperson “Shenxian Sister” Liu Yifei

Then talk about marketing models and services. After the new car is coming, traditional car brands seem to be slag. And this Volkswagen has a significant improvement, launched several major marketing and service model changes.

The first is comprehensive digitization.

Consumers can complete the vehicle configuration and purchase car through the official Mall, official WeChat, SAIC Volkswagen Super APP or Authorized Dealer. After the decision, the consumer will receive a thank you letter from the SAIC Volkswagen ID. Partner. It will keep one-on-one links through enterprise WeChat and consumers, assist completion of car purchase and questions, and provide more exclusive purchase experience.

Users can complete the car and services through the phone

Second, the national unified retail price. The SAIC public is ID. The family exclusive customized agent marketing model, the national distributor is screened from the national distributor, and the model will implement the national unified retail price. You can book a car on the user online, and the authorized dealer provides customers with Vehicle show, test drive, vehicle delivery, after-sales service, etc.

Again, ID. Store X is stationed in the city bustling business district. In the future, the bustling business district in the center of the first line city can not only see the new car company, but also see the ID of the SAIC Volkswagen. STORE X. In the next year, SAIC will have more urban exhibition halls in the bustling business circle of the first and second-tier cities, and it is expected that there will be more than 40 exhibition halls have opened in 29 key cities.

Chengdu Taigi ID. Store X City Exhibition Hall

The product is ready, the product is also very strong, the channel is excellent, equipped with the commercial supermarket of the city center, plus the national unified retail system similar to direct camp … The id.4 x of the public is coming, the momentum has From the public iron powder, are you ready to abandon the fuel truck?


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