Why is the charging pile to enter the community?

By | February 25, 2021

A owner of a garden community in the public rental house in Kunming City, the city, and the local leadership message board, said “New energy car charging difficulties, and can’t charge the property for 7 months.” Surprisingly, new energy owners who have encountered this situation will not be a few in the country. So why is the charging pile into the community?

The property does not cooperate mainly from the following points:

1. Worried about there is a safety hazard;

2, increase management costs and management difficulties;

3, the power load in the community is insufficient;

4, the property does not have interest-driven, all obligatory support.

“For example, if there is 3,000 households in a community, the total capacity of the power supply only allows 100 households, and 100 households are installed, and the 101st households are unabled. The user is definitely unhappy. This is To a certain extent, it also adds a certain difficulty to the management of the property. If the property wants to break this pattern, you want to satisfy each owner, and the property is going to apply for a capacity.

However, if you really apply for a capacitance, for the property, whether it is time cost or money cost, it is not its ability to bear. Second, there are still some subjective anticipation factors for operators. Comparison The private pile of car enterprises and piles into the community is even more difficult. Mainly because the nature is different: the pile enterprise builds a real service operation in the community, with profitable purposes; but the car enterprise is equipped with charging piles for users (Owner) is convenient. Therefore, the property is often not easy to accept pile companies in subjective. “

Regardless of the property attitude, as long as there is a hit hope, it is necessary to “dead” property. Even if you send wine, you have to get your property. In fact, it can get the property, it is never tobacco. To simply solve this problem, you can start from the following aspects: Government, should increase your ability to assess the mating of property companies, establish (increase) complaint hotline. The community property support agreed to build a private charging pile to give a reward policy. Coordinate State-run Electric Power Company to issue the relevant property community power capacity increase measures. Power companies should unify the information, further streamline the registration procedures, compress the registration cycle, give clear implementation rules for property capacitive capacity. Property companies need to guide the concept of transformation from the government, media, and enterprises, so that it is aware of the development of new energy vehicles, improving the active service awareness of the owners.

Xiaobian summary: Today, when the market is in the early days of 2014, the installation of charging pile has improved, after years of deep tillage layout, major operators have built a small area in the first-tier city. Pile, although they have no practical to meet the travel needs of more and more electric owners, but these facilities in front of each community user have a large extent, more and more users, property management It has an intuitive cognition for charging piles. I believe that in the near future, there must be friendly and cooperation between property and charging pile operation enterprises, and work together to struggle for new energy auto industry development and national carbon.

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