Army competition is upgraded: SAIC R car third car strike

By | March 19, 2021

Nowadays, the new car released by the smart electric vehicle company has except for “no highest, only higher”, and it has expanded the military competition to other fields: induction hardware, software platform, battery life, energy supply, electricity separation, ultimate service……

One of the latest examples is the third car of Shangqi R car. On March 18, SAIC R Car held the “R Brand Creative Ecotive Conference” in the Shenzhen Universiade Center Gymnasium, launched a third car code ES33. This coupe on the 2022, the laser radar assembled for the super 300 line, 4D imaging millimeter wave radar, equipped with 500 to 1000 + TOPS chip, can charge, can be electrified, battery pack can be upgraded, V2G, you can do car electrical separation …

People have me, people have me, everything is extremely.


Super 300-wire laser radar

In the intelligent driving area, the air R will be equipped with the world’s starting mass production, which can generate the finest three-dimensional cube cloud information. Use 1550 nano-light source that meets human eye safety, the detection distance is 500 meters, super 300 lines, It looks further, clearer, and higher recognition accuracy of the obstacle.


The first 4D imaging radar

At the same time, in China’s first premium 4D image radar. Compared to the conventional millimeter wave radar, 4D imaging radar has two major advantages: First, on the basis of distance, speed, and direction, the “vertical resolution” dimension is added, and there is no measurement capacity without ordinary millimeter waveradids. Second, distance, speed, angle compared to the previous generation millimeter wave radar, the accuracy increases a quantity level, and the detection distance exceeds 350 meters. Depending on the test, vehicles using premium 4D imaging radar can detect cola cans other than 140 meters.


Garterly 500-1000TOPS

R car will also take the first to mass production. Ying Weida NVIDIA Drive Agx orintm super-force chip, with 500 to 1000 + TOPS, with full stack of self-developed super environment model algorithms, to achieve perception, forming multi-dimensional, full The worldview of the position, help people and the car make accurate judgment, forecasting and planning, enhance the security of smart driving.


Intelligent hardware plug and play

In the intelligent cockpit, R-car is equipped with SOA cloud tubes full stacking software platform based on the SOA cloud tube, which is inserted by AIOT intelligent hardware, and continuous evolutionary intelligent engines, “thousand people “,” Thousands of thousands of people “personalized smart cockpit experience.


Battery packs can be upgraded

At the press conference, the R car also gives “can charge, convertible, upgradeable, and multi-complement”, which can charge, can be exchanged, battery packs can be upgraded, and the bidirection of the car and grid can also be realized. Interaction, but also give the battery separation mode, reduce the barrier threshold, and disseminate the residual value of consumers.

And through the cloud real-time monitoring of high-efficiency active warnings, the thermal out-of-control probability control caused by the battery pack due to the cell problem is never-self-burning.



To do these lights, there is not enough, in this conference, R car assembly luminar, pick EF, Ying Weida, Tencent wisdom travel, Microsoft, Huawei, Zeba Zhi, National Grid, Southern Power Grid, Special electricity, Stars charging, Jingdong, Olympic new energy and other head enterprises.

Based on the above, we can see the “Pure Electric Platform + Intelligent Network Platform” in the future is the combination of SAIC R, the pure power platform resolves the performance of vehicle performance, expanded compatibility, is a bottom floor basis; R-TECH intelligent network The platform is the upper building, solving intelligent, personalized issues.

The SAIC R Car Publishing Scene Preview will show the details of the ES33 in April. If you are a smart car’s “equipment party”, you must pay attention.

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