New energy vehicles have become new trend, netizens: Is it true for it with a battery?

By | March 1, 2021

With the continuous development of national economy, technology, the standards on the exhaust of automobile emissions are also increasingly strict. In recent years, new energy vehicles favored by the market is also due to the subsidies of policies, and the majority of manufacturers have seen broad prospects in this field. In recent years, new energy vehicles, especially pure electric vehicles, have climbed, just sold nearly 500,000 units in the past 2020, accounting for the half-Wanjiang Mountain in the current car market, but some netizens are online Express doubt, today’s new energy cars, each year eliminated a number of lithium battery packs, is it true?

In fact, we will know when we are small, how large the battery is harmful to the environment, whether it is a alkaline battery used in ordinary electrical appliances or a lithium battery used in precision devices, which is almost irreversible for the environmental harm. The electric car cannot avoid this problem. With the development of electric vehicles, there is more and more used batteries eliminated by electric vehicles. So whether pollution caused by these new energy vehicles is more serious than the pollution caused by the fuel truck? In fact, it will not be.

On the one hand, although the battery is a viable product, the battery pack used by electric vehicles will not be easy to get easily, that is, the battery packs that are almost all vehicles are equipped in the manufacturers. When the battery of the vehicle is attenuated to a certain extent, the manufacturer will recommend the owner to replace the battery. For the waste battery, the manufacturer will naturally handle, will not be discarded at will. If the manufacturer will discharge the electrolyte in the battery in the natural environment, the environmental protection department will naturally not sit down. Therefore, most companies in the market are now a way to solve the battery pollution.

On the other hand, some netizens believe that the new energy car is a large number of new smart cars, and the vehicle parts are numerous, and the related circuits are more complicated, and the environment has caused pollution. In fact, this is incorrect. The automotive industry has developed for decades, and electronic devices and lines on fuel vehicles are quite complicated, and there is no impact on the environment in this respect. At the same time, the circuit accessories manufacturers naturally can naturally handle, there will be no accidents that endanger the environment.

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