How to identify Tesla Model S is a new or old?

By | March 20, 2021

Although Tesla’s deliverable is only 4 in the sales model, it is a very important ability to use the exactly distinctive model for me to use the exactly to distinguish the model.

Model 3 and Model Y These two cars, although one is SUV, but because they have more than 75% shared parts, this is still confused to a certain extent. And my most common way is to look at their rear car doors, the first line is MODEL 3, and the midway is blocked is Model Y.

Referring to this update of Model S, the change in interior is really large, and the central control screen is one of the most obvious changes. Some people may say that the YoKe steering wheel is the most obvious, but the current configuration is not global, because there are still many places to assess whether such steering wheel is compliant. Therefore, from the new Model S of the street, there is still a large part of the ordinary steering wheel.

The appearance of the new Model S is very small, so this not only makes many people lose, but also let many old car owners have changed their business. But after all, it is a new payment, it must have a way to identify an eye? And I haven’t found this way so far. did you find it? Share it!

This is the latest new Model S street shooting photos, come and study together!

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