In 2025, he became the first smart car company in China. Is there this strength?

By | February 25, 2021

The emergence of new energy concepts can be said to have subverted the traditional automotive industry, which is not only a change in power energy, but also a thorough change in the brand and industry. Today’s new energy cars can be said to have a wide variety, although the development time is short, but progress is fast. In this change, many new car companies have emerged, we call it a new force for the car, and these new potentials have also changed the original automotive industry pattern.

Take domestic as an example, like Geely, BYD, Chery, etc. is a traditional old car company. Through decades of efforts, these brands have today’s achievements, but in the face of new power, the previous efforts seem to be ” White Feet “, with the hot sale of the new energy car, the new power of the car firmly seized this opportunity, some brands only rely on advanced philosophy and design, and they did not even have a bright sales. For example, it is like this, although this brand is working with Jianghuai, but the product does have a lot of attractive places. Of course, there are also some new power to have their own factories, such as ideals.

About the ideal car, I believe that friends who are familiar with the new forces are clear. The ideal car is now only one model, which is ideal one. Although there is only one model, the sales of single models are famous, which rely on ideal one is a rendering electric vehicle, which has differentiated differentiation with other new energy.

Recently, the internal letter of ideal release has announced 2025 strategies, saying that 20% of domestic intelligent electric vehicles should be occupied, and they must be the first smart car company in China. This kind of speech is out, and ideal has become the topic of people’s hot discussions. One of the topics is ideal?

From now on, the ideal car’s car is less, not only than Xiaopeng, Wei Si, but also far from traditional new energy brand BYD. At present, the sales of ideal one rely on unique source of power, once other car companies launched the extension electric vehicle, such an advantage is no.

In addition, ideal cars have many problems need to be solved. For example, the quality of the car is the most impressive is that the “broken gantry” incident in the bottom of the bottom year, plus the self-ignition of electric vehicles, and the car’s quality control has become Ideal car’s head and other matters. If this problem does not resolve, the vision to realize the country’s first smart electric vehicle company can only be a vision.

Finally, there is a dream in the new forces represented by ideals. It is a good thing to have a good thing. However, can you have a good time to have a test of the new forces? It is also the key to it. What do you think?

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