Hydrogen support policy frequency output industry calls for top design overall design

By | March 25, 2021

“In 2016, we just started to do a hydrogen station, there were some obstacles in various regions. However, since 2018, the government’s support gradually increased, soon, it quickly set off a hydrogen industry, and now there are Ten areas have released their respective hydrogen energy development planning. “Cao Jun, assistant Chairman Hydroe Energy, told the Securities Times reporter, and the positive policy continues to introduce the speed of growth of the hydrogen energy industry.

In 2019, hydrogen energy was first written into the “Government Work Report”, and therefore, therefore, therefore, therefore set off a burst of hydrogen to develop support. Subsequently, the release of fuel cell car demonstration application policy, the release of new energy automobile industry development (2021-2035) and the setting of carbon peaks, carbon neutralization targets are the development of hydrogen energy industry and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. A cardiac agent.

Under the power of policies, the demand for hydrogen fuel cells is significant, and the enthusiasm of investment downstream in the industrial chain is also high. However, many industry insiders said that most of the current support policies focus on specific sectors, and the industry also lacks systemic support for top-level design.

At present, the overall development of the hydrogen energy industry is also facing “Iron Wall Here”, Chairman of the SAIC Group, the chairman of the SAIC, compared to the regulatory policy of energy management such as traffic fuel, natural gas, is currently the main management of hydrogen energy ” The model of a knife cut “is still in general, and the hydrogen energy source will be used to manage the hazardous chemicals. This has increased a lot of obstacles for hydrogen energy applications, resulting in a sharp increase in hydrogen energy from manufacturing ends to the use.

He suggested to form a unified Chinese hydrogen energy strategic plan as soon as possible, develop a road map of my country’s hydrogen energy strategy development, and establish a powerful cross-departmental coordination mechanism to make overall development of hydrogen energy industry.

In addition to the lack of top-level design, there are also industry insiders pointed out that too strong policy guidance may also distort the development of the industry.

Interior of Zhongtong Bus said that the domestic system of fuel cell systems is still immature. The government should correctly guide the development of the whole vehicle and core parts. Avoid excessive enterprises enter this industry, and the extensive development is not conducive to the industry.

Relevant persons of Weichai Monor also pointed out that in the beginning of the year, there have been more orders of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in individual cities. However, there is a strong genus of hydrogen energy vehicles, and local governments want to support local enterprises.

An industry insiders told the Securities Times reporter. At present, the management departments of hydrogen, storage, transportation, plus and other management and management is unclear. The construction approval of hydrogen infrastructure is still difficult, and there is still a lack of relevant regulations, and these factors are limited. The speed of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle industry.

Therefore, he suggested that from the perspective of the government, solve the current constraints should lead to the top floor design, planning, and formulate the construction of hydrogen energy projects and approval processes. Government guidance, reasonable layout industrial chain production capacity, avoid duplication of construction and vicious competition; the government drives, enterprises, using demonstration promotion to form a scale effect, and reducing the cost of each of the industrial chain.

In fact, for the existing problem of hydrogen energy and hydrogen fuel cell automotive industry, from the country to the local, from the industry to enterprises, it has been constantly seeking the method of cracking.

Some insiders believe that in order to achieve the maximum effect of supporting the hand of the policy, we must first clarify the top design, and make overall the entire industrial chain, while developing a reasonable standard system for the segment, guiding the industry ordered development.

Wang Fengying, president of Great Wall, also called for the country to clarify the direction, goals, and main tasks of the development of hydrogen energy industry. At the same time, encourage industry-leading relevant universities, enterprises and institutions to conduct research on hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicles, establish and improve hydrogen energy and fuel cell standard system, which in turn has clear paths for the development of the industry.

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