Another explosive micro electric car hit? Mavericks want to launch four electric vehicles

By | March 4, 2021

I believe that everyone has heard of the brand of Mavericks. Its main product is an electric scooter, and recently exposed a set of four electric cars in a group of calves, whether Maver is to start entering the electric vehicle field? Let’s take a look.

Let’s take a look at this design, the overall appearance is very good, no car can be similar to its appearance, so this identity can be said to be a lever. The shape of the front face is the overall and part of the design. White of the whole body is like a large-faced skin without a split point, wrapped through the entire body, the black medlar part is “reveal filling”, the whole layer is still very rich, Although overall is black, there is still a lot of details inside it.

The side of the side is more strange. The face of the whole black body is wrapped in the tail, so the black tail is also “reveal the stuff”, and the head of the head is echo, but because of the “reveal stuffing” design, the whole body The color contrast is very distinct, the suspended roof design adds the overall technology, and it has a rear view mirror design, which is also full of technology, plus a flourishing rim, is also Let the whole car look more harmonious and beautiful.

The design of the tail section is more technological, and the overall sexy black plus some uneven surface design, the whole tail is still very stereo and very beautiful, especially the middle part of the trunk also designed a red. The small spoiler of the brake line also adds a trace color to the tail of the black, will not appear too heavy, but increase the beauty of the design. Not only that, but the bottom is also a white trim panel, which is also a bright feeling in front of the whole black.

The entire interior also follows the black and white color of the body, but the white area of ​​the interior is greater than black, so the entire interior gives people still very bright, and white will give a simple feeling, plus its interior. It is a simple design, and the whole internal space is simple and clean. Simple plus large-sized central control screen makes the overall interior of technology.

In terms of power, the new car has a seasonal division, and the winter reaches 300 kilometers, and the summer is more than 400 kilometers. This life will also fully meet the travel in our daily lives. Everyone thinks that if the four electric cars in Mavericks will be launched, will it become the next explosive micro electric car?

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