Ben Tian released a new car, equipped with L3 quantities of laser radar debut, Tesla has pressure?

By | March 6, 2021

Although in recent years, “automatic driving” concept is fried hot, the current mass production car, mostly still stayed in the L2 level, even Tesla, only L2.5 level, strictly “automatic Driving “Automatic Auxiliary Driving”, but on March 5, Honda released the Legend Hybrid EX quantity production vehicle, the new car equipped with 5 laser radar, which is currently the quantity production model of the L3 level will be in the form of lease. Sell ​​100 sets in Japan.

Although this new car is not a “wealth model”. But it has a deep meaning, first of all, it is the world’s first L3-level model, which can be listed, can be listed, followed by only “a little” gap, but in fact Whether the driver needs to be focused on the road, it plays a key role in the development of automatic driving.

The new car is equipped with 5 laser radar, 2 front cameras and 12 ultrasonic radar, which is not unfamiliar with the latter two people, but laser radar is still more rare in mass production vehicles, not now the current technology can’t keep up. Instead, the current cost of laser radar is extremely high, basically choosing to use it, and “walk” completely bid. However, as a test water type, Honda itself did not want to rely on it to make money, and the strategic significance has already exceeded the profitable purpose.

The release of Honda new cars can not help but let people think of Tesla. As the most advanced car enterprise in this field, Tesla has always insisted on using pure visual programs, not laser radar, although Mask has not been once, not because Laser radar costs are giving up, but there are currently a lot of drawbacks and bottlenecks that are currently coming to see pure visual programs.

The reason why it is known, simply, it is like a human beings. By aware of the situation of the road, it is necessary to make decisions and judgments in the “brain” of the car, and then make a choice, this mode The advantages and disadvantages are very obvious, the benefit is that its upper limit may be stronger, and after the infinite intelligence and smart, it can be more correct than the vast majority of drivers’ decisions, but the problem is that the perception of the current stage is still learning and prototype. At the stage, for the owner, it is impossible to rest assured. This is why it still stays in the L2.5 level, but also needs the owner to hold the steering wheel, to carry out artificial interference and operation, if fully trust it, let it go to drive, Then the dangerous coefficient will be very high.

The detection accuracy of laser radar is currently known as the highest way, and it will not be affected by the light and shadow, you can work 24 hours uninterrupted work, you can present a 3D model with the fastest speed to help the car drive automatically, but it It also has a drawback, except for the foregoing, it will be affected by the weather. If you encounter big mist or special extreme weather, it will not be used normally.

The development of smart cars is still progressing. It is hard to say which mode is the last winner, maybe they will find their own advantages and route constantly carry forward. However, for consumption, when you use auxiliary driving at this stage, you should be more careful, don’t depend on it.

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