“Euli good cat unsubscribe! Manufacturers can’t deliver!”

By | March 11, 2021

Euli Cat is spit “difficult to produce”, some owners have been unsubscribed.

On November 24 last year, the fourth new car of the Great Wall Orapa was officially launched. With the appearance of Cool Porsche, the good cat circle powder is countless, expected to be explosive.

According to Ou La official, as of the end of 2020, the order volume of good cats has exceeded 10,000 units. Yao Fei, director of the Euler Market Communication, said in the media, a good cat’s sales target conservative is 5,000 units a month, and the challenge is more than 5,000.

But things are willing to violate, and the good cat is listed until nearly 4 months, and the total sales will barely exceed 5,000 units.

It is difficult to say whether the cat can become explosive, but the sales currently expected is clearly related to “difficult production”.


Experience the owners spitting a cat “difficulty”

December’s orders soon no news

Since December, whether it is the WeChat owner, or forum or other platforms, there is a car owner to spit a good cat is not available.

A Guangdong user in the “Electric Vehicle Ownership” “Euler Car Professionals” tells us that she is orders under mid-December last year, so far, there is no irritability.

Another car owner, who had just booked last week, said that the sale tells him that the three-yuan lithium battery version of the car is faster. Thus, he selected a 400-kilometer battery version of the ten-yuan lithium battery version of the Venus version, but it also takes more than a month.

And all kinds of Euler Cat Forums, more.

On March 9th, this title is “How do you think?” The post caused for the forum riders, there were 55 reply at the time.

The owner set up 400 kilometers to the Athenina version of 400 kilometers in early December, because it has been waiting for the car. He asked 4S shop to check him, and his car dates were in mid or late in the middle of April.

The following is the original text:

Posts, there are still many car owners to reply to the same experience:

In addition, on March 6, a car owner, Baoding, Hebei, also sent a document on the forum, “Car in December month, today’s sales said in the middle of March, finally there is a hoping.”

Last month, there is such a post, and the owner advises you not to buy a good cat.

Some netizens said this:

In January, there was also a booked car owner wrote a long article to spit a good cat. He wrote in the text. “Good cat died in difficulty, and many of the early booking cars are unsubscribed, because completely The news didn’t know what year, “he was later unsubscribed.

Listed for nearly four months, Euler’s good cat “difficult production” has not been resolved. According to the official data of the Great Wall, in February this year, the sales volume of the good cat is 1534, and the first two months are above 200,000.


Visit Oura 4S shop, good cat sales said:

Now, the car, lithium phosphate version of the good cat should wait for the next few months, and the three yuan lithium version will pick up the car after 1 month;

Good cats no longer have lithium phosphate version in the future, it is recommended that users transfers the ternary lithium version.

In order to understand the actual situation of the difficulty of delivery, on the afternoon of March 8, the “Electric Vehicle Association” visited the Beijing Chaoyang District to Guangying Euler 4S shop.

Sales in the store tell me, 400 kilometers of life-fired good cats have two versions of lithium iron phosphate batteries and three-yuan lithium batteries, and 500 kilometers only have only three yuan lithium battery versions. The phosphate lithium version of the model has a longer delivery cycle, now book a car, and can be mentioned at the end of June. The three-dimensional lithium battery has a short period of time, but it also takes more than 1 month.

Through the appointment of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the 335th batch of “road motor vehicle production enterprises and products” announcement, we know that the good cat’s battery suppliers have two. Among them, the lithium phosphate battery is provided by Jiangsu Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and the three-dimensional battery is provided by Honeycomb Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Ningde Times in Changzhou, Jiangsu, was established in 2016. Honeycomb Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a battery company of Great Wall, founded in 2018, and the factory is also located in Changzhou.

For the Baiyuar of Ou Wan, Ouler sales interpretation of Guangying store:

First, it is related to the supply of lithium iron phosphate battery. Ningde Times also supplies phosphithium iron-based batteries to Tesra Model 3, which is much more demand for these models than good cats, so the battery is given to them.

Second, there is also a relationship with production capacity climbing. The good cat’s production plant is a Taizhou factory that has just completed in the Great Wall, which is the first mass production model of the factory.

However, the speech of sales is obviously untrustworthy because there is a hard injury. Tesra Model 3 and the model and capacity of the good cat batteries are completely different, so there is not necessarily that the Ningde Times is preferentially pending Tesla without paying attention to Euler. As we know, battery supply generally strictly enforce the order contract, and automotive manufacturers will order to the battery manufacturers under the market forecast. Once estimated is not allowed, there may be a battery breakage.

In short, Euler’s good cat is all made, what is the real reason, if the Great Wall car is not announced, the outside world is hard to know.

On the day of our visit, 4S shop sales said that Euler should replace all the battles of the cat to three yuan, and will no longer have a fermentable version of the phosphate version.

In fact, since February, many owners who have already reserved the phosphate lithium version of the model have received the call to sales, asking them whether they will change the battery to three yuan.

Some owners said they resolutely changed. Some car owners can’t choose, I don’t know if I change.

On March 5, a car owner wrote on the forum, TA is the original 400-kilometer Athena phosphate battery version of the model, sales tell TA to wait for three months, and on March 4, sales suddenly asked Do not change to a ternary lithium battery version, don’t add money, the configuration is constant, and you can pick up the car for more than 1 month.

TA I don’t know what to do, I haven’t changed the order information yet.

Another Guangdong car owner is also in exchange with no change:

Therefore, from the current situation, in order to buy a good cat, it is really a fee!

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