Listed on March 21, BYD Yuan PRO new design official map released

By | March 17, 2021

BYD has recently said that the action is frequent. The front feet have also launched BYD Han, BYD Qin Plus DM-i and other models, and there will be a car listed soon, it is BYD. PRO. It is understood that the car is a new version of BYD EV, listed on March 21, let us take a look.

When I saw it, the front face of BYD Yuan RRO did not seem to have met, in fact it was a gainful BYD Han EV. The whole is a comparative embarrassing feeling. The closed grille makes the front face look more overall, the meat is full, the headlights on both sides belong to the big knife style, and also uses silver trims to connect, this piece The area is the same as BYD Han EV. Going down is its three-dimensional depression design. The air guiding grooves on both sides are also very sharp designs. The area surrounded by the bottom black is still very large, and the highness of the head is increased in the visual effect.

The overall shape of the side is also rounded, but the overall line is relatively rich, the hierarchy of the entire body side and the three-dimensional sense of the block are shaped by the line, the new car still uses the suspended roof design, the future is still Nice. The bottom of the bottom is surrounded by the front of the front, the area is very wide, and it seems to have a beautiful feeling, but it is still slightly cumbersome. Plus the design of the wheel is also the feeling of the thunderstorm, the side of the vehicle is still in place.

The overall color matching of the interior is a relatively calm style. The large-area light coffee is decorated with the black block decoration of the detail. The entire interior feels very bright fresh, but the interaction of the entire interior is too strong, divided area Very obvious, the interior is not that simple and generous, but the relative increases its futuristic, coupled with the large-screen LCD dashboard and suspended central control screen and its new electronic shift lever design It is even more technological for the entire interior.

In terms of power, BYD Metal PRO is a pure electric vehicle. It is equipped with a single drive motor. The maximum output power of the motor is 100KW. The battery is replaced to the lithium iron phosphate battery. The NEDC endless mileage is 401 kilometers. This endless mileage is The usual daily travel is also fully satisfied.

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