Xiaopeng D55 spy photos exposure, positioning compact pure electric cars, expected to be listed in the year

By | March 9, 2021

Speaking of Xiaopeng Auto, I believe that the owner of the new energy car will think of the term of the Internet. After opening the cross-border car, many Internet is started to make the car frenzy, and the wind of the new energy market will be in the style of the new energy market. Although the PPT of Jia Yueping is invisible, but also appears. The Internet is a big buzz. It is more excellent in China to be a free, Wema, and Xiaopeng.

Last year, these Internet car companies have also launched their own production models on sale, and they have achieved a good response. Recently, there is a media exposure of Xiaopeng D55 road that is positioned in a compact pure electric car. For this model, the owner who wants to start a new energy pure electric car is also very curious. Let us take a look at the true face of this car.

From the appearance, now this Xiaopeng D55 full body is still filled with thick anti-peek stickers. It can be seen that the front headlight is still the headlights of Xiaopeng, and the closed grid design highlights it. The identity of the new energy vehicle, the bottom of the hollow design, the charging port is set in the left front of the front of the front. The petal wheel shape is used in the hub design.

In the end of the car, the slope design, the twist classic taillights make this car look more like the past coupe taillights.

In the interior, it can be seen from Xiaopeng D55 spy photos. The new car still uses an exaggerated central control screen design, so that this car is full. The three multi-function steering wheel and a rectangular LCD dashboard also make the driving experience in the car more superior. The probability of the seat is also used in the leather material, further enhances the feelings of driving comfort.

At present, Xiaopeng has not announced the specific power information of this car. It is reported that this car is based on Xiaopeng’s D platform design, which is the same as G3, and Xiaopeng has also said that it will increase sales in 2021, and the Guangzhou factory will be built in July, and the Guangzhou factory will be built, and two major factories in Zhaoqing and Guangzhou Production capacity will exceed 400,000 vehicles. Xiaopeng’s third model D55 also plans to officially put into production in October.

It can be said that Xiaopeng D55 is sent by Xiaopeng Auto. It can be a explosion after the launch of this car, and maybe it may still look at whether his price can meet the interval of the current consumer. At the same time, the performance of life is also the standard for judging the strength of a pure electric model. We will continue to pay attention to this new car information.

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