How many fires in the macro MINI EV? Take a look at this ceremony

By | March 6, 2021

If you want to selection of a labor model in China, SAIC is universal Wuling is definitely the best candidate, no one. From New Year’s Eve to Lantern, the most grand, most festive, the most lively Spring Festival during China, is not idle.

On New Year’s Eve, at the moment of Wanjia reunion, Shangqi General Wuling is jointly created by the “Spring Night Red” mask together, brushing the CCTV Niu Spring Festival Evening. At the Lantern Festival, “New Baojun China Jun” mask and once again brush the whole network. Yuan Lan just passed, Hongguang Miniev “Dressing · Enthusiastic Tide Creative Festival – Adults’ Little Paradise” offline activities grand opening.

Cross-border is not limited, and the loop is not stopped. Do you still remember the new label of SAIC Wuling during the epidemic? What does the people need, Mitsubary will create. This sentence is powerful, and there is a voice, Wuling is so saying, it is also doing it.

In 2020, Wuling is a car company in the country’s first transitive mask. It realizes the production of the next line for three days. 7 days will deliver 1 million masks, and the accumulation of more than 40 million dismisions from all walks of life, to the United Kingdom, Germany, More than 20 countries such as France exceeded 50 million export masks, and the strength was confirmed “Wuli Speed”.

In the 2020 full 2020, Wuling’s “People’s Temperature” Hongguang Miniev, “Four Household Car” Wuling Kelie, but also a hot explosive model, so that more people enjoy more excellent products and Travel experience. Especially the macro Miniev, the listing is hot, and March will win, and it is extremely excellent.

What is worth celebrating is that Hongguang Miniev, who has just won the global single new energy model, has set a new record, which is 200 days, sales exceed 200,000 mark, becoming a sales record creator of global small new energy vehicle sales. For the Chinese auto industry, this is undoubtedly a milestone meaning, it is really a gratifying!

200,000 sets of 200,000 units, at least 1,000 sets per day, such market performance is huge in any model. This is derived from the real needs of the macro Miniev to the user and subverts the competitive structure with destructive innovation.

Although the macro Miniev is small, but at the same time accommodate four adults, it will not be crowded. Although the bus leader is less than 3m, but in everyday work, pick up the child, no need for parking spaces on the road; more, Hongguang Miniev Enjoy the rights of new energy green cards, free purchase tax, use costs less than 10% of the fuel truck, great money.

Hongguang Miniev is a 100% “National Skewer” to meet the travel needs of most Chinese people, which can cover the wind and rain, not afraid of wind blowing sun, car purchase, car cost is also very cost-effective, this is not ” What is true?

If SAIC is universal Wuling understands the needs of the people, Hong Kong miniev is more understandable.

Let’s take a group of data. Surprisingly, Hong Kong Miniev’s 90-year-old users account for 72%, and the female owner accounts for more than 60%, and the highest sales in the city is not a second-line population, but “Magic” Shanghai, reaching 4,200 vehicles. It really subverts everyone’s cognition.

Such a young user group will undoubtedly promote new car culture, modification is a big trend. Many young owners will change their own macro Miniev’s appearance, similar to Japan KCAR, very interesting, distinctly expressing independent individuality.

With 80% “good foundation”, Hong Kong miniev is the world’s best new energy car. Statistics show that the hit rate of macro Miniev has been as high as 72%, which has become a new energy car in China’s tide.

At the event scene, the event of the small orchard of the unique tide – the gardener “, the hundreds of unique macro Miniev tide cars shine, the three trend changed the camp wonderful Battle, 100 owners and many people Gorn together, create the most grand new energy owners’ changing event, officially created China’s new energy cartoon culture culture.

It can be seen that Hong Kong miniev is more than just a tanker, but the “big toys” of the adults, after a simple modification, divided into “KCAR” in personality, and advanced to China’s young fashion social new equipment.

Activity site, Wuling is also working with the world authority color mechanism – PANTONE UNIVERSE CCTENTENTENTENTS, jointly released Wuling Spring – white powder, butter fruit green, lemon yellow, boldly break through the traditional car classic color, release Wuling brand young Limit, the fashionable boundless exploration gene.

From the ongoing travel tool, then to the tide, Hong Kong miniev continues to create an imaginary space for young people, and has become a “totem” of a new wave of cultures, will explore new China’s new energy car trend modified new attitude, help Miubishi brand more Floors.

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