Now I want to buy a car, first calculate a clear account, which is more expensive for fuel electric vehicles?

By | March 10, 2021

Many friends say that the past 2020 is called the first year of electric vehicles, and the electric vehicles launched by various car companies have made people difficult to buy a car. What kind of car is it?

When you enter the 4S shop, you can buy a normal home car. The more the budget is, the higher the budget, and the price of an electric car can buy a medium BBA. Indeed, whether it is foreign Tesla or domestic Weai, BYD, Ideal, Xiaopeng, the main model price is not cheap, some models can really buy a 34C, then electric vehicles and fuel vehicles In the future, what is more expensive?

Here, with the best-selling electric car Tesra Model 3 as an example, a car owner opened four thousand kilometers in a few months, main road conditions were commuting in urban city and some suburbs, and the average power consumption was 13.5kWh / 100km. If calculated according to the electricity price of 0.478, the cost per kilometer is 0.065 yuan, and the maintenance of electric vehicles is saved, and 4,000 kilometers must not need special maintenance.

So, do you change a normal home fuel truck? In the case of a price of 2.0T fuel truck, we have an example of ordinary urban road conditions, the average fuel consumption is 9.2L / 100km, and if calculated according to the oil prices of 7.19 yuan / L, the price per kilometer is 0.661 yuan. Then add 1000 yuan / 5000km maintenance cost, and the total use cost of the entire car is 0.861 yuan / km.

Through simple calculations, we can see that if there is no maintenance cost, the cost of the electric vehicle is only 1/13 of the fuel vehicle, so that the cost of the fuel car is undoubtedly high. But the electric vehicle has a natural disadvantage, that is, the battery pack needs to be replaced regularly. Take some of our common brands as an example, BYD’s part of the model, manufacturers provide battery warranties for five years or 100,000 kilometers, and some non-operation vehicles are a lifetime warranty for battery cells. Chery’s EQ electric car is also subject to warranty services in five years or 100,000 kilometers, the whole vehicle provides a warranty for three or 80,000 kilometers. Therefore, on this issue, friends who are worried that electric vehicle batteries can be relieved.

So how is the value of the electric vehicle? Here we simply put a group of data, you can refer to it, some electric vehicles still have a good value for a good value.

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