Hainan Model3 “Brake fail”, netizens bombed: I want Tesla on 315!

By | March 15, 2021

On March 14th, a Tesla brake fake article caused a hot discussion.


Hainan Tesra Model 3 Brake fail event restore

Hainan Tesra Model 3 car owners, Mr. Mong, suffered brakes in the company, causing the vehicle directly to the front guardrail. In this process, his speed is approximately two or three kilometers, and it has not stopped three brakes.

Subsequently, Mr. Mont called Tesla official. After the local after-sales staff arrived at the scene, they did not stop the car when driving another Model 3 restored. At the same time, this scene was sat down with the mobile phone.

Details can be seen as follows:


This matter detonates social networks

“Failing” reasons are received

Netizens are analyzed or related to “Brake Help”

Once reported, the majority of netizens will be attracted.

The reading of this report of “Live Hainan” WeChat public account is far more than other reports.

At the same time, it also caused the hot discussion of netizens on Weibo and Zhi and other social media.

On the evening of March 13th, the famous Tesla owner Han Tide forwarded this video report on Weibo. As of March 14, there were 6011 forwarded, more than 10,000 points.

On March 14, this matter cause more attention and discussion. In the early morning, two riders forward this news and video to the “electric vehicle user alliance” “1 group”.

At the same time, the “bottom block” and “heavy brake” mentioned in this incident also caused controversy.

A well-known car bloggers believe that MODEL 3’s brake help may have problems, or the software bug is caused. He is written in Weibo. “This situation feels that the software bug caused by a certain condition causes power failure, and Tesla’s brake boost and fuel-fuel vehicle are different from the way to drive, which is directly promoted by the motor. The cylinder is generated. If the motor does not respond when the motor is active, the mechanical braking force in the Fail Safe is too small, which is like video, and the electronic boost steering system boost motor suddenly fails to move the direction. A truth. “

Knowing, a netizen has a reply to the brakes in the Haikou Tesla staff. “The answer is recognized by some owners.

He guess two reasons, one is the software control problem, the second is that Tesla is insufficient for this two-development experience in this Bosch brake system.

In addition, a Tesla old car owner has different views.

He believes that the vehicle with the ABS boost pump, the brakes two feet allow the power to discharge the pressure, then can’t step on it, this situation will appear after the oil engine is turned off. In the emergency, the brakes are not brakes.

Moreover, the Tesra Truck Manual also mentioned:

First, do not step on the brakes immediately release the brake pedal. This will interrupt the operation procedure of ABS and increase the braking distance.

Second, always maintain the safety distance between the front vehicle and master the driving time. Although ABS can improve the braking distance, it cannot exceed physical law, and it is not possible to prevent the risk of tire slip (there is aqueous layer between the road surface and tires to prevent the tire from contacting the ground).


Two responds before and after Tesla official:

Preliminary judgment is that the ground is slippery and the brake pedal is placed.

Third-party detection, the brake system is qualified

With the constant fermentation of public opinion, Tesla officially stood up.

At 11:34 this morning, Tesla official Weibo, “Tesla Customer Support” published the first declaration. Tesla pointed out in its stated that “the initial judgment causes the accident due to the ground slip and the owner’s initial step on the brakes, leading to the brake distance.”

The vehicle background data shows that after the owner steps on the brake pedal, the vehicle brake system, ABS works fine, but in the initial brake pressure of the brake pedal, the brake pressure is only 0.5 seconds before the collision Rise.

And said, today afternoon, will restore the driving status of the collision, driving another Tesla test and mode on the braking distance in the incident section, and invite the owner to witness.

At 6:48 pm, Tesla sent a second declaration.

Tesla was written in the stated, “We invited Hainan Jietiant Automobile Testing Service Co., Ltd. to test accident vehicles. The test results show that the vehicle brake system is qualified.” 04

Many netizens responded to Tesla’s response

Questioning the credibility of the test report

But a large number of netizens responded to Tesla did not buy.

“Electric Vehicle User Alliance” “1 group” one MODEL 3 car owner vomiting:

There is still such a comment on the Internet, and there are more comments in “Tesla 315”.

Interestingly, it is different from the past to the past. After the two microblogs respond, Tesla controlled Weibo comments. Now, more than 600 comments under Weibo responded have been seen, and the comments must also be approved.

The second is slightly different, although the comments must be reviewed, but they have released the following:

What is the truth of this incident? TESL will not board the 315 stage? “Electric Vehicle User Alliance” will continue to pay attention.

(This article is over)

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