There is self-igniting risk! More than 30,000 vehicles were recalled, can Beiqi new energy still 2021?

By | March 26, 2021

Although electricization is a great potential, the popularity of pure electric cars is still difficult. In addition to “mileage anxiety”, consumers are more truncated, after all, even if it is the highest in Tasla, it has also spontaneously, while March 23 On the day, the self-ignition issues will be on the hot search again.

According to the State Market Supervision Administration, Beiqi New Energy Automobile Changzhou Co., Ltd., Beijing Auto Co., Ltd., Beiqi (Guangzhou) Automotive Co., Ltd. plans to recall EX360 and EU400 pure produced from November 1, 2018 to December 21, 2018 Electric cars, a total of 3,1963 vehicles, and recalls from March 24th.

It is understood that this recall is because of the difference in consistency of some of the vehicle power battery systems, the long-term continuous fast charge in the high temperature environment may result in deterioration of individual cellular battery cells, extreme cases, causing a power battery to fire Risk, there is a safety hazard, simply, that is, Northern Automobile New Energy Some models have spontaneous risk.

It is worth mentioning that while the Northern Automobile New Energy Release Release Announcement, the power battery company Fu Can Technology also promotes the active cooperation and maintenance of related testing and maintenance, and assumes the relevant recall fees, which is expected to be RMB 30 million to 50 million yuan. Between, economic losses are only on the one hand, Fu Can technology image is more or less affected, many netizens guess, Beiqi new energy recalls the battery equipped with the battery, is it also supply to other brands?

Although it is said that there is a full responsibility of Fu Can Technology, it will not cause direct economic losses to Beiqi new energy, but the latter is difficult, and the recall is undoubtedly snow.

In fact, Beiqi’s new energy has also been brilliant, early, sales are also very good, in 2018, in 2018, in 6 years in China’s pure electric car sales list, the wind, even covered BYD. Nowadays, in the New Energy Automobile market, the new energy vehicle market increased by 9.8% year-on-year, Beiqi new energy is going downward, down 82%, the beginning of the year, and even news from Maverick Electric Program to acquire Beiqi New Energy Changzhou Factory.

Why is Beiqi new energy to land like this field? In fact, Beiqi new energy can take the first more to rely on the net us, the taxi market, and now the B-terminal market is already saturated, and it is not high in the personal consumer market, so there is a sales decline. .

Look at the current C-terminal market, micro electric vehicle, Wulinghong MINI EV, Changan Benben E-Star has been mixed, and the Lite in the early days of Northern Auto New Energy has a chance to seize the market, but one Two two microcals have priced by 110,000, naturally persuade consumers.

Turning, 10 ~ 200,000 electric vehicle market, Beiqi new energy also does not have a satisfactory product, throwing the core competitiveness such as endurance, power performance, still “four consecutive burn” within 3 months, thorough The peak has been more reliable in people’s heart, and the recent recall is even more snow, and Beiqi new energy is very difficult to reshape brand image.

In terms of high-end models, Beiqi new energy has launched Arcfox αt, and the new car looks good. It is necessary to continue to have endurance. It is intelligent to be smart, but the problem is that its core technology is basically not in his own hands, such as the platform from Magna, The battery comes from South Korea SK, which is revealed that BYD has mastered the three-electric technology. It has also launched a blade battery called a sound. In addition, refer to the traditional fuel vehicle enterprise, those who have known as the BMW, Mitsubishi engine, who entered a first-line camp?

After a brand of reputation is destroyed, you want to reshape the image take a long time, then leave it to Beiqi’s new energy. There is no time, the middle and low-end market is difficult to enter, the high-end market is not easy, we must not only face BYD , The pressure of the independent brand of Guangqi Yan, but also to meet the challenges from Tesla, the public, etc., under the weight of the heavy pressure, can Beiqi new energy still 2021?

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