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By | March 26, 2021

In less than 20 days, BYD is listed on the second model of DM-I super mixing system. Subsequent BYD will also have a series of models to be launched.

On March 25th, BYD announced the new plug SUV Song Plus DM-I officially listed sales, the new car launched a total of 51km, 110km two pure battery regions, a total of 4 models, the price of 14.68-169,800 yuan, Sales in e-network channels.

Song Plus DM-i is a second listing model equipped with BYD super mixing technology. The first model is Qin Plus DM-I, just listed on March 8 this year.

For DM-I, the BYD is highly hoped, and the market is strong, and the user is concerned. Yang Dongsheng, vice president of BYD, specially responded to the five major concerns of DM-I super mixing technology.

On the release, BYD’s subsequent new car plan is also clear: 2021, in addition to Qin Plus, Song Plus two DM-I, and there are 1 DM-I super-mix model. In terms of pure electric, BYD will launch 5 new cars before the end of 2023.

Model planning:

Subsequent 6 new cars

For DM-I super mixing systems, BYD never hides its ambition. At the BYD DM-I super mixing conference held in January this year, Wang Chuanfu, Chairman and President of BYD Group, said that DM-I super mixing will play the role of fuel cars, let DM-I super mix Enter traditional fuel cars account for the absolute dominant segment.

He hopes that the DM-I hyperlighizing system can be like it and the Toyota THS system, can rely on subsidies, relying on excellent driving experience and ultra-low fuel consumption, competing with ordinary fuel trucks.

To this end, BYD quickly attacked three DM-I models in the Chinese market before and after 2021. Includes Qin Plus DM-I and Song Plus DM-I that have been listed. The next one will be unexpected will be Tang DM-I.

After many years in the new energy sector, BYD new product launched rhythm is constantly accelerating. In addition to the insertion, in the next three years, BYD has its own plan in the pure electric motor. According to the plan, BYD will launch 5 pure electric models by 2023. Including: Two models will be launched before 2021 – a small SUV, a small hatchback; a medium-sized hatch back is launched in 2022; a medium-sized car in the third quarter of 2022 / fourth quarter A medium-sized SUV model was launched in the first quarter of 2023.

Of course, the protagonist is still the Song Plus DM-I. Yang Dongsheng will bring the PLUS DM-I by returning to the five major concerns of users.

The first major concern:

What is the performance of the DM-I platform in Song Plus DM-I?

Vehicle performance is obviously a major focus on consumers. In Yang Dongsheng’s view, Song Plus DM-i equipped with super mixing technology also achieved ultra-low fuel consumption, quiet and smooth, excellent motivation performance.

In terms of fuel consumption, the NEDC loss of the Song Plus DM-I is only 4.4L / 100 kilometers, lower than the same level of mixed cars, farther than the industrial main sales of fuel vehicles.

In terms of power, the 100 km of Song Plus DM-I accelerates only 7.9 seconds, exceeding the same level of mixed cars and fuel vehicles, combined with the rapid response and torque characteristics of the motor 10MS, starting faster and more power. At the same time, due to the backup power, the Song Plus DM-I model of 0-50km / h is 3.2 seconds; 80-120km / h exceeds the acceleration is also within 5.8 seconds.

In addition, the performance of the Song Plus DM-I is also excellent on NVH. In the case of loss of loss, the regular speed is 60 km, 80 kilometers, 100 kilometers of NVH evaluation conditions, and the noise in the car is lower than the same level. Mixed and fuel cart.

The second major concern:

1.5L engine how compensable performance requirements

Also equipped with a 1.5L engine, but the Song Plus DM-I car is far higher than Qin Plus DM-I. There is user concern, under which, the DM-I power platform can have a good performance performance on the new car. In response to this problem, Yang Dongsheng chose to answer from the technical level.

He pointed out that in the fuel-saving era, the wheel end of the vehicle is determined by the engine. Since DM-I super mix is ​​an electrical design architecture, the engine is a secondary electric mixing framework for the main power motor drive and the large-capacity power battery function. Therefore, its wheel-end drive is determined by the motor, and the electrical energy is derived from the integrated power output of the engine and the battery.

From the perspective of energy demand perspective, the power required under normal operating conditions is very low. The average driving power of the city operating conditions is only about 7.3kW; the average power demand for high-speed operating conditions is about 28.2 kW; only 8.7kW and 13.4 kW under NEDC and WLTC conditions. The peak power of BYD 1.5L engine is 81KW / 6000rpm, peak torque 135n · m / 4500 rpm, can cover all operating needs.

