Xiaopeng P7 phosphate version is about to be listed, and the battery life is expected to sell

By | March 1, 2021

I mentioned 2020. For Xiaopeng cars can be said to be a major transition year, as the Internet’s products, the first model is too much for Xiapeng. Referring to the term of the Internet, there may be many owners who don’t pay much attention to new energy cars. The Internet is ancestral ancestor is Jia Yueping’s LeTV car, and the flag screaming for many years, he is called the PPT ghost. But the same as the new power of the Internet, Weima, Xiaopeng began to continue to show the show.

Today, Xiaopeng Auto is one of the black horses. In the case of the overall car market last year, Xiaopeng has achieved a lot of results than 112%, and the accumulated sales exceeded 15,000. At the end of the year, there was a achievement of 3,691 monthly sales, including Xiaopeng P7 occupied 8527 units in the year, and it was visible to its popularity. What is the small Pengpeng P7 as a domestic internet car? Let us take a look at this new car that is about to be listed.

First, from the appearance, Xiaopeng’s coupe design makes a lot of light owners, and the front face is cool like Porsche 911 style. As a pure electric vehicle, Xiaopeng P7 abandoned the front grille of the rotten street, using the long-long headlight design of the front face, with cool X-shaped logo to make this car more technological. And the setting of the scissors does no matter whether the practicality is good, first, it has attracted most young owners to sought after. After all, there are very few drows designs that use this super-run configuration in the coupe on the coupe.

In the interior design, Xiaopeng P7 uses a double flat steering wheel, and the rounded function buttons with cool X-shaped logo looks more high-end. On the dashboard, a bold rectangular design is also connected, and the 15-inch suspended central control is connected together, so that the two screens look more integrity, look longer, and the identity of its mutual benefit. NAPPA leather coating is also used on the seat selection in the early morning.

In addition, as the main intelligence, the Internet, the P7 is naturally unable to have these high-end intelligent design. The 3.0 automatic driving assistance system is used as a standard, which uses 18 operators-level imaging systems, which is to bring the driver’s more excellent audiovisual experience and comfortable driving experience. For many owners worried about the pure electric vehicle battery problem, Xiaopeng P7 is also generous to provide a lifetime warranty for electric motors and power batteries, but also to buy peace of mind and use.

In terms of power, Xiaopeng P7 will provide four-wheel drive and post-driven selection, and the maximum power is 430 ps, ​​maximum torque 655n · m, and maximum power 267 ps, maximum torque 390n · m. On the choice of battery, the new Xiaopeng P7 replaces the original three-dimensional lithium battery into a lithium iron phosphate battery produced by Ningde Times. Compared with the three-dimensional lithium battery explosion, it is more secure in battery stability, but also below the ternary lithium battery in the price of lithium iron, which also gives Xiaopeng Motor more space. Although the battery life declines, it does not affect the normal traffic demand.

Overall, this car has brought too much surprise in the appetite value or interior configuration. Although the lithium iron phosphate battery is replaced, it is slightly lowered, but more increases the safety of the car, reducing the hazardous situation of battery spontram, and the price is also likely to further bring a discount. I believe that the new car will be likely to usher in a wave of big sale after the listing.

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