BYD Song Plus DM-I strong attack, 100 kilometers accelerated 7.9 seconds

By | March 27, 2021

Not long ago, I just exposed BYD’s product plan in the next three years, BYD Song Plus DM-I took the lead in landing. Many netizens who have new cars are also paying attention to it early. As we all know, BYD has recently launched the new energy mixed models using the DM-I super mixing technology, not only more powerful, but also more excellent in fuel economy. In particular, the front of the oil prices have just ushered in the rise, but also let the owners who intend to buy the car began to consider the new energy model.

In terms of appearance, BYD Song Plus DM-i continues the design language of the fuel model. The sharp hawk eye-catching front grille with a tough line on the front door makes this car more sharp. The big mouth-on-air grid adopts a hollow design, more young. From the side of the body, the wooker of the five-scale fan-shaped hub is equipped with a high waistline on the side of the vehicle body, which makes this new car full of sport.

At the end of the car, the new car adopts the through taillights, and the internal use of matrix lamps, which makes this new car look more fashionable. Skull design also makes this SUV model with a cross-boundary style, and the new car is 4705mm * 1890mm * 1680mm. Woodmal space performance.

In the design of the interior, there is a blue gray double color matching design, more young and fashionable. The three multi-function steering wheel is decorated with silver-plated chrome trim strips, and the topic, with an electronic file that makes the driver more convenient during the driving process. It is worth mentioning that the car is equipped with a 12.3-inch full-liquid crystal dashboard and a 12.8-inch rotary suspended mode control screen, which has risen in the car. It is reported that the new car also loads the latest Dilink3.0 intelligent network system, supports OTA online upgrade.

In the power performance, BYD Song PLUS DM-I is equipped with a mulchive pulleys dedicated 1.5L natural gas, up to 81KW, peak torque is 135 N · m. And a pre-motor and E-CVT gearbox adopted by Atkinson cycle mode. The new car will be divided into two pure-renewal types of 51km and 110km, respectively, with 8.3 kWh and 18.3 kWh blade battery pack, 100 kilometers of acceleration of 8.5 seconds and 7.9 seconds, respectively. The loss of power is 4.5L and 4.4L, respectively. The battery life can reach 1150km and 1200km in the full oil.

The biggest drawbacks that new energy vehicles have been contradictible by consumers are the endurance mileage, but as a plug-in mixed model, this disadvantage is reduced. More than 1200km long battery packages with strong super mixing techniques, let the fuel economy of this car rises. Plus the price of less than 150,000, I believe this BYD Song PLUS DM-I will have a good sales performance.

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