The strongest won the championship, the new Camry change and constant

By | March 1, 2021

On February 25, the new revised Camry announced that it was formally listed. GAC Toyota positioned this new model as a value and increased, so that it became the world’s strongest Camry, it was visible to this top Toyota TNGA strategy car. .

The new Camry is a model that there are few models in the market to provide the flagship and sports. There are eight kinds of body color, the body size is consistent with the 2019 models. The flagship version is 4885 * 1840 * 1455mm, the sports version is 4900 * 1840 * 1455mm The wheelbase is 2825mm, there is always a good heart is your heart.

New Camry launched ten versions, of which there were seven models of the flagship epistemology, and the three types of motion of sports version of the model, the number of models was consistent with 2019, but canceled 2.0e leader, added two engine-level Leading version.

The new Camry price range is consistent with 2019 Camry, which is 17.98 million to 269,800 (10,000 yuan), which is reduced to see:

2.0L Fuel Engine + CVT gearbox series has three versions, the price range is 17.98 million to 205,800;

2.5L Fuel Engine + 8AT gearbox series has three versions, and the price range is 21.98 million to 2.348 million;

2.5L Dual Engineering + E-CVT gearbox series has four versions, and the price range is 21.98 million to 269,800.

In the context of pricing with 2019, the new Camry has made a full range of configuration upgrades, and further highlights GAC Toyota to provide users with high-value products.

The changes in the new Camry appearance seem to be aware of being aware of, maybe put the new and old models together, and the changes in the details can make people realize, and overall, the front face is more exaggerated and domineering.

The changes in the new Camry are very intuitive: Toyota family-style suspended medium control screen, allowing the entire central control gait to be more abundant, compared to the previous generation model, 10.1 inch medium control screen, Plus 10 inches of colored hud looked up, bring a more user-friendly visual experience. (Except for elite and leaders)

As the strongest Camry, in addition to the global unified entity plus 7-inch TFT digital screen, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota new Camry’s 2.5L and dual engine version (except leading version), providing 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel, technology and luxury Fan is coming, and it is also leading Camry in the global market.

In the appearance and interior, the value of the new Camry is more eye-catching in the invisible place.

The first is the upgrade of the intelligent system behind the suspension center, 4G network, car “Xiaoyue” voice interactive system, Gao De and Tencent’s real-time navigation map, car WeChat, Tencent Entertainment, and OTA upgrade function, is the current mainstream smart Features.

The mobile phone interconnection function has also been improved, and Fengyun Yue Enjoy the service has added remote opening air conditioners, navigation to find car function, etc.

Smart cars are the direction of automobile development, while the automatic driving assistance system has also become one of the new cars.

Toyota put its own automatic driving assistance system, more definitions as a safe driving assistance system, which is the security of Toyota Safety Sense, Chinese name is Toyota Security Avoiding Collision Auxiliary Set.

In the new Camry, this system has been upgraded, or the most intelligent Toyota car in the Chinese market: such as the full speed area cruise system, follow the front car stop, the curve automatic speed reduction, the PCS security collision warning security system, only before For vehicles, it is covered with the identification of pedestrians and bicycles (night without identifying bicycles), and so on.

This is the latest change in Camry, and those who have never changed, they still believe in fullness:

The new Camry still uses many natural gas intake engines, 2.0L, 2.5L, and 2.5L mixed three engines under TNGA architecture.

The new Camry is located in Guangzhou, Toyota is located in Guangzhou Nansha Headquarters. It is produced in the production of zero quality defects. Every day, QC quality improvement and constructive reform is carried out, which is to make Camry’s quality to excellent excellence.

The new 3.0 standard 4S shop was officially released in the second half of 2020, combined with the technical director’s benchmark store, GAC Toyota enhanced the service experience of users in the purchase and after-sales, and also deepened users’ trust in GAC Toyota brand.

As of 2020, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota has more than 5 million users in the Chinese market; 2020 Guangqi Toyota continues to grow against the trend, and the annual sales exceeds 765,000 units, an increase of 12% year-on-year.

Camry is more than 185,000 in 2020, and the high-priced models of more than 200,000 yuan accounts for 56%, achieving the market breakthrough in Camry, and even senior sedan.

In 2020, Guangqi Toyota’s service quality won the first place in China Automobile Service Customer Satisfaction (CAACS), China Automotive User Satisfaction Evaluation (CACSI) Sales, after-sales service satisfaction double first, this is the GAC Toyota Product to the service recognition and award.

Besides, I have been in the grand basis of the first year of Camry 15 years ago. It seems that it has been a bit long long. The middle and senior sedan market has been Magotan and Passat’s world, and the low price of the tenth generation of Accord has also let it board the championship, but Camry continues to break through the industry history records in silently sales quantity and quality. Guangzhou Toyota Camry put into production in 2006, accumulated sales have exceeded 2.1 million units, as the first strategic car under the new TNGA platform architecture, Camry realized a comprehensive innovation in design, driving, driving, safety and quality.

Competitors turn to turbocharged and plug-in power systems, new Camry provides natural inhale 2.0L and 2.5L power systems, only this is enough to let us do not hesitate to choose Camry, not It is said that there is a mixed system of 10,000 back books around the world.

I have seen the new Camry configuration information in detail, in addition to entry-level 2.0e Elite Edition and 2.5 Double Engineer Leading Edition Do not choose, other 8 models can choose casually, after all, this is the most powerful Camry, the current global market.

“To the best of us”, the new Camry has lived in the high-value car, and the new Camry will continue to raise the singularity of the high-quality car market, and see if the majority of users can recruit. How to vote using wallets.

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