BYD Dynasty Series or add new people? The model is not a small discussion

By | March 23, 2021

BYD has been a leader in the domestic car brand in recent years. With the rapid development of the Dynasty, BYD has rapidly developed a number of independent brands in the domestic market, even in some price levels and some old cards. The LOGO that has been spitted is also new design and has become more context. At the earlier, there is a group of online spy photos about “BYD Xia”, which makes many people to see the ambition of BYD manufacturers, not only in the car, SUV market, even think It is necessary to act in the MPV field. But unfortunately, the manufacturer immediately came out, denied the authenticity of this group of pictures.

But today, this car that exists in people’s fantasies seems to be true. In the UNITAR, we can see that a model named BYD “M3” in the declaration list, and the model is the previously expected MPV model. It is reported that the new car is a pure electric MPV model, the maximum power of the motor is 3,000 kW, which is equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery group developed by BYD.

Once the declaration of the car was exposed, it was received by all parties. The biggest controversial is still that the design of the car seems to be a bit mediocrity, and there is no bright spot compared to other dynasties launched by BYD, which seems to be more precise. The shape of the vehicle tail is more like a small box of small boxes thirty years ago, and it is a new car in 2021. Sure enough, many netizens said that this car looks like from last century, not like a BYD’s car.

So, many people put forward their own doubts, BYD has developed smoothly, why do you want to develop an immature new car in the MPV field? In fact, this M3 is not sold to ordinary personal consumers. Familiar with BYD may understand that BYD said that the redesigned logo will fully spread it on the passenger car, and commercial vehicles continue to take advantage of the old LOGO. Through the picture, we can also see that this M3 car standard can be used in the previous old sign, so its identity is also a box-type small truck with commercial properties, and at the Beijing Auto Show in 2014, one from BYD’s MPV was once debuted, but the car was also called “business” at the time.

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