Hongguang MINI EV officially released new, upgraded various configurations

By | March 29, 2021

Which of the most popular models on the car market was not BYD Han, not Tesla 3, but the mulberry Mining MINI EV that Wuling Sword took a short. With a sleeping design and the price of the people, this micro trolley has made this miniature trolley the most topic model. It is necessary to know that the monthly sales of about 300,000 results are the level of many classic joint ventures, and a domestic car that has just been born can get such sales, and it is not easy.

However, this car is not completely unique. Many people pointed out that the car is equipped with a passage. It is not equipped with a airbag, which is a “old man” that can legally upline. For this type of problem, Wuling is also seen in the eyes. In 2021, I have just launched a relevance version of Hong Kong MINI EV. The configuration of 2021 new cars finally appeared.

First, in terms of appearance, the manufacturer re-creates three kinds of white pembles, lemon yellow and avocrete green. Such colorful color makes many young little sisters look at it, knowing that the absolute purchase of this car is the young people who have just graduated. At the same time, black and white two-color set of colored roofs also make this truck look more inertain. Not only that, in the details, there is also an upgrade, and the lamp part of the lamp has been redesigned. The halogen lantern is also upgraded to the LED source, which looks more god. At the same time, the new wheel shape also makes this car look younger and active.

For the previous few netizens, the car is not equipped with airbags, and the manufacturer has upgraded. 2021 Hong Kong MINI EV main driving is standard airbag, so that the driver’s security problem has been fundamentally guaranteed. At the same time, the manufacturer also is also attached to the new model with a reversing image, even if the young man just getting a driver’s license, driving such a car will not feel effort.

It is aimed at the feature of the car owner, and the manufacturer also adds makeup mirror in the main driving position, allowing young people who shuttle in the city to keep exquisite makeup, confidence full. The fifteenth proportion of the back row is no longer needed, but the standard, usually put things, it can also become a two-stand, more practical. The standard dual speaker is more sincere than some old card suppliers, and there will be no low-cost type without a horn.

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