Hengchi 4 patent map exposure, positioning 7 luxury MPVs, design more avant-garde

By | February 26, 2021

Although there is still no car production in Evergrande, there is still no car production, but many spy photos and patents are the first to expose it. Recently, the NG 4 patent map is officially exposed, the new car is positioned in 7 luxury MPVs, the overall design avant-garde and fashion, There is a relatively large differentiated MPV model with the current market.

In terms of design, the new car front face uses a dot matrix design, and the overall looks more science and future, and the rectangular thin lights on both sides are connected to the front chrome, which looks more sharp. After the position of the A column is relatively, there is more space to give the head, it looks more fashionable, different from the calm and simple style of traditional MPV.

In terms of side, the new car uses the three waist line design concept. The upper waistline has extended the car head from the front of the car, and the middle waist line has a depth of concave shape, so that the side of the new car looks more full and three-dimensional, and it has echoed Style style of the car.

The rear section, the new car adopts the penetration taillight design and suspended vehicle top. It is worth mentioning that the taillights of the new car and the general penetry are still not the same, almost use the overall one-toxual running, and very visible U-shaped, the advantage of this is to increase the thickness of the whole vehicle, plus the relatively full design style of the car, so that the whole vehicle looks more calm, after all, the MPV model still needs some thickness to carry out decoration, one flavor Science fiction may be some too exaggerated.

It is worth mentioning that the new car does not use the traditional rear view mirror, but the stream of the stream of the stream is selected, installed on the left and right sides of the A column, in accordance with the convention, the direction of the handrail on both sides of the car, there will be A screen showing the road condition. The biggest advantage of this stream of stream media is that there is no dead end. I believe that many owners will harass, sometimes I obviously look at the rearview mirror, but will still have an unexpected situation because of the dead angle. However, there is currently no mass production car for this streaming media rearview mirror. Can the owner can adapt quickly, or an unknown number.

In addition, the new car competitors lock a traditional MPV rush to the GL8 and Odyssey. Compared to their concern, Hengsu 4 is indeed a great advantage, but MPV is more important, and the new car is not yet. More information, so it is difficult to judge whether it is really good if it is space, layout, and configuration. According to the official news, Hengfei 1 will be mass production in August 2022, and the mass production time of Hengchi 4 is not disclosed.

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