Buy Asian lion or Sagitar? After reading this key configuration, you will understand.

By | March 24, 2021

The AF Toyota Asian lion is originally scheduled at the end of March, and it may be changed to the listing on April 10. I don’t know if it is a sales strategy of FAW Toyota hunger marketing, or some unrequited hidden love, in short this year’s new car market, there is no car such as Asian lion this “tens of thousands of waves, still half cover surface”. From the Guangzhou Auto Show, the Guangzhou Auto Show is highly debated, and the time to market has changed several times. Until now, this is now called Carolla Extendation, Asian Dragon Low Focusing Asian lion, has not officially walked to consumers.

Although the time to market is repeated, it is undeniable that Asian lions have received much attention. On the one hand, everyone is recognized by Toyota brand. On the one hand, I hope this mysterious Asian lion can bring new experiences and surprises to consumers. Although there is a news, it is called about 151,800 models, but in the end, it is still not available. But in any case, although this domestic product is already the third-generation product in Japan, the Asian lion is also vacuumped with people’s appetite, and the previous preheating makes it more intense after the market is expected.

Asian lion at the Guangzhou Auto Show

Whenever a new car is listed, many people will automatically enter the game. Unexpectedly, Asian lions have been showed, many people like to compare it with the Safety of the FAW-Volkswagen, which is the compact model, and Guangqi Toyota’s Ling Shang as a sign type car type, and even threaten a blood in the car rivers and lakes. Rainy wind. Given the blood of GAC Toyota, it is basically seen as a vine, so we don’t contrast it here, but choose the FAW Volkswagen Sagitar with a domestic joint venture car as a standard payment. Analyze the advantages and disadvantages between the two cars, and this will provide a car for consumers.

For the virgin of the same type, we have chosen two models close models. After all, the prices have always been the most sensitive references in the middle and low-end auto market: the pre-sale price of 151,800 Asian lions introduction, and The manufacturer guided the sagitar 2021 200TSI DSG Comfort Zip (hereinafter referred to as Asian Lion and Sagitar).

1. Appearance Asian lion more fashionable atmosphere

From many people, I saw the Asian lion, and there is a passage of the Asian Dragon and Carolla “combination”. Asian lion face is designed with an inverted laundry grill, the Chinese network is divided by multiple silver trim, the two side Asian dragons “獠”-inlet gas ports also supplemented with chrome trim, visually give people a body Exercise. Lower surrounding or Corolla’s generous exit design, and embedded in the fashionable front fog, making the front face looks more domineering. Due to the increase in the wheelbase, the car side seems to be visually more stretched. Overall, Asian lions look compare fashion and atmosphere.

Asian lion appearance fashion atmosphere

Sagitar front face is still a highly recognized FAW mass-style appearance, and the Chinese rules do not have too many excellent places, slightly smuggled. However, the new LED headlights, the front grille model has a lot of points, highlighting the sense of advanced layering. The LED day, the lamp strip shape, the overall feeling shows a C-word model, plus the design of the front fog lamp, allowing it to have a relatively distinct seating.

Sagitar Obmitter

Compare two models, appearance Asian lions are better than Sagitar, more fashionable atmosphere.

2, the Asian lion car is growing in Carolla, but it is shorter than Sagitar.

Asian lion bike lengths are 4720mm * 1780mm * 1455mm, and the manufacturer will be positioned in the A +-column vehicle. However, due to the current body and equal length of the car, 4700mm + car head and 2700mm + wheelbase almost become the standard of the same-level car, the so-called A +-level concept is weakened, so many people are still willing to see Asian lions It is a compact model, not the so-called A +-column vehicle.

Many people have more derived from his predecessors in his predecessors for the Cognition of Asian Lions. Compared to Carolla, benefited from Toyota’s TNGA architecture, the Asian lion length and the wheelbase of Corolla have 85mm and 50mm advantages, and the space is relatively large, and it is estimated that the distance from the three punches. So many people think of Asian lions as the extension of Carolla.

Asian lion body length is 4720mm * 1780mm * 1455mm, respectively, respectively

Sagitar vehicles are 4753mm * 1800mm * 1462mm, and the back row can also reach the distance of three punches. However, in the body of Asian lions, the Sagitar is still a little bit, and the space is not too large. However, relative to the axis of Sagitar 2731mm, 2750mm Asian lions are slightly better.

