Counting several popular electric vehicles in the European market, Tesla is only second

By | March 2, 2021

The electric vehicle’s trend has been scraped in the domestic auto market a few years ago, and many consumers have also turned to “true fragrance” from the previous untrust. In fact, it is not only in the domestic auto market, and there is a penetration rate of electric vehicles in the world. Some data indicate that global car sales have fallen by 14% year-on-year, while the sales of electric vehicles have risen against the trend, and the increase of up to 41%. As an important part of the world market, the sales of new energy vehicles in Europe have exceeded China and became the world’s largest new energy car consumer market. Today, come to count the most popular electric vehicles in the Europe, and make a reference for us to buy a car.

Fifth Audi E-Tron

As the first pure electric production car under Audi, the car is still quite good in Europe, after all, in his own German hometown, Audi still has some masses. The car has passed the family-model design that Audi has been, and it has also increased the unique details of the electric vehicle, which has been a good user reputation in Europe. Through the car, we can also see that Audi officials have their own judgments on the new trend of automotive electricity, which is steadily advanced.

Fourth Modern Kona EV

Although the Korean car car in the Chinese market has been surrendered by the domestic car, but in the European region, the days of the Korean car are not bad. This is also why modern groups can launch a variety of electric vehicles, after all, European regions have become the first big market for new energy vehicles, and users who are maintenance here are critical for modern groups. And this Kona EV is strong, and the appearance of young sports is also quite in place. The battery life is more important to meet the needs of European users short-distance travel. It is not a problem.

Third Volkswagen ID.3

Germany as the big camp of the mass brand, the public car is very reasonable here. And this ID.3 is also quite important for the Mass Group. The head of the Group’s passenger car brand has publicly expressed that id.3 is a very important ring in the electric vehicle sequence of the public, in the massive electric wave It plays a very important role. Therefore, this car is also a collection of many black technology, the market sales, and even last year’s single month sales exceed Tesla 3.

Second Tesla Model 3

As a worldwide electric car, Tesla’s many models have excellent market performance. And Model 3 as the most demanded model, natural sales excellent. Last year, Model 3 sold 87,642 new cars in the European market, which also exceeded the third ID. 3. However, Tesla didn’t dare to relax. As a big camp of the German truck, the popularity of many models will naturally not let MODEL 3 is on their site, so Tesla wants to continue to maintain high-speed growth, they must be very difficult. .

First Renault Zoe

I believe that many friends are not familiar with the first car, after all, the brand of Renault has had no water in the Chinese market. But in Europe, the car is still selling 99,613 good results. This trolley has a might of the same work, with an ultra-high cost performance, and the car has achieved a strong growth of 38% in the background of the market.

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