It is because the working conditions are not high on the power demand for the engine, and the engine can be added to the battery while providing driving electrical energy, so the true power source of the Song Plus DM-I is composed of the engine and the battery. Perhaps some consumers will further ask questions. If the 1.5L engine is still accommodated under the peak power requirements of the vehicle? Yang Dongsheng responded, of course, can. Among them, the EHS electric mixing system has played a clever effect.

With the power superposition of the engine and the battery, the EHS peak power is up to 160 kW and 173 kW. Even if the loss is, there is at least 144kW of system power. After calculating, the demand power of the Song Plus DM-i under high-speed oversuck and full-load climb function is 125kW and 98KW, which is lower than the peak power of the EHS, which can meet the power demand of the vehicle, thereby ensuring the Song Plus DM- I of the vehicle power performance, far exceeding 2.0T fuel truck and hybrid model.

Therefore, the 1.5-liter engine equipped with EHS 132 and EHS 145, as well as a high-power battery composed, which can be adapted to all models below 1.9 tons.

Third major payment points:

What is the newly developed DM-I super mixing reliability?

After all, it is a new development platform, and it is inevitable that consumers have questioned their reliability. In this regard, Yang Dongsheng said that BYD has pillared in the field of overgrown 13 years, experienced three generations of technology upgrades, accumulated sales of more than 420,000, got the full verification of the market and consumers’ broad recognition.

In terms of technology, BYD has a rigorous development process and test system; in the R & D team, BYD also built a team of 2000 engineers. As of now, BYD has accumulated hundreds of engine EHS electric mixing systems, and the bench test of the blade battery, the cumulative gantry has been verified for more than 8 hours, and the bicycle is equivalent to the 800,000 km test.

At the same time, BYD also launched a long-term, multi-working, high-intensity series of vehicle verification, and the total test mileage exceeded 8 million kilometers to further ensure the reliability of DM-I super mixing.

The fourth major concern:

Adaptability of DM-I super mixing system in severe cold

Can you have a test of the weather in a strict weather, and it is a major focus of consumers’ attention to the new energy car. Yang Dongsheng also said that many northern friends have asked similar problems since DM-I super mixed release.

He is listed in a series of data to respond. BYD-related team, in the extremely cold area of ​​Mohe, Heihe, has been more than 66,000 hours and 600,000 kilometers to ensure that DM-I super mixing is under extreme cold conditions, and various performance indicators. Comprehensive achievement.

In addition, the relevant development team has made a lot of testing work in the electric drive, battery management system, and the power response of low temperatures.

The fifth major concern:

Does Song PLUS DM-I are equipped with DC fast charge?

The plug-in mixing model added to the DC charging function is not much. The previous 120km version of the Qin PLUS DM-I has this configuration. The Song Plus DM-I long mileage version is also equipped with high-power DC fast charge on the basis of 3.3kW exchange charging, and can achieve DC fast charge through the ACC. 80%, thus shortening the charging wait time.

Not only that, according to the introduction, the Song Plus DM-I long miles also planned the electricity and car environment of the full scene. At present, new cars can be made by setting up an appointment. In the future, BYD will also launch cloud services, one-button battery heating, reservation travel, etc., ensuring that the battery is in the best state, making charging more wisdom.

New car egg:

Super Black Technology – Mobile Power Station

At the end of the conference, Yang Dongsheng brought a super black technology equipped with BYD’s new energy car, that is, the world’s first mobile power station, this technology has become the standard of Song Plus DM-I.

In the full-oil state, the Song Plus DM-I provides 3.3 kW of discharge power, and the working time is 60 hours, which is equivalent to the two-week electricity of the family. This means that a variety of electricity demand scenes is provided to the SUV owner outdoor outgoing, and the vehicle can be used as a mobile power station during the road.

In addition, Song Plus DM-I has some small highlights in the configuration. Including the entire standard with a Dilink3.0 system, 12.8-inch 8 nuclear adaptive rotary suspension PAD, 12.3 inch LCD screen, mobile phone NFC car key, Dirac 9 speaker smart music cockpit, OTA remote upgrade, TPMS direct fetal Pressure monitoring system (digital display), millions of pixel level 360 ° HD holographic transparent video, front row and front windshift double layer sound insulation glass, front and rear row 6 airbag, main driving seat electric adjustment, etc.

Not long ago, Wang Chuanfu mentioned in the chat with Xin Dongfang’s founder Yu Minhong, because of the resources, the environment, etc., the automotive industry faces a hundred years of change, which is an opportunity for BYD. The overall development of BYD’s development is to make great strength in the field of electric vehicles, given the country, to other companies with power.

Nowadays, do you concentrate on technological innovation Wang Chuanfu is closer to your dreams?


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