It took 50,000 kilometers to repair 50 times, the owner suffered Beiqi new energy: maintenance, no document is too disgusting

By | March 17, 2021

What is the maintenance and after-sales service of each brand?

As early as September last year, “Electric Vehicle Association 3 Group” has a owner suggested that we do a series of car owners to this topic. Since then, we have published the article, Xiaopeng, Weima, BYD and other brands, and today, this article, is a story of a new energy old owner of Beiqi.

Xiaolin (pseudonym) is a owner of Beiqi E150 EV, 30 years old, working in hospital. He is a careful person, and he recorded the maintenance and repair of this car in seven years in the form.

According to the record, he spent nearly 15,000 maintenance costs. And this car has run more than 130,000 kilometers. After the front and rear, the maintenance is 14 times, the over-repair minister is 50 times, and the motor and transmission are large, and small parts such as the light, air filter.

Therefore, for the after-sales situation of Beiqi new energy, Xiaolin should be very saying.

So, what is his experience?

The following is his story, and is organized by the “Electric Vehicle Association”.


130,000 kilometers, 14 maintenance

Overhauling, spending a total of 15,000 yuan

This Beiqi E150 is I bought in December 2013. Now I have been opened for 7 years, and I will run to 140,000 kilometers immediately.

Before you early, the vehicle warranty period was 80,000 kilometers 5 years. Later, this car has dropped from the original 12.98 million to about 90,000, the old owner knows to find Northern Safe. In order to appease this batch of car owners, Beiqi has extended the warranty period, and the warranty warranty increased to 100,000 kilometers from 5 years, and the core parts maintenance increased to 150,000 kilometers.

At first, I care about this car, I don’t have to have a half problem, I will repair it. The headlights are often bad, and they have to change it, these must pay. Some lamps are broken, I don’t know, such as the tail light, there are many small light bulbs, they are bad, often the high beam and large lamps.

Now, I am not careful. In addition to the turning light, other problems can not take care, and go to repair together. Because I have to go for a long time, if I repaire a big piece, I have to spend more time, I am really tossing.

I will summarize the maintenance experience in these years:

1. The maintenance period is basically around 10,000 kilometers.

The first two maintenance, I did it in accordance with the provisions of the maintenance manual. I bought more than 3 months, I opened it to 3,000 kilometers, according to the maintenance manual, it is necessary to make a maintenance, which is the first insurance. In fact, do some basic inspections, no need to change the components. But I remember that the projects were quite more, and the 4S shop was next to my house, but I spent a long time before maintenance.

Tetiled in June, I will do the second maintenance. Because the maintenance manual says, the air conditioner filter, the gear, and the gear oil must be maintained every 5,000 kilometers. At that time, I have already opened to 8100 kilometers, I have been maintained. I went to the 4S store who bought the car at the time, this maintenance, in addition to basic examination, there was a more than 2,000 air conditioning compressors.

Since then, the manufacturer changes the maintenance cycle to 10,000 kilometers.

2, from 2016 to three years in 2016, I have maintained 6 times, and I have not had any big problems during the period. It is basically a routine examination. Unfortunately, the maintenance documents during this period lost, I didn’t record the cost of this time. But I remember that it is basically insurance, there is no big money, but I have changed a few backlights at my own expense. I spent some money.

3. Since 2017, the problem of this car is more and more, and the large number small pieces have been repaired many times, the maintenance fee will also spend more. For example, that air conditioner compressor, I have changed the fourth. Don’t look at this thing, but it is more expensive than home air conditioners. The household air conditioner is only more than 1,000 yuan. This is more than 2,000, so it is free in the warranty period. Otherwise, this is a lot of costs.


Let me impress three maintenance experiences

The first time and the motor and the transmission are related. During some time, the transmission of this car is old, and the motor has always sounded, but I didn’t pay attention. Until March 2017, go to the 7th maintenance, the maintenance technician in the 4S shop said, if you don’t change, it may happen if you don’t change it. Scared me to change, and the gearbox does not belong to the core components, but also have a self-funded, plus 350 dollars, a total of 4,000 yuan.

I thought that the problem of oil leakage and abnormal sounds was so solved. As a result, it took more than 3 months, and it will leak oil and abnormal sound. I have to go to the store of the last change speed, and the staff said that it may be forgot to change the motor. I changed a new motor. After this, the problem of oil leakage and abnormal sound is completely rooted.

I am back now, I think this problem is not small, I may need Beiqi to recall this batch. At that time, I didn’t know if there was so trouble. As far as I understand, many people who use this car rental also have encountered this problem, and the maintained motor is recurred and recurred with “old problems” in one or two months. I can now feel that it may be because of the gear and motor cooperation.

The second time is related to the flute horn. For a few days ago, I went to repair the speaker, and the 4S shop has just begun to say that there is no goods to order. After waiting for a few days, the 4S shop called me to say something, but I didn’t go it at the time, I went waiting for a few days. When I went in a few days, the store was quite a lot, and half a small team was turned to me. After changing this thing, I still take time, I will put the car there, I will turn it next to it. After a while, I called me for a while, and I didn’t change it. I am going to the store to ask what is going on, they say that the wrong goods are, do not match. Worse, the speaker suitable for this car is not produced, and the store will let me go to the auto parts. This makes me a bit uncomfortable. This is the old car. The manufacturer does not produce the original horn, and the new do not match, how do I repair it? This also causes me a question, I don’t know how the country stipulates, can the various accessories on the car 10 years can not stop production? If the manufacturer is suspended, is it necessary to tell the consumer how to ensure the supply of accessories after the 10 years after the production? I have no answer yet so far.