Sagitar Wide length is 4753mm * 1800mm * 1462mm, respectively, respectively

3, Asian lion is powerful, sagitar driving is higher

Asian lions are equipped with Asian dragons, the same 2.0L natural gas jam engine like Camry, and matches the CVT gearbox with start gears. Maximum horsepower 178PS, peak torque 210 nm. It is said that the engine can not only provide strong power, but also in the mating of the Direct Shift-CVT transmission, heat efficiency can reach 40%, which is in the world’s top level, which can bring extremely high fuel economy.

The sagitar engine is 1.2T, the maximum horsepower 116PS, and the peak torque is 200 nm, which is obvious to be a lot compared to the kinetic energy of Asian lions. However, the 7-position dry double clutch, due to its presented driving pleasure and better fuel economy, so that the overall power efficiency of Sagitar can also improve a grade. 4. Safety configuration Asian lion is significantly higher than Sagitar

Asian lions standard TSS 2.0 Toyota intelligent security system, mainly including pre-collision safety system (PCS), lane deviation warning system (LDA), dynamic radar cruise control system (DRCC) and automatic adjustment High beam system (AHB) four Item function. Including full speed adaptive cruise, lane tracking, active brakes, etc., the automatic driving function of the L2 level can be implemented.

In addition, Asian lions are also standardized with the safety configuration of Elfa with the same paragraph. This is also the first time Toyota introduced this function to the car. It is mainly suitable for detecting obstacles, reversing the obstacles when parking or low-speed, and reversing the rear pedestrians, and prevent drivers from being brought about by god or misunderstanding.

Sagitar is a bit cold acid in safe driving and automatic driving. Sagitar is only equipped with power distribution (EBD / CBC, etc.), brake assist (EBA / BAS / BA, etc.), as well as body stability control (ESC / ESPDSC, etc.), and engine start-stop technology, uphill assist, automatic parking Waiting for driving assistance. And active brakes, lane remained and other functions, consumers need to purchase options.

From this point of view, Sagitar’s original car safety configuration is not high compared to Asian lions, it seems behind. This critical configuration can not only reflect the high and low cost performance, but more importantly, it is related to consumer’s personal safety benefits.

5, the level of the two is basically quite equivalent to the intelligent configuration

Asian lions are equipped with a 12.3-inch full liquid crystal dashboard and a 9-inch suspended middle control screen, in addition to commonly used navigation and entertainment features, there are also reversing images, intelligent speech recognition systems, etc. At the same time, Toyota intelligent interconnection system supports health reports, remote diagnosis, emergency rescue, stolestic tracking and other functions. In addition, QQ music and Himalayan FM online play feature, but don’t understand why didn’t be equipped with Carplay and Carlife interconnect systems. This allows the Asian lion’s car system to discount.

Asian lions are equipped with 12.3-inch full LCD dashboard and 9-inch suspended central control screen

Sagitar has been upgraded in 2021, the fashion version is equipped with a 8.0-inch color LCD instrument, a CRS3.0 intelligent information entertainment system, a vehicle – Zhilian control vehicle function, a shark fin antenna, and a CarPlay and Carlife interconnection.

The luxury is upgraded to the smart multi-function driving computer to 10.3-inch full liquid crystal meter, which has added Zhizhi Control cars, wisdom navigation, intelligent voice, and wisdom entertainment.

Sagitar is equipped with 8.0-inch color LCD instrument

The horizontal comparison, from the horizontal technology interconnection and intelligence, the Asian lion and sagitar are basically equivalent, each has a thousand autumn.

in conclusion

As the Toyota President Toyota, the name of the Chinese listing, as the Asian lion is called the long version of Carolla, but after all, after the Carolla is expected to replace 1.5 liters of three-cylinder engines, 2.0 liters of Asian lion power will be more conspicuous. The segment of the configuration is higher than Carolla. So if you don’t want to buy Corolla, you can’t afford the Asian dragon, then the Asian lion between the two will also be a good choice.

From our contrast to the Sagitar, Asian lions have a stronger power performance, higher configuration, especially in safe driving assistance and automatic driving, and there is a lot of advantages.

However, as a sagitar of the domestic sales, whether it will retreat in front of the Asian lion’s attack? I want to see if the pricing of Asian lions is more advantageous, and how big is the future dealer’s preferential strength. After all, if the Asian lion is entered into the door, if it is really 151,800, it takes more than 180,000 landing prices; if the high-profile model, it is estimated that it will run more than 200,000, and the land price will be higher. According to this price standard, you can already purchase a good intermediate car. So, although the configuration is good, if the price does not have an advantage, it is difficult to say that it will definitely sell well.

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