Geely electric vehicle business is independent, the true opponent of the new power of the car is coming!

By | February 24, 2021

When the new power of the car is once again become a hot topic of the terminal market and the capital market, why is the traditional car enterprise in the circle? In the face of the new forces of the fierce, the traditional car company in the old era is in the past, can it only be aerated?

No, there is no girish that is not given away.

On February 21st, Li Shufu, Chairman of Geely Holdings Group, officially officially opened in the internal speech, will “form a new pure electric car company, positive participation in the competition of the intelligent pure electric car market.”

From Beiqi, Dongfeng, SAIC, to Guangzhou Automobile, Chang’an, Great Wall, now Geely electric car finally ushered in the day of independence, and establishing an independent electric car brand with the former, this time Geely is an electric car company, it is a deeper Hierarchical independence.

As the king of the domestic traditional car era, Geely’s transformation is not a helpless raft, not the disease, and the top of the four shallow changes in the top six people, the establishment of Geely Electric Motors. It is a wise move for a backcrollared and changing a bone, which is a wise move for traditional car companies in the new energy era.

Troubleshore diseases in the old age

Prior to this, Geely had already had a pure electric brand geometry car in the field of electric vehicle, and also involved in the plug-of-style brand and Geely brand a lot of models; but it seems that it is very popular, but it is not very proficient. The performance is slightly mediocre.

As everyone knows, I love to buy bought to buy Jili is best at a number of legs, but there is still a few legs on the branch of electric vehicles. Over time, it will be difficult to take care of the fire. Therefore, the establishment of independent electric vehicles for Geely cars, which can be said to be a rare thinking and integration.

After 2020 years of experience in the consumption of new energy vehicles, Geely established the independent electric car company. It is not considered an electric transformation.

In the past year, the Dongfeng Automobile is headed by Dongfeng Automobile, and the self-owned brand has established its own independent electric car brand; even the international giant modern car also enhances the Ioniq electric vehicle to independent brands.

Although everyone has established an independent electric car brand, it is still based on the organizational structure and research and development system of traditional vehicle enterprises. Even if the new energy of Beiqi is, the electric car company has been established early, but whether it is in the product research and development system or the sales system is still the old traditional car enterprise thinking, the software technology is not, the battery technology is also flat, the vehicle products Power is more mediocre, but also can’t talk about the user relationship in “new retail” mode.

Among the traditional car companies that have already set foot on the path of transformation, it is possible to establish a traditional vehicle enterprise of a product research and development system and high viscosity of the new forces such as the new forces in the reform. There have not yet been possible. people.

Therefore, now Geely established an independent electric car company, can establish a set of innovative models that can be comparable to the new power of the car in R & D and production, which will become the key to success or failure, otherwise it is likely to become the second Beiqi Blue Valley.

For traditional car companies, there is still an old age that is difficult to cure, that is, the relationship between car companies and users.

Traditional car companies and users are separated by the dealer, it seems to save the cost of sales, but it has lost direct feedback from the user, lost the link between users, but also because The dealer’s business level is uneven and leads to the negative of the brand. This may also have a big way in the traditional auto market in the past 20 years, but in the case of the car market, the electric brand is still a portal, so the technique is probably difficult to have survival space.

In contrast, the direct mode of the new force of the car is not only directly connected by the vehicle enterprises, but also develops its own app, establishing a car enterprise and user, and the user exchanges the most direct platform.

It is equivalent to the traditional 4S shop splitting experience center, delivery center and service center, open the experience center to the shopping malls closer to consumers, enhances brand image, allows more consumers to understand their own brands and product. After the test drive experience is satisfactory, you can define it on the line, and it can be customized according to your own actual vehicle needs.

Moreover, compared to the traditional 4S shop sales system, the direct mode of the new power of the car is not only a national transparent unity. The pattern based on the online sales car can also reduce the opening of the store to reduce costs.

This is the potential of new retail sales, and it is also an important means of seizing users in the era of new energy vehicles.