The third time I said earlier, and I also related to the motor. At the end of 2017, because of the new energy license, I went to the vehicle management to check the car, and I found that the body’s existing motor model and driving license were different. This is a serious problem, the model does not meet, the test can’t be changed, the license can’t change, I am running with it.

According to the regulations, the vehicle replaces the new motor and needs to be registered by the vehicle management. But I didn’t go, because the 4S store will automatically pick up the new motor when the motor is changed. But my car has not been inspected, indicating that the 4S shop has a problem to the motor code. I didn’t know which store is a problem, because there is a change in the motor in two stores. No way, I will contact Beiqi’s customer service manager, because this matter is the responsibility of the 4S shop, I will give the money that the car should be given, they should handle these things. Later, I remember that the A shop sent people to fix it. However, I have never known who is the problem, it is possible to make a mistake when the motor is changed, and B will be changed according to the wrong.

This matter gives me a deep impression, this is a simple process, it is difficult to say, but they make this so, let me come back to toss a long time.


too disgusting!

4S shop does not have a maintenance document

Beiqi’s after-sales service can play 70 points

How about the after-sales service of Beiqi?

In fact, every 4S shop service is not quite the same, some stores are very serious, some stores are caught people. Serious stores can check you for half a day, and it is very scribbled. I remember once to take care, he closed my front machine cover and closed it in half a minute. According to the past experience, it is not so fast according to the formal move. So I feel that they have not checked, just got a process.

Although I don’t quite understand their inspection process, I feel that it is perfunctory, it is the attitude of “more than one thing is less than a little.” Because there is no need to change what components, there is no material fee. The maintenance fee is the manufacturer to 4S shop. I only need to sign a confirmation here, they can take this credentials to find the manufacturer to pay.

But objectively, those projects written in the warranty manual, most of which can be enjoyed free of charge, what “winter”, “peace of mind”, etc., all enjoy it. Moreover, the new energy system of Beiqi has had many concepts compared to previous oil vehicles. such as:

1,400 telephone service. This phone is 24-hour service. In the past few years, it is very easy to use.

2, can trailers for free. Originally, there were several free trailers during the warranty period, but these old customers would also drag them free of charge. For example, on the road, I can find them, and I can find them.

But in general, the quality of the car will also affect the overall evaluation of the owner of the 4S shop service. It is better than you living in a hospital, even if the medical care gives you a good service, but your disease is not good. This will definitely affect your overall evaluation, the same reason, and some problems on this car can not be solved.

In addition, there is no relationship between borrowing cars and income. Those who bought it, one phone has a special person to drive the car away, and send it back to you. You will take a bus at get off work, don’t go to the store to toss. The problem is that you have to pay about about 10,000 service charges each year.

In contrast, the owner of Beiqi may not revenue, and can’t buy such services. So, you can only accept, the car is not bad. But the problem of this car is really a lot, I also mentioned above. Say that it is still because the car is too cheap, but I can accept it myself, whether it is a car or a service.

Therefore, in the case of 100 points, I played 70 points for the after-sales service of Beiqi.

That 30 points are lost because of the following reasons:

1. The management system of Beiqi 4S shop is not in place, and after-sales service personnel are not in place. Sometimes what they should say to the owner, they are not asked, nor does it take the initiative to inform the owner to maintain what, I usually exceed the warranty for a few kilometers.

2, new officials do not recognize the old account. During some time, their customer service manager changed, and I met when I went to repair. Originally, it has been talking to their staff, but the customer service manager does not recognize the account, I have to say this with the new agreement with the manufacturer, he is willing to communicate.

Battery problem. Now Beiqi’s battery is provided by Ningde Times. The old battery we use is not this brand, so no one has worked, can’t fix it. Once, the battery has a problem, they don’t give me a trim, I will go to the manufacturer, let the manufacturer contact to repair. However, the customer service manager said that she had a warranty, and I went to toss for a long time. I had to give him the agreement with the manufacturer, and I promised to repair it. 3. The post-after-sales staff is a bit loose. I always feel that I should repair it, I will change it, but I still say okay. I think they are sometimes less willing to earn money. I have a problem with the brake pads before, I will find them, the result is not changed, saying that it can be used, don’t change. Finally, I bought a brake disc and changed myself.

This is a bit different from other brands. How do people think how to make money, give you a careful check car, point out the place where there is a safe hidden danger, let you save. However, the owner of our Beiqi himself pointed out, and the 4S shop sometimes does not solve it. It is really not good, just give you.

4, do not give the owner to the maintenance order.

This maintenance record is marked with red characters, they don’t have the maintenance. In fact, this is not only a problem with Beiqi, and all repairs may have. The maintenance manual is well said, how can manufacturers protect consumers’ rights, but they don’t give you a detail during the warranty period, you can’t prove that this car has problems, then the problem, how to protect Your legitimate rights and interests?

I think this is very disgusting. You will repair 100 repairs, and consumers will not say that they will change, returning, manufacturers don’t worry. Manufacturers can’t hurt consumers for their own rights and interests. But they do this, the rights of consumers have not been reasonably guaranteed, and in practical operations, they often lose money or consumers.

(This article is over)

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