Operation “shame” but useful

By | March 5, 2021

Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei’s rumors of the rumor, Baidu first grabbed a body.

On March 2, Baidu and Geely joint ventures were established. The name is not a “Biji Fu” whose voice is very exclusive. It is “the collection of automobiles”, meaning the “Glance of Baidu Ai”, and there is no drama of Geely.

In addition, in the new company, Baidu, Geely held 55%, 45% respectively, and the legal representative of Baidu just recruiting the pre-compartment CTO CTO summer. Of the 5 board seats, in addition to the summer, 3 from Baidu, 1 from Geely.

As early as morning, Ali, Huawei is in the tour of the SAIC, Changan Group, Baidu, in Baidu, to dominate the vehicle project with the identity of “Whole Maker”. From the name and structure of the new company, sincerely not deceive.

Baidu, who is going?

According to this situation, it has always been a protagonist as a leader. This time it takes a passenger string on the face.

However, the passenger string does not mean that it will not be able to come. How to land in Baidu, how to land, to a large extent, to contribute to Geely. Summer One is prior to adversely, although Baidu has technical accumulation, but there is no experience in the manufacture of vehicle manufacturing. He will therefore launch the first product to be set to three years, and this is also confirmed by Li Yanhong.

The outside world is generally considered to be slightly conservative. Three years, the time spent on the introduction of the mainstream new forces is similar. Differences are, descendants, ideals, and Xiaopeng are all barters, from product design to development, from hardware to software, and have a bald qualification and manufacturing system, almost all resolved.

Baidu is different, in the car system, applying ecology, and smart driving morning, there is a mature solution, and through its own Apollo alliance and automatic driving team, rich experience is accumulated in software and vehicle hardware. In addition to the design of the Internet, it seems that it is a “mold” that matches the Internet of temperament.

Geely can provide, it is just a good “mold” – the SEA vast architecture that has become a gold medal.

After launch in September last year, although there is no product listing, the vast architecture has frequently appeared in various external cooperation in Geely. Based on known information, it has two major killers, one is unparalleled ductility, and the other is the openness of the electrical electrical architecture. The former gives the product design great freedom, the latter leaves sufficient space for the integration of hardware and software, and can say perfect matching Baidu.

When the vast architecture, Geely said collaboration with seven brands, and also launched the development of 16 cars at the same time. I don’t know if the big probability is already brewing Baidu, whether it has been entered.

In any case, from the current situation, the car is Baidu, the development, manufacturing and supply chain is strong. Baidu needs to control, mainly in design and software. Even, if desired, the design can be handed out, peace of mind is systematic and applied. The rest is to design a business model, how to make money by software.


In this way, Geely did not consciously be “dwarf” into a substitute in this approach, and the technology company didn’t work, and there was no half of the relationship with yourself, just earned a lot of money.

However, savvy such as Geely, naturally does not suffer from the virtual self-esteem of the independent brother.

On the way to the way, with Baidu’s cooperation, it is only a small part of its huge layout.

In January of this year, Geely officially formed a joint venture company, open-out, Mingyi, to provide OEM and custom consultants services for global auto and travel companies. Since then, Geely Association also registered “Fujikang” trademark, indicating that two people should cooperate in the way to work, you have me.

The two capabilities look very complementary, Geely is fine in traditional car manufacturing, and Foxconia is an old articles for ICT products. In the future, as the machine’s mechanical properties are gradually diminishing, the electronic properties are gradually enhanced, making a good car, increasingly needed to combine two capabilities.

Therefore, although the establishment time is not long, the friends of this foundry alliance is rapidly expanding. In addition to Baidu, Geely also pulled the Future of Fara. In the circle of Fujikon, there were FCA, Yulong and Bai Teng, and recently reached an effort agreement with Fisker.

In addition, don’t forget, the legendary Apple car, the foundry has not been falling. There is a source of Foxconn and Apple, and there is Geely’s manufacturing system and experience, “Fujikang” is ultimately the possibility of apple is not low.

Of course, open the door to do the business business, inevitably means that there must be capable of meeting the diverse needs of our customers.

In traditional foundry mode, the foundry is only responsible for the production of assembly, design, development, supply chain, etc., by the brand. Most car companies and “control mad” like Apple, seeking this mode.

However, like Baidu such a technology company, it is generally very little to understand hardware. Interest is even more embarrassing. I only hope that I will create a car quickly and then put on software and build profit model. At this point, it will inevitably ask the product development and even design capacity of the foundry.

It is undoubtedly a great advantage. Geely has a Sea vast framework to play the world. Although Foxconn is a half-way home, it also launched Mih pure electric platform last year and Yulong, and wide-enrolled allies, claiming to be a car in Android, and “Apple” in the car. “Apple” Tesla. It does not make an Android say, but after Foxconn and Geely join hands, it will be a satisfactory partner for any players who want to quickly enter.

Who said that the work is not a future?

Staring on the Subcommittee, but more than “Fujikang”.

The “Operation of China” Magna, after Jaguar I-PACE, in Jaguar I-PACE, and the map of the electric car. Moreover, after the binding of the Beiqi depth, the maintenance of the use of the latter’s BE21 pure electric platform, thus preparing for the higher level, especially the foundry for technology companies.

Another founder of the ICT field Daren BYD, the operational product D1 created by the drip in an early ago, in the automotive field. However, in addition to some of the features with drops, D1 is still the standard BYD outside the rigor, so it is not a strict solution, and it is more like light customization.

But at the same time, in a bigger range, the foundry is still a matter of “shy to teeth”.

At the beginning, domestic new forces were suffering from qualification problems, and finally can only be able to die with Jianghuai, Hippocampus, and the Yangtze River. Moreover, no matter the founders, they have been killed in the industry.

Today, it is not allowed to find a car in the world. From the earliest BMW, Daimler, to the nearest modern, Nissan, I learned that Apple’s true intent is just after looking for “assembly”, it is impossible to avoid it.

For a vehicle enterprise with thick “OEM”, the “shame” brought by the distribution may be more than the fear of the industry.

The problem is that although the foundry is the rear end of the value chain, it is not so unbearable.

In fact, there are a large number of solutions that have a large number of business companies in the industrial chain and a full competitive industry. A leader in Foxconn, Magna, is more enviable.

What’s more, as the hardware and hardware is gradually separated, plus more novices, especially the technology company entry, the automotive foundry is increasingly impossible to be purely assembled, but like the Baidu cooperation with Geely, the mature platform is provided by the substitute. Solve development and supply chains. At this time, it is better to provide a package of hardware solutions than to provide a package. Accordingly, in the status of the value chain, naturally cannot be synonymous.

Besides, doing the foundry, nor will they stifle other possibilities. Side of Geely is densely layout, and there is no delay to operate their own brands with a vast architecture. Foxconn has passed the home of the home and the ranking of the rivers and lakes, and the layout will extend to the automatic driving area through investment.

In short, the change is currently, no set. For old players, with their own endowments, call the slogan of software to define the car, do the transformation into the big dream of the technology company, not as good as the truth from fact, excavate to excavate the accumulation of ourselves in hardware, maybe the road Wider.

Tell the end, it is better to live, not to alone, the business is still a living method.

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