The new energy wind is in full, the big, the big bureau is encompassed, can it really make a car?

By | March 9, 2021

New energy cars are not new, and the new energy of the new energy has lasted for many years, starting from the birth of new power, new energy is already the largest wind in the automotive industry. With the in-depth energy of new energy, we have been able to see that many owners have chosen new energy, and become the iron powder of new energy vehicles. At present, the basic pattern of the new energy market has gradually formed, and it is not easy to break the current new and old brand balance. However, after a brand since its creation, the market value of the market, and directly became the top three of the listed car enterprises. It is the Hengchi car.

Understanding the friends of Hengchi have known that it is actually the brand created by Evergrande, Evergrande is a famous real estate brand, and the cross-border is very common, but there are not many incompets like Evergrande. At August 2020, Hengchi has launched 6 new energy cars in June 2020. Later, 3 cars were launched in 2021. Helen a total of 9 cars, basically cover all the models on the market, so that people are oscillated. However, these cars are currently in the concept car stage, and there is no mass production, which is also a place to hold a skeptic attitude towards Hengchi.

Understanding friends in the automotive industry knows whether to make a car or design a model, it takes a lot of time to spend a lot of time, in order to ensure the normal production of the car normally. Even a hundred years of automobile brands, it is difficult to launch a variety of models overnight. At this point, Hengchi cars apparently unexpectedly. It is a good thing to use the style, or there is really a matter, and the Hengchi cars seems to be a mystery.

However, in the case of the overall situation of the automotive industry, I want to make the car and sell it, it is really not a matter of easy things. Some people may say that Evergrande is actually a layout, and has also acquired a company to escort the company at home and abroad, but is this really? Can you do a good job on real estate thinking? I believe that everyone has their own views in their hearts.

Some industries that have been involved in cross-border before Evergrande, such as Evergrande Ice Spring, Evergrandant Grain and Oil, etc. It seems that there is no good end. Domestic car companies need us to support, but truly create a good car, it is worthy of support. How will the Hengchi have developed in the end, but also let us wait and see.

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