New Honda Pilot spy photos, expected to be unveiled in 2023, or will provide a plug model

By | March 14, 2021

Recently, overseas media streams have spy photos of a new group of Ben Tian Pilot. It is understood that this new car is the same platform design and production with the same platform. The new design concept of Honda is adopted. For this new car, many people expressed or will be Honda to push out of the Hanland Dada counterfeit models under Toyota Toyota. What is this new Honda Pilot performance? Let us first look at his design from the spy photos.

Because of the spy photos, this car was covered with black cloth on the front face, but it can be seen that the overall face of the front face will give a hard-moving muscle soup. Refer to the new Bangui model. Honda is like this. The design is also easy to drive. The front grille may also be decorated with a silver-plated chrome trim strip. The headlights look more and more madness, which may adopt polygonal design, which makes people have a cross country.

From the side of the body, this new native Pilot looks more like an armored car, and the hard body line makes this car more similar. From the hub, a variety of designs were used and made of smoked treatment, so that the wheels look more cool, there is a few spanning. Compare the new song MDX, which is based on the same platform, has extended a lot of new homework on the wheelbase, or will also be a large axis type, which brings further improvement for the driving space in the car.

From the end of the car, this car will use bilateral single-out exhaust port designs, so that this car is more powerful. At the same time, the taillights on both sides are more narrow, bringing a sense of stream, making this car not lack of power while seeing more fashionable trends.

In terms of interior, this new car has not yet been related to exposure. In the dynamic performance, according to the song MDX power performance in the same platform, it is speculated that this new Honda Pilot may be equipped with a 6-cylinder 3.5L naturally aspirator, match 10-speed automatic transmission, maximum power 290PS, peak torque 362N · m. According to Honda’s product layout in recent years, this new car is also expected to launch the PHEV plug model selection.

Affected by the epidemic, the global auto market has declined at last year, while Honda’s current Pilot is 123,800 in the United States, and it is also a performance. For this new Honda Pilot, a larger wheelbase is more powerful, with the introduction of the insert model, I believe there will be more consumers willing to pay for them. And this new car is expected to be officially released in 2023. I don’t know what you have for this car?

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