Chery small ants have new car, the new price of 150,000 ant powder is 69,800 yuan

By | March 14, 2021

Counting the existing A00-level compact cars in the domestic market, the status of the king of Hong Kong MINI EV is unable to move. At the same time, several cars in the Eu Fi series are quite good with the good reputation of the super color and the good reputation of the parent company. At the same time, the old ants launched by the old car manufacturers have won a lot of market sales with a personality.

Not long ago, Chery new energy officially released news, Chery small ant will launch a 150,000 antique version of the model, a total of two models, the new ant-to-version, the price of 69,800, the new ant version, the price of 73,800.

In terms of appearance, the new model is basically consistent with the cash type. At the same time, it has added music to green color matching while leaving exquisite appearance, so that this truck is more young in the spring, and it is extremely popular with young consumers.

At the same time, in the interior section, the two new cars launched for the vehicle have added new color, mint green color. For small sister consumers, you can also choose the cherry as a color, and the powder is tender and tender. The new model has not only changed in color, the new car has also added the EPB electronic park system and the AutoHold automatic parking system. The driver is more worry-free when driving, while the front row of central handrails make the car’s left and right passengers more Comfortable, enhanced driving comfort, alleviating the discomfort caused by long driving. Not only that, the new ant version also added wireless charging, AI intelligent voice interactive system, GPS intelligent navigation system, etc., don’t look at a car, but the manufacturer is not satisfied with only a small trolley. .

In terms of power, the car is equipped with a high-performance version of the permanent magnet synchronous motor. Under the motor, the maximum speed can reach 100 km / h, and the acceleration of zero to 50 kilometers is only 6 seconds. Such a score is in A00 The class car is already a good level. At the same time, the car was equipped with a 16.6 kWh of lithium battery, the battery life is 301 kilometers, and the fast charge can be charged to 80% of electricity to satisfy the occasional emergency use. Not only that, manufacturers also add high-voltage power-off protection functions for the battery and automatic power-off function, which minimizes consumers, can be said to be far more levels. Level.

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