Evergrande: The car has been invested 47.4 billion

By | March 26, 2021

Li Bin said that there is no more than 20 billion. Evergrande said that I have already thrown 47.4 billion.

In the elements of the Evergrande, the money is the least worrying. However, 47.4 billion investments is still exceeded.

On March 25, the Everbright Car held a 2020 annual results conference. The car is just beginning, the performance is of course not good. Evergrande still emphasizes investment: the accumulated car is 47.4 billion yuan.

Hengda Auto held 2020 full-year results conference

At the press conference, Everbright cars said that in order to achieve the goal of more than 1 million production and sales volume of Hiroshi New Energy Motors in 2025, Hengda has been prepared in funds, R & D, production, sales, charging facilities, etc., 9 The model also has a clear sign product. In the second half of this year, Evergrande is more energy, and the battery products that support super fast charge will also be mass production.

At the versatile Shanghai Auto Show, Everbrucks will also make the public for the public for the first time and gradually showcase. With the power of capital, Evergrande has been in its own unique formation, rumble.


This year plans to invest 9 billion

The moist is the first impression of the Evergrande.

Initially, Evergrande plans to invest 45 billion yuan in 3 years. At the mid-audition meeting in August 2020, Pan Darong, chief financial officer of Hengda Auto, introduced that Evergrande Group invested 14.7 billion yuan in 2019, in the first half of 2020, in the first half of 2020, 27 billion yuan in the second half of 2020, 2021 The year invests 9 billion yuan, with a total investment of 29.4 billion.

But the actual cost of constant cars is much more faster than expected.

Evergrande Auto Business Input, Source: Evergrande Conference

At 2020 Performance Conference, Liu Yongji, President of Hengda Auto, said that Evergrande currently invests 47.4 billion yuan in the new energy auto industry. Among them, in the field of vehicle development, power battery, automatic driving and intelligent networks, etc., the investment of 24.9 billion yuan, factory construction, equipment procurement and component procurement of 2.25 billion yuan.

This figures have exceeded the Evergrande Automotive from Tencent, Squigen Capital, Drip Travel, etc. 30 billion Hong Kong dollars. However, at the performance conference, Everbrucks have a hundred times more confidence in their own funds. After all, the parent company Evergrande Group 2.3 trillion of the family, not anyone can be better than.

In addition to high input, 2020, Evergrande also has income in the automotive business.

Hengda Automobile 2020 main results, information source: Evergrande Conference

In that year, the car business of Evergrande has revenue of 188 million yuan, accounting for about 1.2% of the total revenue of the Group, and the remaining income is from the field of health business. In 2020, Hengda Auto Business Hair Profit is -118 million yuan, net profit is -522 billion.


R & D, production and sales, pre-sales, after-sales, full floor

When the new energy car in question and Evergrande wins in the fierce competition, Shaun, Chairman, borrowed the Chairman of the Chairman of the Chairman of the Evergrande Group, said that “Evergrande is technically no technology, it is necessary to have experience, It is necessary to open up a new way to build a national product from the strategy to open a global resource for what I use.

That is, try to do everything to aggregate global resources and attract global talents. That is, Xu Jiayin said “buy buy”.

The technical advantages of constant cars, sources of information: Evergrande Conference

In terms of research and development, Liu Yongji introduced, through international mergers and acquisitions and cooperation, with world-leading core technologies in the chassis architecture, power assembly, battery, engineering technology, intelligent network, automatic driving and other fields. On the day of the launch, the H-Smart OS Hengda Smart Network System in Hengda Car Teame Tencent and Baidu has also debuted.

Li Wei Xiu, Dean of the Hengda Auto Global Battery Research Institute, said that Evergrande is more energy, supporting Super fast charge battery products will also be mass production in the second half of this year.

In terms of human resources, Hengda Auto has established R & D institutions such as the Global Research Institute, Intelligent Academy, with more than 3,500 global research teams. Among them, technical experts include the original Guangxiao Toyota Company, Deputy General Manager of Gaqi Toyota, Fang Chi, the first Korea SK Group Battery Research Institute, Li Wei Xiu, the original US Ford Automobile Senior Technical Expert Xu Yanyi, the original Testra Senior Quality Director Alex James Hamade, etc.

In terms of production, Gao Jingjing, vice president of Hengda Automobile, introduced that Hengda Automobile and MAGNA, EDAG, AVL and other world engineering technology, 148 major automotive parts leading enterprises in the world, and build multiple intelligence according to industrial 4.0 standards Manufacturing bases to ensure the quality of the products of Hengfeng.

At present, Evergrande is in Tianjin, Shanghai, and Guangzhou’s smart plant has started test production commissioning.

In terms of sales layout, Hengda Motors will build 36 Harcelet Exhibition Experience Center in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities, and 1600 Holy Sales Center. At the same time, with the help of 4,3058 service outlets and 21.28 million platform members, it is established on the online sales channel.

Hengda Auto Sales Layout, Source: Evergrande Conference

In terms of after-sales service, Hengda Auto and State Grid set up joint ventures, providing fast and convenient, low cost, smart charging services. In addition, Evergrande also has 3,000 maintenance and repair service centers and over 43,000 service outlets, which provide users with after-sales service.

Evergrande has dropped the advantages of this, the source of information: Everbright release will be worth mentioning, although there is no independent car experience, but Evergrande automobiles said that cost control is also a major advantage – Synchronize R & D 14 cars, It has been plans to achieve an annual output of over 1 million, and in 2035, the annual production and sales exceeded 5 million, with a scale advantage, realizing the overall cost of “research, production, supply, sales” has dropped sharply.


The car, there must be above the A level.

Simultaneously develop 14 cars, I am afraid it is the first example of the new energy vehicle industry.

At present, there are 9 cars that have been issued globally, and the remaining 5 cars are being developed. Evergrande said that Hengki type covers a large number of A, B, C, and D-class, with sedan, SUV, MPV and crossover cars.

Hengda Automobile Product Planning, Source: Evergrande Conference

At the same time, each model has a clear target market and a counter-standard type, including the electric models of Tesla Model 3, Model Y and Model L, and the new car companies such as ET7, Wei to ES8, including BBA Traditional model.

Hengda Automobile Product Planning, Source: Evergrande Conference

According to the plan, the entry model of Evergrande (200,000 yuan or less) will account for 43% of all models; medium-end models (20-35 million yuan) account for 37%; medium and high-end models (35-500,000 yuan) More than 12%; high-end models (more than 500,000 yuan) accounts for 8%.

However, Everbrucks currently have no formal production of models, which will also be based on cost and market conditions in the future.

In 2020, Hengchi car challenged, in 2025, more than 1 million yuan, and 2003 million in 2035, it was shocked by the industry. Today, the threshold for 2025 is nearly a year, and the Evergrande goals have not changed, and people have no curiosity to the Evergrande. The money is, people have, the picture has the same, and the truck is tested to the market.

Evergrande car vows, not only to make the company’s power to make a car, but also “create a new energy car” world-class, quality world-class “new energy vehicle. Can the rhetoric come true, after the second half of this year, the “World Leading Technique” battery of Hengda Sounds may be able to see some real situations.


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