Lifan suspended after a day, “picking the star” fuel car almost gives up the future?

By | March 3, 2021

On the evening of March 2, * ST Lifan issued an announcement, on March 2, 2021, Shanghai Stock Exchange agreed to revoke the refund risk warning of the company’s stock, and implement other risk warnings for company stocks. According to the relevant provisions of the “Stock Listing Rules”, the company’s shares will be suspended on March 3, 2021, and they lived on March 4, 2021. Since March 4, 2021, the company’s stock is abbreviated from “* ST Lifan” to “ST Lifan”, the stock code is still “601777”, and the rise in stock prices is still 5%.

On February 28th, Lifan announced that the company received the five “civil ruling” delivered by Chongqing Wuzhongyuan Hospital, and finally confirmed that the company’s reorganization plan has been implemented, and the company is heavy Whole procedure. The company conducts an item-by-item investigation in the “stock listing rules” on the definitive risk warning situation. In view of the implementation of the company’s reforming plan, the company has been eliminated, the company’s debt risks are effectively resolved, and the company’s asset-liability structure is optimized. Improved the company’s operating conditions and enhance the company’s sustained profitability. To this end, the company applies for to revoke the implementation of the company’s stocks to the Shanghai Stock Exchange. On March 2, the Shanghai Stock Exchange agreed to revoke the company’s shares to implement an off-market risk warning, and implement other risk warnings.

It is not difficult to see from Lifan several announcements. Lifan successfully “picking stars” benefits from the success of the reforming plan. Since 2020, Lifan has fallen into the crisis. In August, Lifan, which is overwhelmed, and the controlling shareholder Chongqing Lifan Holdings Co., Ltd., with its uncomidated debt, the asset is not enough to pay for all debts as the fifth middle school of Chongqing. The court applies for judicial reforming. Subsequently, the two river funds and Geely Mijie investment submitted to the manager in accordance with the conclusion of the conclusion, and submitted the manager to reorganize investor registration materials, opened the road of rebirth of Lifan.

It is worth mentioning that Lifan is successfully resolved by the two river funds and Geely taken, but the original fuel carrier business operation has not improved, and the January 2021 shows that the traditional fuel-saving sales is only 1 Vehicle. Nowadays, Lifan has successfully “picking stars”, what is the development direction of its choice?

Rebirth of the road is fast and smooth

Lifan is in a ubiquitous. Since 2018, Laofan has been discontinued, and the bankruptcy clearing rumors until August 2020, and Lifan that is overwhelmed is officially announced to apply for judicial reforming. Compared to the ukward process, Lifan’s reborn road is fast.

In August 20020, Lifan applied for reorganization, only one month, Lifan announced information about reorganization investors: Chongqing Two River Equity Investment Fund Management Company and Geely Mijie Investment Co., Ltd. will be used as intention to reform investors, participate in Lifan Shares Refecting. At this point, the road of Lifan reorganization is officially started.

On December 25, 2020, Lifan issued an announcement, because of the implementation of judicial reorganization plan, the top three major shareholders of the company have changed, Chongqing Manjiang Red Equity Investment Fund Partnership Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Full Jianghong Fund”) holds approximately 13.50 Yixiao, the shareholding ratio increased from 0% to 29.99%, became a new control shareholder; the implementation of the partner Chongqing Manjiang Red Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. (Chongqing Two River Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.) is 51%, Geely Mijie Investment Co., Ltd. More than 49%, hereinafter referred to as “Man Jianghong”) becomes a new actual controller; Li Shufu will hold 900 million shares through the Chongqing Jianghehui Enterprise Management Co., Ltd., which is wholly-owned Holding Holdings of Geely, accounting for 20%, the second largest Shareholders; the original controlling shareholder Lifan holdings remains approximately 619 billion shares, but the proportion is diluted by 47.08% to 13.66%, and it is reduced to the third shareholder.

That is to say, from the application for reorganization to complete the reorganization, Lifa is not used for 4 months, but the reorganization of Zhongtai is difficult to reorganize, Lifan’s rebirth is obviously fast and smooth. The reorganization planned, Lifan has completed the feat of “picking stars” for more than 2 months. It has to be said that in two river funds and Geely help, the rhythm of Lifan is very fast.

On the speed of fast reorganization, Lifa has got real affordable. On January 30 this year, Lifan once released the 2020 performance pre-profit announcement: After preliminary, the company is expected to achieve return to the net profit of 0.4 billion yuan to 880 million yuan in 2020. The company implements the reforming plan to achieve a reforming income of about 10 billion yuan, and the net profit of the company is -8 billion. At least for Lifan, the debt crisis is in the past.

Where is the future of the fuel carriage business or abandoned sail?

Although the debt crisis is resolved, Lifan’s original fuel-saving business does not have color. According to the previous January production and sales, the production and sales volume of Lifa released, the production and sales volume of traditional fuel passengers in January has formed a clear contrast, and the output is 91.61% year-on-year; sales of only 1 unit, down 98.18% year-on-year.

As for Lifan’s old Bank motorcycle is also in the state of production and sales, 42,814 motorcycle production in January, fell from 19.53% year-on-year, sales of 46,231 units, a year-on-year decline in 14.24%. However, Lifan’s motorcycle engine and the general-purpose gasoline engine business have a good performance, and it has maintained high growth. Of course, this is also the strength of Lifan.

Lifan’s largest bright spot in January production and sales data is the data of its new energy passenger car. When the month, the new energy passenger passenger car realizes yield, an increase of 600% year-on-year; the sales volume increased by 613.33% year-on-year. Although there is less, this may indicate the movement of future Lifan cars. “Lifan Shares Reforming Plan” shows that the reorganization investor will build Lifan shares to lead the leading enterprises in the field of domestic intelligent network exchange new energy electric vehicles, and become the only listing platform for Geely Science and Technology Group to change the manufacturing business; will import Intelligent, platform, network-connected power transmission vehicle business, build new brands, new technologies, new formats, new model intelligent power-saving new energy automobile new ecology, new energy automobile production line, gradually forming 100,000 annual production capacity of new energy vehicles In terms of brand construction, it will rely on Geely brand support, and build a new brand, focus on the B-terminal high-end model market, and the C-terminal market. This also means that there will be comprehensive technology, electric transformation, and high-end applications such as electricity separation, intelligent network, and module upgrades.

It can be seen that the power sail will deeply grow in the new energy vehicle and the exchange direction. It is worth mentioning that on January 26, Lifan Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. unveiled, and introduced the first power-saving pure electric B-grade MPV model of Geely Science and Technology Group, hanging sail technology. New energy vehicles and power-exchanged business have clearly been written in Future Development Plan.

In this regard, Lifan’s fuel cart business is abandoned. Of course, abandoning the original fuel car business is not a smart choice, after all, the new energy car is the future direction.

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