How long can a miniature electric vehicle still have?

By | February 26, 2021

In the new energy field, in order to increase the proportion of profitability, each car company can be said to be a trick, and have come up with the homes, including the launch of new models, and launch new power sources. In the last few months, Wuling is definitely the biggest winner. Wuling Hongguang Mini EV’s hot sale, let the micro electric car market can be fired. More and more car brands have begun to focus on mini-electric vehicle markets, such as the Changan, Changan, who is familiar with, and Ou Lot, Good cat, etc. So, so many car companies have begun to pay attention to the micro electric car market, how long can such a market?

Before discussing that the micro electric car is hot, we must first understand a problem, what is the cause of the hot, so that the future trend will pre- judgment. From the hot sale of Mitsubaramine Mini EV, its biggest advantage is the price. In less than 30,000 yuan, you can buy a good new energy car, which is a big thing for many people who want to buy a tangible car and don’t want to be suspended by the limit. So why do you have such a low price? It is not to say that the electric vehicle or the manufacturing cost of the microcontrol is, the most important thing is the national policy support in new energy vehicles, which makes the car like Wuling Mining MINI EV to make a greater rendering price. .

However, the promotion period of new energy vehicles will also slowly, when the national reducing support policies of new energy, reduce new energy subsidies, and the cost-effective advantage of micro electric vehicles will gradually lose.

The hot sale of miniature electric vehicles, except for low prices, that is, the needs of the needs just mentioned. In addition to its green license, the daily driving of these cars is also very convenient. Whether parking is still in the streets, the car naturally has a relay. Buying dishes in life, picking up children, etc., relative to electric bicycles, electric cars can cover the wind and rain, more practical, and also improved life quality.

However, these low-cost new energy microconsmerts headed by Wuling Hongguang Mini EV may lead to lack of follow-up, such as security issues, and battery life problems, when they can only run one or two hundred kilometers. Only when I can run dozens of kilometers, is it like a big toy? Unfortunately. According to the entry level of Wuling Hong Kong MINI EV, in order to compress costs “moving knife” in terms of safety, cutting the airbag, it is not appropriate. When you have a group of people in the past, maybe it has become a miniature electric car.

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