However, for the huge system of traditional vehicle enterprises, it is necessary to fully control the new retail model of the new force of the car. From the cost to the architecture, it will be a major surgery that hurts the ribs, and the risk is huge. The reform is made independent of the electric vehicle company, and the operability and efficiency will naturally improve.

Let consumers remember you

In addition to the old problems of the car company’s own system, from consumers, traditional car companies are the most direct cause of the new energy car market to be the most direct cause of consumers. Cognition of the brand.

When the traditional car companies have launched electric models, you will be special to buy electric vehicles specifically to BBA, Honda, Toyota, Nissan’s sales stores. Under the premise of the traditional fuel truck is not completely banned, I believe that 90% of the consumer is in order to choose a fuel car when choosing a traditional car brand. Those who really want to buy electric models often will go to the new power of the car. In front of the traditional dynamic model of traditional cars, the electric models or electric car brands are always like a small transparent in the heart of the consumer. This phenomenon is more pronounced in the brand in the name.

The person in charge of a BMW 4S shop said that in order to promote the sales of electric vehicles, consumers will now go to the store, and the sales manager will try to recommend electric models to consumers. Consumers are also very good after watching the test drive, but Because of the parent of the unparallence, the parent of the electric vehicle products and the conservative preference for traditional motivation, and ultimately have to choose the traditional power model.

Many media reported that the electric car brand of traditional car companies will be called “New Force forces 2.0” in the report, but now the reality is that these “New Forces of the Car is 2.0”, they have not started with the new forces. It was first dried down by yourself.

The brand monument of the traditional car era is in the road of electricity change, but also makes the car fell extremely painful stumbling block.

Therefore, the independence of the electric vehicle business is to avoid this stumbling block to be placed. Only this can change the consumer to change the old cognition of the brand, and create a market for the new electric car brand. space.

However, the key is how to completely cut off this associated cognition in the eyes of consumers, get rid of the shadow of the parent company, let the new business, the new brand is no longer a traditional car company’s derivative, but This is a new type of species that can trust under the new brand system and technical system, in order to truly give the new growth space of 2.0.

Become the tide of the capital market

Honorary terminal consumption is not the only benefit of electric vehicle business independent, and a more critical role is to grow in the capital market.

In August last year, with the strong performance of the car in the United States, Wall Street began to put pressure on GM, and considered that general purpose should be split on the electric vehicle business, which is more favored by the capital market.

Deutsche Bank analyst Emmanuel Rosner said in the report that the core business of General Motors – sports multi-function cars and pickups will decline for long-term decline, and the extent to investors is not as good as electric vehicle plans.

For traditional car companies in the system, the growth of fuel products is slightly effective in the growth of enterprises in the financial market. As Toyota Chapter men said that Tesla products are not as good as Toyota, and 500,000 terminal sales can not shake Toyota’s annual sales of 10 million, but this does not affect Tesla City value from Toyota, which is more than half a year. Nowadays, it has become a fact that Toyota market is nearly 4 times.

This is the cruel reality of the new energy car era.

The huge system is not only a great gain for capital valuation, but also hinders corporate financing.

In mid-January, BYD set up the stock of the China Securities Regulatory Commission approved by the China Securities Regulatory Commission, and the approved company issued no more than 183 million overseas listed foreign shares. In this month, the high-level capital costs $ 200 million participation in this round of increasing news. In exchange, it is gone to start, and the high-level capital dares to take out such a big hand pen?

Although it is not a new force of the car, BYD is a company that has a chain industry, which has a vehicle and electric vehicle supply chain industry, and the high-level capital is 4 times the capital growth space of BYD, and the biendi probability will also be in 2021. Continue to rush.

But if Geely electric vehicles are separated from the launch, it is another scene. After independence, electric vehicles can not only achieve higher valuation, but also to attract more investors, while promoting the parent company at the same time because of more flexible volumes.

Therefore, whether it is from the perspective of the company itself, consumers or investors, electric business independent splitting is the correct and necessary choice for traditional cars. It is a long way.

This is not only the choice of Geely, but also the direction of traditional car companies should seriously consider.

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