Go out of the country! New energy vehicles have transferred overseas markets, how is the market performance?

By | March 12, 2021

To say which the most popular car company in the past few years, it must belong to Tesla. Whether in the US native or overseas market, Tesla has excellent market performance. At the beginning, the Tesla Shanghai Super Factory was established. On the one hand, it provides consumers with a more low price; on the other hand, Tesla’s introduction also activated other brands in the domestic market, BYD, SAIC, Wuli, Wei Waiting companies have launched a good pure tram type.

Although the domestic market is huge, it is also limited, so many companies focus on their own eyes in overseas markets. It is important to know that during the 20020 January to November, the European region sold 1050,000 new energy passenger cars, far exceeding 905,000 vehicles in the Chinese market, becoming the world’s largest new energy auto market. It is worth mentioning that European regions have almost reached the point of “madness”, some European countries have almost reached 1% discount on the subsidies of new energy vehicles.

Although the market demand is strong, the capacity of European regions is quite limited. It is reported that the new energy orders in the European regional brand have been ranked at the end of this year. Under such stimulation, many domestic brands are aimed at this huge cake in the European market. The SAIC’s Mark is the leader. At the end of 2019, the Mr. EZS has launched some of the European countries such as the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Norway, and the sales of more than 10,000 units in half a year. After tasting the sweetness, in 2020, Mr Login once again logged in Singapore, India and Israel, and sales in Israel’s sales in the list of sales lists in the sales list.

Other brands have seen the success of the Mark, and they have samples. In May 2020, Ai Chi issued 500 European customized version of Model U5 to France for rent for local new energy vehicles. In September, the second batch of Ai Chi Auto U5 sent to Germany and was officially launched in Stuttgart, Germany.

In February this year, the leader group said that the Table 01phev version of the model will land in the European region in the near future. Not only the vehicle is far from overseas, but the packets will drive the Gets Experience store to Gothenburg, Sweden. In fact, in October 2020, the packet has already opened its own experience store to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, counted this in February this year, which is already the second experience store in Europe.

It can be seen that the components occupied by China’s autonomous brands are getting more and more serious in the world’s auto market. But we also have to clearly recognize that the reason why the European region is so best selling, a big reason is that new energy subsidies in Europe have indeed powerful. For each of the German region, a new energy car below 40,000 euros will give consumers’ subsidies for 9,000 euros, plus other benefits, and consumers have considerable enthusiasm for purchasing new energy cars.

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