What is the macro MINI? Can 29,800 punk beauty?

By | March 16, 2021

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The current domestic new energy market presents a typical hourglass structure, both sides of the thick, middle fine, high-end market Tesla, Yulai, ideal mixed water; entry in the field of macro mini, Changan Ben E- STAR is also playing hot.

But look back in the high-end market, capital, technology, and research and development power have become a natural threshold, and the many new people refused to do; and the introduction of the introduction market, due to the high access conditions, it has become a treasure of the major companies .

Especially after I saw the hot sale of Hong Kong MINI in the second half of 2020, it was determined to determine the determination of the later low-end tram market.

On March 12th, a micro-pure electric, named punk, is officially launched, and the price is quite targeted, 29,800 -46,800, with several hot-selling micro-pure electric vehicles overlap.

Previously, we have analyzed the sales of Hong Kong MINI. The main reason is that the precision cut into the red sea market in the steps, and less than 30,000 yuan, it has become a majority of consumers to afford the existence, then Can I retain this situation in Machong MINI after punk?

First put a view: punk beauty wants to copy the success of macro Mini, difficult.

First of all, Hongguang Mini listed in the second half of 2020, it is already a continuous sale for nearly one year. Whether it is quality or after-sales, I have been verified, and Punk Meimei is a brand that is not visible, the brand is far-known. It is worse than Wuling.

As a social group, there will be a little more or less people who are inevitable. When you see everyone who is buying Hong Kong MINI, once there is a need, you will first think of MINI, more specifically, it is less The test error cost.

Of course, this is not expressed in the later person without chance. If you want to push the former on the beach, you need to do differentiated competition, such as the serving of the service, ideal precise positioning the second child.

Obviously, it is almost impossible for the entry of the on-site scheduling model. In other words, the points of competition are mainly in the product.

But look at the product parameters of punk, it seems that the so-called flash point is not found: the introduction price is 29,800 (more than one thousand MINI), 116km battery life is not as good as the macro Mini (entry version), the whole system does not have airbags There is no air conditioning in the entry … In addition, Hong Kong MINI is still 3, and punk beauty is two.

The product is not prominent, the brand has a strong force is far less than the macro Mini, no matter how it analyzes, it can’t find the reason for punk beauty curve overtaking.

What’s more, Wuling Hongguang’s sales outlets are all over the country, both buy or after-sales, all far from the Royal Motor (the manufacturer of punk beauty) can be better than.

In summary, punk is beautiful, and it is difficult to reunite the glory of Hong Kong MINI!

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